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Woodland armour and stealthing

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Skelf, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Skelf

    Skelf Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Thought I would move this to this forum as it is actually pvp related.

    Looking for chest and sleeves to add to the Bestial suit, I considered using Woodland pieces. Surely they are the elven equivalent of plate I thought..but apparently not...


    What does Woodland armour count as when determining the chance of stealthing successfully?

    At 100 Hiding and 80 Stealth, I certainly seem to be able to stealth around fairly easily wearing 5 (!) pieces. Stealth checks are denoted by the message "You begin to move quietly" - I have yet to fail one wearing 5 pieces of Woodland...none of the pieces have Mage armour property - it's my sampire suit.

    With 5 pieces of Plate - I get "You could not hope to move quietly in this much armour" or similar. With 4 pieces I fail to stealth a LOT...but at least get to try

    With 3 pieces of chain, I cannot stealth. I can stealth with 2 pieces, but fail a lot of checks... With one piece, I fail occasionally - far too often to be worth wearing it even if there was a reason to...

    With 4 pieces of Ringmail, I cannot stealth. With 2 or 3 pieces, I fail regularly. Wearing Ringmail gloves only, I stealth and pass multiple checks.

    With Studded, I fail with any more than 2 items. Importantly, I fail wearing tunic and sleeves, the pieces I am most interested in.

    In no other set of armour apart from leather (I haven't tried the other elven suits) can I stealth successfully in 5 pieces ... apart now apparentlyfrom Woodland.

    So...how does Woodland impact on stealth success? Anyone actually know?