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Wondering is it a good item.

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by tsvictor, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. tsvictor

    tsvictor Guest

    Hi~ I'm a new , very green on UO, Today is my third day I live in UO.
    Plx help me take a look on this item.

    Butcher Knife
    Weight 1 stone
    Hit Mana Leech 47%
    Hit Lower Attack 6%
    Hit Life Leech 33%
    Damage Increase 30%
    Cold Damage 50%
    Posion Damager 10%
    Energy Damage 40%
    Weapon Damage 9 - 11
    Weapon Speed 2.25s
    Strength Requirment 5
    One-Hander Weapon
    Skill Required: Swordsmanship
    Durability 39/39

    And this sword is in blue colour, I don't know it's a bug or what, It will caused my item on my body change to blue also ... But not on the outfit, Just changed blue color in the char. logo

    p.s. : I've got a noob question ... Could anyone tell me how to repair my...item....I can't find any NPC can do this for me....
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Welcome to UO!

    While I would not pay much for that weapon if I were you, if you have it already it is a fine weapon for your early days.

    Blue color:

    Notice the damage here:

    Cold Damage 50%
    Poison Damage 40%
    Energy Damage 10%

    What is the majority? Cold. Cold is blue, right? So that's why your weapon looks blue.

    To repair things you could find a helpful person with a blacksmith or tailor, but more than likely what you want to do is go to a place with player run vendors (Luna is easy to find from the moongate) and buy a 'repair service contract'. Vendors that tend to have these usually have some variation of 'repairs', 'repair deeds' or some such in their name so it is easy to find when you run by. The contract you need depends on what you are repairing. Leather armor requires a contract from a tailor, and metal armor such as platemail, chain, ring, etc., as well as most swords, maces and fencing weapons are repaired by a blacksmith.

    Once you have a contract you then head to an npc's shop, a tailor shop for tailoring or a blacksmith shop for smithing. Then double click the contact and target the item to be repaired.

    Good luck in your travels. If you have further questions, ask the helpful folks here for the quickest answers.
  3. tsvictor

    tsvictor Guest

    Many thanks to PeteAxe [​IMG]

    This item I was looted it from a skeleton on Izumo server. [​IMG]
    And, I am a warrior with sword and shield skills, so I'm condsidering the sword is for my own use or for sale. [​IMG] Because this weapon dose life leech skill. That maybe helpful when I'm in a hunting.
    But the durability is just 39/39. Sell it for money? cuz I'm saving money to buy a house :p [​IMG]
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think it might be worth 5000 gold, but finding someone to buy it would be hard, because most people have been playing UO for many years and have what they need. Best to hold onto it and keep killing harder and harder monsters. Before you know it, you will have money for a house. Then, consider setting up your own vendor to sell things which you think are nice. When people *do* make new characters they tend to passively shop the player vendors to gear them. A little bit of advertising and you are well on your way to bigger and better things.