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Wispwood Story Night - This Thursday June 4 at 10pm EST

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Bruin, May 31, 2009.

  1. Bruin

    Bruin Guest

    Arr matey! Wispwood Story night be returnin' to da Golden Unicorn in Wispwood dis Thursday night at 10pm EST. If'n ya haven't noticed, da theme for dis weeks Story Night be pirating! So bring yer stories of yer adventures on da high seas, piracy, wenches or booty! We confiscated a large shipment of rum to 'glow and sent it to Wispwood Shire, so da rum be flowin' freely.

    All landlubbers must be dressin' like a pirate. Fer dose out of pirate gear, autentic pirate hats will be on sale with proceeds benefiting whatever we be feeling like. Talkin' all noble like neither will not be tolerated! Ye must be speakin' in pirate talk for yer visit, for if'n you don't you be swabbin' da deck!

    If'n ya needs ta know where da Golden Unicorn be, see dis magical linky doo dad here.

    Or if'n ya wants to knows more about dis Wispwood Story night, see dis other magical linky doo dad here.
  2. Luka Melehan

    Luka Melehan Certifiable
    Professional Stratics Veteran Alumni Campaign Patron

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Will be there if I can. I'll be on the road that day.
  3. Bruin

    Bruin Guest

    Board Member: *shakes hips*
    Moderator: What are you doing?
    Board Member: Ohh, I'm doing the hot new dance craze, haven't you heard about it?
    Moderator: No, what are you talking about?
    Board Member: It's called the 24-hour bump, everyone around here is doing it!
    Moderator: *rolls eyes* yeah, I've heard that one before.
  4. Mook Chessy

    Mook Chessy Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 16, 2007
    Likes Received:
    I will try to bring a few TNT2, no idea if we will be carrying Mugs or Weapons!

  5. Bruin

    Bruin Guest

    Arr, 45 minutes to go ye landlubbers! Hopin ye brings yer best pirate talk and costume, fer landlubbers will be chopped to bits and fed to da sharks!
  6. QueenZen

    QueenZen Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 28, 2000
    Likes Received:
    I hope it all went well. Unfortunately the storms that hit here last night seemed to be lingering HERE again tonite. I do not get on electrical equipment with lots of cloud to ground lightening. Seems to have passed atm, but it is far too late, now.
  7. Bruin

    Bruin Guest

    Story night was lots of fun! Turnout was a little low, but we still had fun.

    Told a few stories, drank lots of rum, even took the event on the road and did a tour of the pirate court!

    Pics below, will post the stories soon.

  8. Bruin

    Bruin Guest

    Story #1 by Yahaxithonix

    Yahaxithonix: A Vas Mateys
    Yahaxithonix: and hear about the time I saw my first hanging.
    Yahaxithonix: He was just a swob
    Yahaxithonix: just like you.
    Yahaxithonix: Scuffy
    Yahaxithonix: dirty
    Yahaxithonix: dunk
    Yahaxithonix: and he was dragged from the bar
    Yahaxithonix: where he killed a man.
    Yahaxithonix: I watch from the rear...
    Yahaxithonix: the pubs
    Yahaxithonix: surrounded him and makeshifted a poor rope.
    Yahaxithonix: Upon a beam at the blacksmithys
    Yahaxithonix: The local priest arrived to give his blessing.
    Yahaxithonix: to the procedure... and ask him..
    Yahaxithonix: anything to say?
    Yahaxithonix: This the man said.
    Yahaxithonix: In youthful blooming years was I,
    Yahaxithonix: when I that practice took;
    Yahaxithonix: Of perpetrating piracy,
    Yahaxithonix: for filthy gain did look.
    Yahaxithonix: To wickedness we all were bent,
    Yahaxithonix: out lusts for to fulfil,
    Yahaxithonix: To rob at sea was our intent,
    Yahaxithonix: and perpetrate all ill.
    Yahaxithonix: I pray the Lord preserve you all,
    Yahaxithonix: and keep you from this end,
    Yahaxithonix: O let Fitz=Gerald's great down fall
    Yahaxithonix: unto your welfare tend.
    Yahaxithonix: I to the Lord my soul bequeath,
    Yahaxithonix: accept thereof I pray,
    Yahaxithonix: My body to the Earth beneath,
    Yahaxithonix: dead friend, a dieu for aye.
    Yahaxithonix: With that...
    Yahaxithonix: the ten pubs... pull upon the rope...and the beam broke.
    Yahaxithonix: and slid out of there grasps...
    Yahaxithonix: to sail upon the seas...my friends.
    Yahaxithonix: The rope was cut...
    Yahaxithonix: by one of the ten...
    Yahaxithonix: who...just slipped away...to find another pub...
    Yahaxithonix: the end
    Yahaxithonix: quadruplettes.
  9. Bruin

    Bruin Guest

    Story #2 by Bruin:

    Bruin: Many many moons ago
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: In another land where
    Bruin: HAR!
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: the seas be similar to dese, but not exactly the same
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: I got my first taste of yon ocean by fishin;
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: I was but a simple lass back then
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: Enjoyin' da forest and nature
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: So I sees a fishin' pole one day and I figures, why not?
    Bruin: So needless to say, I fished
    Bruin: And I fished
    Bruin: I could open up a cobbler shop with all ye boots I fished up!
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: And eventually, I got too good for fishin' along the shore
    Bruin: So I was told, head out to see! The fish be bigger out there!
    Bruin: So I saved up me gold coin
    Bruin: Handed it over to a shipwright
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: And acquired my first, an' only legally owned boat!
    Bruin: So I tooks her out to sea
    Bruin: And I fished
    Bruin: and I fished
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: Da next day
    Bruin: one of me mateys tells me about dese nasty sea serpents
    Bruin: and how dey sometimes be carryin' dese maps fer treasure!
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: So I takes my fishin' pole
    Bruin: Head to port, and sail on out!
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: I sail and I cast my fishin' pole
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: And I sail
    Bruin: a few fish here and dere
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: And I believe I was somewhere between da isle of Moonglow and Nujelm
    Bruin: When I felt a strong
    Bruin: Very strong bit
    Bruin: dis be no fish I knew!
    Bruin: I pulled
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: and I pulled
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: And den I pulled some more!
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: And den a big sea serpent arose out of yon ocean!
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: LArge and towering
    Bruin: Almost as tall as the mast he be!
    Bruin: A big roar he let out
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: But then somethin' surprised me
    Bruin: He casted magic on me!
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: poisoning and fireballing me I believe it was
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: A sea monster with magical capabilities!
    Bruin: So I nust defeat this thing....
    Bruin: I knew I had the skill to lay this beast back to the ocean
    Bruin: So I lead the beast closer to the deck
    Bruin: I slowly draw me kryss.....
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: And just as the beast nears the side of the boat
    Bruin: I STRIKE!
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: But ohh noes, I can nay reach the beast
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: For my arms are too short, and my kryss be too short!
    Bruin: I kept swingin and swingin'
    Bruin: But I be swingin' at da air! hittin nothing!
    Bruin: Twas then I realized, this nay be a job for a fencer!
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: So I hurried the sails to make a quick escape
    Bruin: But the winds blew me into the sea serpent as it blocked my way!
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: I tried to adjust the sails and da rudder
    Bruin: But the sea serpents magic just kept comin' at me
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: And soon I was finally struck down by da beasts magic....
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: *shakes head*
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: Aye....
    Bruin: If'n da sea was kind to her
    Bruin: She may still be sailing today
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: I have made many other journeys to search out me poor ship
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: But alas, I have turned up nothing
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: Perhaps she be still sailing.....or perhaps she be at the bottom in davey jones locker
    Bruin: But she was a good ship
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: And let this be a lesson to ya's!
    Bruin: *hic*
    Bruin: Do nay try and fight a sea serpent with a kryss!
    Bruin: *pours out a little rum to remember his fallen ship*
  10. Bruin

    Bruin Guest

    Story #3 by Righty:

    Righty: Ok ye land lubbers listen up
    Righty: i have a tale for ye
    Righty: *hic*
    Righty: During the black rock days
    Righty: gar
    Righty: im speaking
    Righty: i wish to swill me ale here
    Righty: and tell me tale
    Righty: So the blackrock days
    Righty: *hic*
    Righty: when all ye landlubbers ran around
    Righty: in t2a
    Righty: *hic*
    Righty: *hic*
    Righty: OTF was using a hiddne section
    Righty: only accessable by our trusty boats
    Righty: so me and me first mate krystal
    Righty: *hic*
    Righty: was sailin to gut these fishes
    Righty: *hic*
    Righty: and we got there
    Righty: *hic*
    Righty: they had built a floating armada of ships
    Righty: a whole fleet
    Righty: as far as the eye could see
    Righty: and the OTF fellers were running
    Righty: from boat to boat
    Righty: tyring to escape us
    Righty: *swills*
    Righty: so we chase them around
    Righty: and they take to the high seas
    Righty: *hic*
    Righty: and we're on pursuit course
    Righty: and im shooting ebolts
    Righty: *hic*
    Righty: and flamestrikes in mid chase
    Righty: and me first mate krystal
    Righty: Turns us around and we sail off in the wrong direction!
    Righty: *hic*
    Righty: Needless to say someone walked the plank that day
    Righty: demoted from first mate
    Righty: to boatswain!
    Righty: *hic*
    Righty: thank ye thank ye
  11. tangy

    tangy Guest

    Great stories!