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Wish you were here

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Odin of Europa, May 17, 2013.

  1. Odin of Europa

    Odin of Europa Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 3, 2002
    Likes Received:
    We met at the EM Museum to say a farewell to Emile and thank him for all the great events over the years.
    You see: Mim Foxglove [RAA]
    You see: EM Adris
    You see: Beastette [$C$]
    You see: Splinter [PWR*]
    You see: Tip-Toe
    Hex: =)
    Hex: evening
    EM Adris: Evening
    You see: Aurelius
    Mim Foxglove: good evening
    Hex: =)
    Hex: hi
    Aurelius: Evening
    EM Adris: Evening!
    You see: Sir Bigstuff
    Mim Foxglove: runebook with no access
    Mim Foxglove: ??
    EM Adris: Hmm
    EM Adris: Thanks very kind Aurelius
    EM Adris: Ill place a few out
    EM Adris: *smiles*
    EM Adris: I suspect they will go quickly!
    Aurelius: Probably ...
    Mim Foxglove: aww
    Mim Foxglove: sad day this
    EM Adris: It is yes
    Aurelius: Aye, he'll be missed... and Adris will have to deal with us on his own!
    Hex: poor Adris
    EM Adris: *grin*
    Hex: what u done to deserve that??
    EM Adris: Hehe
    EM Adris: let me get some books
    EM Adris: Going to use Arons nice idea
    EM Adris: So we can leave messages in a book and Ill lock it down somewhere permanent
    Hex: =)
    EM Adris: Hmm
    You see: Lady Morgana Countess of Moonglow
    EM Adris: Ive been locked out the mail box
    EM Adris: *grin*
    Moira: Good evening all
    You see: Lady Moira Duchess of Skara Brae
    You see: Nova
    Hex: evening =)
    Mim Foxglove: oh dear
    Morgana: Evening
    Morgana: :)
    Aurelius: That's awkward...
    Moira: *smiles*
    Mim Foxglove: hello Morgana
    Morgana: hi :)
    Aurelius: Evening Morgana
    EM Adris: Ill make some more food
    EM Adris: *smiles*
    You see: ARAGORN [*CD*]
    Aurelius: Need a lot if we're feeding the dragon too ...
    You see: Lord Aron Swordmaster Earl of Yew
    EM Adris: We could volunteer a corpse
    Hex: i volunteer Aron
    Hex: ^^
    EM Adris: Sounds good
    Aron Swordmaster: Oi!
    ARAGORN: hehe hi guys :)
    EM Adris: Let me get the Scalis..
    Aurelius: Dead people when an EM is here? surely not ....
    EM Adris: *grin*
    Morgana: hi :)
    Hex: evening =)
    Moira: evening
    EM Adris: Evening
    Aurelius: You'd need a bigger garden pond for that.
    EM Adris: Probably
    Aron Swordmaster: Execute Hex, and I'll dye in protest... that he's not executed fast enough!
    Aron Swordmaster: die even
    Aurelius: Dye would do ...
    Aron Swordmaster: (has dye on the brain, staring at plants too long)
    Hex: thats ok, as long as it aint pink
    EM Adris: So Aron your books are locked in the mailbox
    EM Adris: I have yet to gain access to it since Emile left..
    Aron Swordmaster: Well poop... be right back then!
    Aron Swordmaster: Kal Ort Por
    EM Adris: Oh I was wondering if you had copies
    EM Adris: *smiles*
    Aurelius: He'll have copies ...
    Aurelius: Knowing him, probably more than one ...
    You see: AnAn
    You see: GUNDAM
    You see: Ayara-Bee Countess of Moonglow
    Hex: =)
    Mim Foxglove: =)
    Hex: Ayara!
    Ayara-Bee: hi
    You see: Lord Bill Brakespeare Duke of Britain
    Hex: lo =)
    Moira: hi
    Hex: hows u? long time no see
    Ayara-Bee: its been awhile yes
    Aurelius: Too long ....
    You see: Iljian the Healer
    You see: Lord John II Earl of Moonglow
    Hex: quick, tie her to the table so she can't leave us!
    John II: yay! a party!
    You see: Europa
    Iljian: Evening
    You see: Lord Sparrow Duke of Moonglow
    Hex: evening
    John II: *glares at chicken
    Aurelius: glad you could join us, even if for a short stay ...
    Bill Brakespeare: yum!
    Ayara-Bee: :)
    EM Adris: Thanks for coming
    Ayara-Bee: glad to be here
    EM Adris: And to all of you too, it means a lot
    Ayara-Bee: thanks
    John II: thanks for having us
    EM Adris: I guess I shall start
    Hex: evening Sparrow =)
    Sparrow: evening
    EM Adris: A tough thing to do
    ARAGORN: Emile was a great friend of CD its the least I can do Adris :)
    EM Adris: *grins*
    EM Adris: Thank youy Aron
    EM Adris: So
    Aron Swordmaster: Had to gate people from the hall, the gate is gone now
    Morgana: want a cornetto ?
    EM Adris: Oh one minute then
    John II: oh, cornette
    Aron Swordmaster: *nom nom*
    Aurelius: Surely garpes, Morg ...
    Aurelius: or even grapes..
    Aurelius: One day, I'll be able to type....
    Aron Swordmaster: Red Aye ale for everyone! Made of grapes!
    EM Adris: So I want to thank Aron first
    Morgana: *Claps*
    EM Adris: He came up with a nice idea of making a book of memories for Emile
    ARAGORN: brb
    Hex: *claps*
    Aron Swordmaster: Come back Aragorn! It's not that bad an idea!
    EM Adris: *grin*
    EM Adris: We'll lock down the book of memories somewhere permanent
    Aron Swordmaster: Maybe his memories are in a chest back home...
    EM Adris: If you want to add to it, just pop it in a blank book and post it to the mailbox
    EM Adris: And Ill get them added
    EM Adris: I know for a fact he will be reading it
    EM Adris: *smiles*
    EM Adris: Emile really was a great EM
    Aron Swordmaster: *raises a toast to EMs past and present*
    EM Adris: Im sure many of you will remember his hallway of death with water..
    EM Adris: That was fun..
    Hex: hehe
    Sparrow: *Smiles*
    Aron Swordmaster: *takes back that toast*
    Morgana: *Gulp*
    Aurelius: 'fun' ... yes .....
    Mim Foxglove: heheh
    Aron Swordmaster: I remember that hallway
    Morgana: yes :D
    EM Adris: Hehe
    EM Adris: Well maybe not fun fun.
    EM Adris: But memorable!
    Morgana: Indeed !
    Mim Foxglove: aye..
    Hex: if fun and deadly mean the same thing, then yeh
    Moira: yep
    Hex: ^^
    Aron Swordmaster: Many thrown mice died that day to bring us that information
    EM Adris: Personally I think my favourite event of his was the Father Grant arc
    EM Adris: Especially the finale under Empath Abbey
    Hex: Serpentwyne?
    EM Adris: Yes
    EM Adris: *nods*
    Hex: yes
    You see: Hunter
    You see: The hand rearer [*CD*]
    You see: XaiSa
    EM Adris: Trying to think of another memorable one
    Hex: was the house explosion one of Emiles?
    You see: Lady Meredth Baronetess of Britain
    EM Adris: It could have been
    ARAGORN: figured id bring something for the occasion
    EM Adris: Now
    You see: Anderson of Europa
    Aurelius: Too many ..... far too many ...
    EM Adris: Im hearing we have a bit of a special guest on the way
    You see: Spirit of Emile
    Aron Swordmaster: I think that was the first I saw when I came back to the game; the house by the lake?
    Ayara-Bee: the one-eyed Pete story arv was fun
    Moira: The Grand Palio *whistles*
    Ayara-Bee: arc*
    Mim Foxglove: loook
    Spirit of Emile: *Smiles*
    Aurelius: a ghostie ...
    EM Adris: *smiles*
    Morgana: Ohhh
    Sparrow: An Corp
    Ayara-Bee: ooo
    AnAn: It's on me!
    Tip-Toe: Wow!
    EM Adris: Good evening ghost.
    You see: Niara Patience Citizen of Britain
    Sparrow: hmmm
    Spirit of Emile: I heard you were having a meeting
    Aron Swordmaster: He's making Guardian Slashers in heaven now...
    Spirit of Emile: An account of me nonetheless
    Spirit of Emile: *Smiles a ghostly smile*
    Meredth: :)
    Hex: =)
    Aron Swordmaster: We were just honoring you, Spirit
    Spirit of Emile: Thanks a lot guys :)
    EM Adris: Its good to see you
    Mim Foxglove: hope someone take pics..
    EM Adris: You really will be missed Emile
    Morgana: True :
    Morgana: :/
    ARAGORN: aye
    EM Adris: We'll have a toast in your honour!
    Spirit of Emile: I will miss you guys as well.
    EM Adris: I see free booze.
    Spirit of Emile: But as you can see
    Spirit of Emile: At least I will be with you in spirit :)
    Ayara-Bee: :)
    Mim Foxglove: *sniff*
    Aron Swordmaster: And the lore, you have left us many notable characters
    EM Adris: *nods*
    Aurelius: You'll certainly never be forgotten...
    Aron Swordmaster: We were just talking of Father Grant, I think his cathedral will, when complete, also be a Cathedral Of Layne not just Love
    Spirit of Emile: Yes, my favourite part Aron!
    XaiSa: !
    EM Adris: Thats a nice thought Aron
    Spirit of Emile: I'd love to see that one day
    Spirit of Emile: I was always bad at cleaning up though
    Iljian: Fortunately.
    EM Adris: Im afraid Im not much better at cleaning Emile
    Spirit of Emile: So there's bound to be plenty of little memories littered around Britannia
    EM Adris: What was your favourite event Emile?
    ARAGORN: emile thank you for helping us in CD with our scavenger hunts emile
    Spirit of Emile: Oh, wow that is a tough question Adris
    Spirit of Emile: I only ran like.... a hundred or so
    Morgana: *Smiles*
    Spirit of Emile: Hm, on reflection....
    Aron Swordmaster: dont be shy now ;) Leave us with more inspiration
    Spirit of Emile: Probably closer to two-hundred
    Spirit of Emile: Well...
    Spirit of Emile: One of the more recent events I was really proud of
    Spirit of Emile: Were Blackthorn and Dupre's Dreams
    EM Adris: Blackthorn was a great introduction
    Spirit of Emile: I put a LOT of work in to those
    Spirit of Emile: And I think the result showed :)
    Iljian: It showed, too.
    Aurelius: It showed too!
    Mim Foxglove: *aplauds*
    EM Adris: *nods*
    Spirit of Emile: So, yea that is one I will always remember
    ARAGORN: i loved the events that featured Queen Dawn by far some of ur best work
    EM Adris: *nods*
    Aurelius: Aye, you made some of the global stuff actually interesting ...
    Spirit of Emile: Heh, you mean like Dawn's Dream?
    Spirit of Emile: While we're on the subject of dreams....
    Aurelius: Compered to other shards where it was sometimes dull...
    Aron Swordmaster: Aye, the ones where there were new environments really took advantage of the EMs powers, it's like having teeny little mini expansions free
    EM Adris: Heh that was one of my favourites
    EM Adris: Took a while for people to figure out how to 'sleep' hehe
    Ayara-Bee: hehe
    Spirit of Emile: Oh yes, the pool!
    Spirit of Emile: I took it upon myself to teleport all of you around that time....
    Spirit of Emile: 50-ish players
    Spirit of Emile: That took a while :D
    John II: yummy
    Spirit of Emile: There were no fancy mechanics involved at all that time. Just old fashioned handwork
    Meredth: k
    Mim Foxglove: *smiles*
    EM Adris: Things havent changed!
    Aron Swordmaster: Apparently you've been an inspiration to the whole EM program...
    EM Adris: *grins*
    Spirit of Emile: Hmmm, another favourite of mine were the Serpentwyne events
    Iljian: Yay
    Hex: Petes treasure, with the clues
    The hand rearer: more alcohol
    Spirit of Emile: Which, were inspired by Iljian actually :)
    EM Adris: *claps*
    Iljian: Meh. Liar. All yourth.
    Spirit of Emile: It was you who put me on that track though, if I remember correctly
    Aurelius: Iljian's just dodging the claims for insurance money ....
    Aurelius: and being too modest ...
    ARAGORN: loved the serpentwyne events
    Spirit of Emile: And another memory that I count as a highlight
    Spirit of Emile: The night GRD chased Casca out of Britain
    ARAGORN: should of made more barrels :/ *glances over at the near empty kegs*
    Hex: the mini events where we worked things out on our own from the fiction
    Spirit of Emile: Not just GRD though
    Hex: finding the infected elf camps
    Spirit of Emile: There were over 100 players there that night
    John II: I have one stored somewhere .. be right back
    Spirit of Emile: And Casca was supposed to be in power, for another 2 months or so
    Spirit of Emile: But of course there was no way we would ignore a player initiative like that
    Ayara-Bee: :)
    Spirit of Emile: So Europa was the first to evict Casca
    EM Adris: *grin*
    EM Adris: Good old GRD..
    Aurelius: That's why so many things were fun... interplay between you and us...
    Spirit of Emile: Oh, yes Aurelius
    ARAGORN: wehen was it decided to kill Queen Dawn?
    Spirit of Emile: That was the most fun part
    Aurelius: Even when we messed up your plans
    Aurelius: *Smiles*
    Spirit of Emile: Haha, and that you did Aurelius
    Spirit of Emile: Especially during the first arc I did with Sarakan
    Spirit of Emile: The Black Gate arc, does anybody remeber that?
    Hex: Mericles?
    Iljian: Aye
    Aurelius: Yep....
    Spirit of Emile: That was the first arc involving Mericles
    Aron Swordmaster: When the GRD houses finally fell, Wanda et all managed to save most of their lore, I have it now for safekeeping. Mericles, the man who just wouldn't die
    Iljian: The daft wizard who got caught by a pile of garbage.
    Spirit of Emile: Sarakan and I only had a very vague idea of where that plot was going to go
    Spirit of Emile: We litterally wrote it as we went along
    Spirit of Emile: And almost every week, there would be a re-write
    Spirit of Emile: Cause of something one of you guys had said
    Spirit of Emile: And idea on how to solve a problem or something else
    You see: A Dark Stranger
    Iljian: Some of that flexibility seems to have gone missing since then...?
    Spirit of Emile: *Nods* Yes, policies had to change over time sadly
    EM Adris: Id have to agree that it has
    John II: sorry, that's all I could find
    Iljian: Which is a shame.
    John II: I found two bottles of this though
    Spirit of Emile: I agree Iljian... but what can you do...
    John II: an chicken and ribs
    Iljian: Leave, apparently. *sighs*
    Spirit of Emile: *Grins*
    Aurelius: We'll just have to make Adris work harder and change all his plans too...
    EM Adris: *grin*
    Spirit of Emile: Adris wil do a great job I'm sure :)
    Spirit of Emile: You know.....
    Spirit of Emile: When he joined the program
    Spirit of Emile: I tested him on his knowledge
    Spirit of Emile: Before he got his robe
    Spirit of Emile: *Grins*
    EM Adris: I remember it well
    EM Adris: Two years ago next week actually
    Spirit of Emile: He was one of the best candidates I tested
    Ayara-Bee: :)
    Aron Swordmaster: How many players can you kill in 5 minutes, that sort of question I expect
    Spirit of Emile: *Laughs*
    EM Adris: 5 minutes is a very long time
    Spirit of Emile: Close enough
    EM Adris: *grin*
    Hex: how many ways to kill players?
    Aurelius: "Should any player survive an EM event, yes or no"...
    Spirit of Emile: Yea, I remember the times I killed you ALL in like a second....
    EM Adris: I think death by drowning has to get an award..
    Spirit of Emile: The infected miner?
    EM Adris: That was fun
    Spirit of Emile: Anybody remember him?
    Iljian: Aye
    Hex: in Brit?
    ARAGORN: if they do they didnt try hard enough hehe
    Aurelius: 'Rescue the miners' ..... it began ...
    Spirit of Emile: That was a bit of a shock to us as well :D
    Aron Swordmaster: Rescue yourselves from the miners is how it ended
    ARAGORN: ive gotta get going *stands up unsteadily*
    Spirit of Emile: *Laughs*
    Aurelius: Became 'rescue us from the miners'...
    ARAGORN: rl wont leave me alone today
    Aron Swordmaster: Think I still have screenshots of that one somewhere
    Ayara-Bee: me too
    Aron Swordmaster: Well, it was content like that which leaves this the only MMO I still play
    ARAGORN: *holds up a bottle* to emile..thanks for all your service here :)
    Aurelius: Post them on the forums ....
    Spirit of Emile: That was a nice pile of corpses
    EM Adris: Thank yuo for coming Aragorn
    Aurelius: I usually fail to get pictures in colour...
    Iljian: Best goldsink ever invented.
    Spirit of Emile: Thanks for coming Aragorn
    Aron Swordmaster: Started here, tried WoW, EQ2, Lineage 2, EvE... too many to recall, but the EMs here are one reason I never really needed more than UO
    EM Adris: Aw
    Spirit of Emile: Glad I could be a part in that Aron
    Spirit of Emile: The EM program really is something unique to UO I think
    EM Adris: *nods*
    John II: good cassis that is ... quite old
    Aron Swordmaster: Now you're off the clock as it were... will you try Shadow of the Avatar, or is that it for rp for a while?
    Spirit of Emile: I'm taking a little time off yes.
    Aurelius: Or even come back and just play UO ...
    Spirit of Emile: But I'm sure I'll get back to it in due time
    Aurelius: Give Adris chance to kill you as well as us ....
    EM Adris: Its so hard to do EMing and play the game
    Moira: lol
    EM Adris: Im sure you will love having so much time Emile
    Spirit of Emile: Oh yes :)
    Aron Swordmaster: You should make trial accounts emile, and come demand EM items from Adris!
    Spirit of Emile: *Laughs*
    EM Adris: Pfft
    Spirit of Emile: I'll just haunt him!
    John II: It's on me!
    Aron Swordmaster: Wow!
    Aron Swordmaster: I can see it now, lines of "Emile (Young)" saying "call this stuff?! Mah stuff iz betta"
    EM Adris: Emile.. Giving items?!
    Mim Foxglove: hehehe
    Spirit of Emile: *Grins* Me? Never
    Aurelius: He gave out plenty of death robes...
    Aron Swordmaster: Be fair, I think he did give the only item that flamestrikes it's user
    Aurelius: Something he seems to have taught Adris, too ...
    EM Adris: Aye I have one of those Aron
    EM Adris: Very nice
    Spirit of Emile: That was actually as Sarakan item....
    Aurelius: Emile's version would flamestrike you and then explode too...
    EM Adris: Heh
    Bill Brakespeare: and do damage
    Aurelius: Just to make sure it got you...
    Spirit of Emile: I think the 'coolest' item I ever gave out was the Serpentwyne Recipe Runebook
    Hex: surround u with water
    Aron Swordmaster: *shrugs* I dont think anyone here ever really kept count, you were all part of the creative team for those who came for the experience. ;)
    John II: probably shouts insults afterwards .. just to spice it up
    Iljian: They are great.
    Aurelius: That Serpentwyne book is special..
    Aron Swordmaster: Aye, it's probably my favourite too, as I can use it to host runes to elsewhere too for those who look inside
    EM Adris: You yelled at me for trying to get two of those Emile..
    EM Adris: *sticks tongue out*
    Spirit of Emile: *Grins* That does sound like me
    Aron Swordmaster: I love that we got to leave flowers at the grave too; they aren't named, but we did that
    Spirit of Emile: Which grave? There were many
    Aurelius: And Dawn's garden .... was that one of yours? the idea, that is...
    Aurelius: Not Dawns''' memory going ...
    Aurelius: Hannah's ...
    Ayara-Bee: Hannahs
    Sparrow: hannahs lover
    Spirit of Emile: I did make Dawn's grave yes
    Spirit of Emile: Hannah's garden was designed by Flame if I remember correctly
    Spirit of Emile: We did a contest for it
    EM Adris: *nods*
    Sparrow: and one in brit castle gardens
    Ayara-Bee: yes
    Aron Swordmaster: The one in Lost Lands is the one I'm thinking of, but Dawns Grave was lovely too
    Aurelius: Aye, she won the 'design', but someone ran the 'competition'...
    EM Adris: It was a great idea
    Spirit of Emile: Sarakan and I ran those events together
    EM Adris: We should decorate more empty areas of the map
    Iljian: Hannah and her lover were a horribly, horribly sad story... and great, too.
    Spirit of Emile: Not sure who came up with it tbh
    Aurelius: Then you both did!
    Aron Swordmaster: I still carry a rune for the graves, it's marked for the Brotherhood
    Spirit of Emile: That was a long time ago :)
    Sparrow: Clainin
    Sparrow: another grave
    Spirit of Emile: Heh, yup
    Spirit of Emile: We killed off quite a few characters over the years
    EM Adris: But Fynn and Skaros continue on...
    EM Adris: *grin*
    Aurelius: Characters... players... occasionally servers...
    Spirit of Emile: And don't forget Clegg
    EM Adris: Oh aye
    John II: got me a book from the library for later *G*
    Spirit of Emile: *Sings*
    EM Adris: Well he could have a terrible boating accident and vanish. People would buy that.
    Spirit of Emile: Colonel Clegg.... had a wooden leg!
    Aurelius: 'and his wooden leg'....
    Spirit of Emile: He won it in the war
    Spirit of Emile: In 1944....
    Spirit of Emile: That's a little Pink Floyd :)
    Aurelius: Another of your 'musical references'...
    Ayara-Bee: hehe
    Spirit of Emile: Oh, you got that Aurelius?
    Aron Swordmaster: So we have to eat our meat to get our pudding drop today? oh dear
    Aurelius: I did....
    Ayara-Bee: i remember when i first saw the record with Emile Layne
    Spirit of Emile: Good good :)
    Ayara-Bee: i was just helllloooo
    Spirit of Emile: Ha!
    Aurelius: and the inspiration for Emile Layne...
    Ayara-Bee: they stole our EMs name
    Ayara-Bee: lol
    Spirit of Emile: I didn't think many people got that one
    Aron Swordmaster: *feels silly* I thought it was your actual name in real life
    Ayara-Bee: my fiance has that record
    Ayara-Bee: :D
    Aurelius: Emily, and Arnold...
    Spirit of Emile: But it's a contraction
    Spirit of Emile: Of See Emily Play
    Spirit of Emile: And Arnold Layne
    Spirit of Emile: Very old Pink Floyd songs
    Spirit of Emile: And Colonel Clegg was of course Corporal Clegg
    Spirit of Emile: That last one wasn't so clever...
    Bill Brakespeare: You're showing your age Emile...
    EM Adris: So the reason your quitting is you ran out of Pink Floyd references to use?
    Spirit of Emile: Oh, and of course Fynn Barrett
    Aron Swordmaster: Damn it, I've been encouraging Prog Rock all these years, I feel so ashamed
    Spirit of Emile: Is from the writer Fynn
    Spirit of Emile: And the Sid Barrett
    Spirit of Emile: There have been loads of music references Aron
    Spirit of Emile: Sarakan was also a fan of that
    Aurelius: Storyline titles and episodes too ...
    Spirit of Emile: Yup
    Aron Swordmaster: Well there we have it... even now you have new things to offer
    Aron Swordmaster: I completely missed all of that
    Spirit of Emile: *Laughs*
    Spirit of Emile: You're going to have to dig through the archives now
    Aron Swordmaster: But! Have you read the well wishes? There's a fair few who aren't here tonight who wrote their farewells for you
    Spirit of Emile: I actually can't... I"m a spirit
    EM Adris: *grin*
    EM Adris: Cant eat any cake either..
    Spirit of Emile: But I will :)
    Mim Foxglove: aww
    Spirit of Emile: Save a little nostalgia for later
    Spirit of Emile: Ok guys, I think that about covers it
    EM Adris: *smiles*
    Spirit of Emile: Thank you all for coming
    Spirit of Emile: Not just tonight
    Spirit of Emile: But aaaaaaaaaaaallllll those other nights!
    Hex: =)
    Mim Foxglove: So sood you could show up Emile, nice surprice
    Morgana: :)
    Hex: was fun
    Aurelius: Good luck with everything you do next ... it's been a lot of fun!
    Moira: *smiles*
    Spirit of Emile: It wouldn't have been any fun without you!
    Spirit of Emile: And remember....
    Spirit of Emile: I'll be haunting you for the rest of your days!
    Iljian: Visit us again at some time.
    EM Adris: Its been a pleasure working with you Emile
    Aron Swordmaster: We should all blow ourselves up in a 21 player explosion salute
    Moira: argh
    Spirit of Emile: ooooOOOOOooooOoOOOO
    Spirit of Emile: ooooOOOOOooooOoOOOO
    Spirit of Emile: ooooOOOOOooooOoOOOO
    Bill Brakespeare: Best of luck, Emile!
    John II: Corp Por
    Mim Foxglove: oooOOOoo
    The hand rearer: Corp Por
    John II: Corp Por
    Spirit of Emile: ooooOOOOOooooOoOOOO
    The hand rearer: Corp Por
    Spirit of Emile: ooooOOOOOooooOoOOOO
    Spirit of Emile: ooooOOOOOooooOoOOOO
    Iljian: Someone cast an exorcism!
    The hand rearer: In Vas Mani
    The hand rearer: In Vas Mani
    Aron Swordmaster: (sniffle)
    John II: Vas Ort Grav
    John II: Vas Ort Grav
    EM Adris: Ah well
    John II: In Vas Por
    Sparrow: end of an era
    EM Adris: Indeed
    John II: In Vas Por
    Morgana: In Vas Por
    Sparrow: a new one begins
    Morgana: In Vas Por
    John II: Vas Ort Grav
    Iljian: I think I am speaking for all here when I say a heartfelt: crap.
    Bill Brakespeare: mmm
    John II: Flam Kal Des Ylem
    Mim Foxglove: Thanks Adris for hosting this


    Thanks again for all the great event's and fun Emile, all the best in the future, take care :)
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