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Will this work? Tamer/Necro/Mage

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Morcar, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Morcar

    Morcar Guest

    Hi all,

    Just come back to this game from a long siesta away, like 3 years or something and I can see theres lots of lovely new things, like Necromancy, which I love, I was on a resi night along with a new chum resing all the cows he'd killed for leather, great fun!

    Anyway, I want to make the above mentioned character and I realise there are only a few skills we can choose and have GM points for, so some compromise has to be made, and thats fine by me.

    I've thought about this model:

    Magery: GM
    Eval Intelligence: 50
    Necro: GM
    Spirit Speak: 50
    Taming: GM
    Animal Lore: GM
    Vet: 50
    Meditation: 50
    Focus: GM

    This totals 700 skill points, and I can see that you can now go over this, but I've no idea on what its all about!?

    So your views please? [​IMG]
  2. RobY330i

    RobY330i Guest

    I've tried a similar template.

    Taming 105-jeweled to 115
    Lore 105-jeweled to 111
    Vet 100
    Magery 100-spellbook to 110
    Eval 100-spellbook to 110
    Necro 105-necro totem to 110
    SS 105-necro totem to 115

    I found this template boring. Too many options to play around with. Lack of resist limited hunting grounds.
    Decided to transfer necro/ss into my warrior. Much more entertaining.
  3. Morcar

    Morcar Guest

    Scraped the Tamer in the end, so I've got:

    Eval Int
    Resist Spells

    What else should I use?

    This is a PVM player, although I constantly get friggin' owned, I'm just so weak!

    Spells and Physical damage really hurts me, what can I do!
  4. Drop resist, and add hiding and stealth.

    Sneak into your spot, toss an ev or two.
    When monsters target ev, sneak next to them and wither the crap out of them
    If its a big baddie, corpse skin, then strangle, then wither or flame strike or ebolt.
    So much to choose from!!!

    I run with protection on, for those "oh crap" moments when I need a heal or especially an invis if im targetted.

    Great fun, and your pals will appreciate the res when they all dead and your still alive, kickin it, and sneaking around!!!
  5. uomlplayer

    uomlplayer Guest

    120 tame
    120 lore
    120 vet
    120 magery
    120 necro
    120 ss

    sick pet/use necro spells for damage ,use lich/wraith form for mana,magery for gating/ress/healing ,very good template for champs spawn peerless ect. can even raise undeads for even more help at spawns.
  6. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    You can always get a pair of fire steeds cast corps skin and rely on their pack instincs for damage! While the steeds do have alot less hp than nessasary you can go

    110 taming
    110 lore
    80 vet (use enhanced bandies for res)
    80 necro
    120 SS (higher=longer lasting spells)
    120 peace
    120 music

    Also anything with poising will be highly modifyed with a quick Corps skin And the most beautiful aspect is necro animates dont take any follower points!

    Youll need some jewlery w/skills totaling 40 points or drop some necro skill and add in the midnight bracrers