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NEWS Wolfgang's Ruby Found

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Tamais, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. Tamais

    Tamais Reporting for Lake Austin since April 2014
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    May 13, 2008
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    King Blackthrone gazed proudly at the assembled governors. All but three had answered his summons. While Hawkwind had reassured him, that they would come, he hadn't been as sure. "Greetings, Governors, I am pleased you have come once again to protect our fair cities.
    As one the governors bowed, "We are at your service Sire." Governor Apollo replied. "How may we serve you?"

    "The Time lord, Hawkwind, informed me that the Sapphire Eye is ours. " He paused watching as the Governors nodded in agreement. Hawkwind sent me notice that Lord Dupre has found the tomb of King Wolfgang. He needs your help in searching the tomb for the last rubies mined from Aklabeth"

    The governors look at each other nervously, "Your Majesty, we offer our help. Where are we to meet Lord Dupre? Governor Garion asked?

    "At the warrior's training ground in Felucca Serpent's Hold. Go he is waiting." The King said dismissing them.

    Quickly each governor returned to their city and gathered both the city guard and citizens. One by one, the parties stepped through gates to arrive where Dupre waited.

    "Thank you for coming so quickly and bringing so many with you." Durpre nodded at each group. They will be needed."

    "We stand ready to fight." Governor Rowan said stepping forward.

    "I have found King Wolfgang's tomb. There I hope we'll find the ruby Hawkwind needs" he paused,


    There is maze filled with traps and creatures that have been cursed by Mondain. Be certain you are ready, I can promise many will die."

    "Where you lead, we follow." the gathering shouted. Without hesitation, they stepped through the gate. arriving in a hall. They walked until they came to a large tomb. Dupre pointed to a small opening in the wall. "There is where we must go. Walk carefully not to awaken the dead." His warning came to late and the party was attacked by the grave's inhabitants.


    After a short battle, the party went through the entrance. On the other side, they found a longer hall, where wolf spiders hid, attacking as people went by. Suddenly Dupre stopped. In front of him the beginning of a maze. "Was it build to keep us out or keep something in." He mumbled to his self.


    The governors gather around as he gave instructions. "Inside the maze are deadly traps of fire and cold. That is not the dangerous part however. You will also find Corrupted Cousins of Mondain." He paused. "Those lumbering creatures hold the rubies. We must kill all and collect all the rubys to prevent Minax from gathering them. Be careful as the magic held by the rubies is a curse by Mondain."

    Quietly the party entered the maze. Some turns ignited a wall of fire while other a pool of cold energy. Working together, the Governors lead their warriors, tamers, and mages through the maze. Dividing into smaller groups they searched the maze for the monsters.​

    upload_2015-6-24_12-19-20.png upload_2015-6-24_12-17-47.png


    The rubies had not only caused the monsters to go mad, but gave them unearthly strength. It was only with Durpre's forces working together was each one defeated.


    The mages carefully searched each corpse. They found rubys of all sizes and shapes. Each ruby to be claimed and put into a magical bag to give to Dupre.

    While the battle was long and deadly, the cursed cousins were soon defeated


    Before returning to Serpent's hold, the maze was searched once more. Finding all the cursed cousins defeated, Dupre lead the party back. Now safe, Dupre explained the rubys came from the same mines as the gem of Immortality. While not as powerful, they were still dangerous in the hands of Minax. It is not know if she is able to use them to create another gem as powerful as the gem of immortality.

    "That is disturbing." Governor Celezten said. "How do we know we have them all?

    "We can't for sure. But each one we found will help stop Minax's plans."


    I am charging you to keep the rest safe and hidden." Durpre looked at each member of the party. "Minax's spies are everywhere."

    Rubys quickly hid from sight. The holders promising to guard them with their life.

    "Until Hawkwind returns, I will put this ruby in the Throne room." Durpre put the gem in a bag. "Be ready to serve again, when the other gems are found. Bowing Durpre left. The governors and their citizens gate away. Each to find a place for their ruby.


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