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Win great LOOT this weekend: Ingame PvP Tourney

Discussion in 'PoTBS General Discussion' started by Dor of Sonoma, May 20, 2008.

  1. So, what say you? Going to go for it? It looks to be great fun for all. If I didn't suck, I know I'd be signing up! :-D

    Here are a few of the highlights - although you should visit the original announcement for more details:

  2. Updated information!

    Added to the original announcement:
    Be sure to continue to check that thread for updates, even if you've already signed up :)
  3. The time grows nigh, folks! :-D

    Some more info and updates from the sign-up thread - 'though you should still keep checking until start time:
  4. Starting in half an hour!

    *blows a kiss and waves from the docks*

    Good luck to all o' ye who've entered!
  5. And...the winners of today's Testbed PvP Tournament are in!

    First place: Garbad the Weak (who was undefeated throughout)
    Second place: Craig Hustler
    Third place: Calico Jane
    Fourth place: Nattalia Le Roche
    Fifth place: Klaste
    Sixth place: Tenumen
    Seventh place: The Rooster

    According to comments from the participants, everyone had a great time and lots of fun - and they all want to do it again! We hope that this will be the first of many such events - and that FLS gathered much valuable feedback from the players' experiences in the process. Congratulations to all, and hearty thanks to those whom did all the yeoman's work to make it possible!
  6. Garbad provided us with some additional, interesting information about the winners of yesterday's Test PvP Tournament, including their Class/Ship type/Home server:

    First Place
    Privateer / Intrepid / Rackham

    Second Place
    Craig Hustler
    Naval Officer / Reason + Mercy / Rackham

    Third Place
    Calico Jane
    Buccaneer / Bahamut + MC Capri / Roberts?

    Fourth Place
    Nattalia Le Roche
    Naval Officer / Reason / Blackbeard?

    Fifth Place
    Freetrader / Monte Blanc / Rackham

    Sixth Place
    Freetrader / Mont Blanc + MC Capri / Rackham

    Seventh Place
    The Rooster
    Naval Officer / Reason / Roberts?