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Within the Flame

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Aedon Durreah, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 2, 2008
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    The meeting should have gone a lot smoother than it did, But Aedon could not resist taking a jab at Dramora. She had spoken to him of the details of the deal Gillian planned to make with the Hand, and they spent some time weighing their current options in the matter. All in all it was the best course and would at least put an end to the nightly attacks in Yew. But before they set out for the meeting Dramora had to caution Aedon to as she said, “Be a good boy.” And so of course, Aedon was bound and determined to be anything but that.

    He knew that pushing buttons would be a simple task tonight, Not only was Dramora concerned about the fate of the deal, but Thom was still in a snit over the words they had the night before. There was of course also the ongoing strain between Thom, Gillian, The Guardians and the Rangers, All in all the perfect storm, and Aedon planned to take full advantage of it.

    Sitting on the roof of Connemara, Aedon tossed another log into the fire pit, and watched as the embers danced their way up into the night sky. It was not as though the temperature required a fire for warmth so much as Aedon enjoyed watching the flames. He had just had a talk with Gillian, given her a small white puppy for Laurie. It was not the white bunny she had wanted, but it was white and furry.

    While Gillian was there, Aedon discussed the merits of the deal she was making with Mikael. He asked if she had taken into account any hidden costs that may come up. Like Thom and Dramora Aedon felt that for the time, this was a wise deal. If for no other reason than it would give them time to prepare for anything which may come. This of course surprised Gillian due to the things Aedon had said the day before. He could not help laughing when he told Gillian that it was all to irritate Dramora.

    As their meeting came to a close Aedon said; “I told you before, I have a great deal of faith in your potential. And come what may, when all else is said and done, I stand with Yew and you.”

    Before she departed, he advised that for her meeting with the Hand she hold it in a public spot with others around to see to her safety. Holding the puppy tightly in her arms she turned and said;

    “Aedon, if this thing pees in my bed, I am going to kill you.”

    “Do not worry; I trained it to pee on Thom’s side of the bed.”
    He replied with a grin.

    She then took the passage that would return her to Yew. Aedon stood a couple of moments watching the doorway, and then walking to the hearth-poured a cup of tea and took it up onto the roof. He sat before the fire, holding the cup at chin level gazing into the flame. Within the twisting swirling dance the fire brought to his mind visions of fields’ barren of all crops. Houses burned to their foundations, barns and out buildings left standing empty or falling to neglect. And as he watched, the image of a hand swathed in flame reached out filling him with a deep sense of dread.

    Tomorrow the day will dawn anew, and all the creatures which called the Yew forests would set about the daily tasks nature had assigned each of them. Bread would be baking in the hearth, wood would be chopped and hens would be heard cackling as the farm wives collected the eggs. But over all this for some time to come would dwell the Omen of ill fate, and the Hand of destruction.