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Wondering What I Should Do

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Jomina, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Jomina

    Jomina Guest

    So hey there folks, thanks for taking a look at this thread...

    I'll try to be brief on my issue and see what ya'll suggest.

    I started playing UO when it first came out... was one of the first day guys :) I played every day for years lol. I ended up leaving when AOS was released, did not care at that point the direction the game was heading, and needed a break from it.

    A couple of years ago, i decided to come back to the game I had always loved. I was excited about it, really, missed it greatly lol... at least, i was excited until.....

    I found out that someone in the 2 years I had not played, ended up hacking my account and changed the password on me. I was pretty devastated, not being able to access that account. I went through calls for a week straight with EA customer service (hah) trying to get my account back. I still have all of the original CDs, with the CD keys, I have all the old CC information from way back when i first registered onwards, home addys, email addys, you name it, I had it.

    But EA was adamant that they would not give me my account back in any way, because the "Credit card information that was currently on the account does not match any credit card information I have". Well, DUH, someone else is in the account! lol

    Well. After a week of this hell-play I decided forget it, if i can't play on my original characters (had 4 7GM characters, all fully fleshed out, etc etc) then I would really not want to start a new account and do it all over again. I mean, i put years of work into those characters, ya know?

    well... Last night, I decided, well, why not, I'll go ahead and do a trial account, and see if things are okay to play still, start a new character and mess around, etc. Lots of changes, whew.

    I played for a few hours, and then had to go to bed. So.. here's the new issue. When I try to log in it says that my account is suspended. lol. I go to the account management, and it says I do not have a registered account. Last night I had a 14 day free trial account, and still have the email confirming the order, and now nothing?

    what the heck is going on here? Am I doomed? lol This is ridiculous.

    I am hesitant to register again, because if something weird is happening, I do not want to get charged twice for this.

    Anyone else have something similar? or am i just jinxed with UO anymore? I'll be emailing support, I guess, though i would much prefer to talk to someone on the phone, can't find any numbers for them anymore lol

    Anyhow.. guess I just wanted to rant for a second and see if anyone else has gone through similar trying to come back to an old love. Thanks for listening, and have fun out there folks
  2. All I can say is contact them by email and sent them the email that comfirmed your order as proof if that dosent work then I suggest calling them up which will be a hassle in itself seeing as I think EA moved all there calls for everything into one call center..took me 30 mintutes to get three legacy tokens order over the phone got some new guy who didnt have a clue what he was doing.
  3. Jomina

    Jomina Guest

    I'd love to call them but I cannot find a number to give them a buzz. happen to know one i can use for it?

    And yep just got done sending them the mail with the info. This would all be hilarious if it werent so painful lol :)
  4. hmm.. I have the U.S number so not sure how much help that would be if you live outside the U.S. Its 1-866-543-5435
  5. Jomina

    Jomina Guest

    That's perfect thank you so much