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Will you ever Return?

Discussion in 'UO Player Memorial Forum' started by Mikeltin, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Mikeltin

    Mikeltin Guest

    Three months its been,
    Since I last saw your face.
    Three months its been,
    Since you've looked on me with disgrace.

    Three months since the last time,
    I saw the twinkle in your eye.
    And the soft, gentle breeze through your hair,
    The warm nights, I'd sit and cry.

    The evening breeze,
    Still smells of your cologne.
    It makes me remember,
    That I'm never alone.

    You joined the Army,
    To protect us all.
    Around your neck,
    You wore a shawl.

    The remenence of our history,
    Hung close to your heart.
    And you never forgot me,
    When we were apart.

    Its not the same,
    With you gone and all.
    Somedays I sit by he phone,
    Just wishing you'd call.

    Though the Lord has taken you,
    My brother, My friend.
    We stand side by side and walk the line,
    Foot by foot, until the end.