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Woohoo!! A place to post!

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by NikiKing, May 12, 2008.

  1. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Welcome back to Stratics everyone, well the temporary forums anyway.

    I've missed you all hope it doesnt take too long for everyone to find us!

  2. Milton

    Milton Guest

    *waves to everyone*
  3. Elga

    Elga Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I'm here! :D
  4. *Waves at Niki and Legs.* I sure have missed you guys so gladd to see every ones smiling face:p
  5. Aster

    Aster Guest

    You're first!
  6. Shari

    Shari Guest

    I am here!!! I am also trying to get the word out, if people are like me and had the main forums bookmarked and didn't check the main ealand/sims stratics page they won't know these are here, I am blabbing everywhere I can. :D
  7. Oooo! You sure are quick! Glad to see you, too. :D
  8. Aster

    Aster Guest

    I think redirects might be going in soon.
  9. Madra

    Madra Guest

    Man I missed the forums! In their absence I started poking through the other Stratics game forums though which led me to d'l'ing ToonTown. *sigh* I can't believe out of all the games I've tried this past couple of weeks, it's ToonTown I'm addicted to! Granny Petunia if anyone cares. I have no clue how to communicate in game though so if you come across my mute duck, be assured that she's really happy to see you despite her outwardly snooty appearance!
  10. Mocntrymn

    Mocntrymn Guest

    I know this is old news and really doesnt make a difference now that "sunset" has started :p but I just re-installed windows and need the solution to fix my second account showing avatar limit exceded... Thanks
  11. Polly

    Polly Guest

    *hugs the forums*

    Shiny new ! How lovely :D (and just a little bit scary)

  12. Polly

    Polly Guest

    Hmmm, not sure I can remember the fix for this - you need to be logging in your second account using the TSOClient.exe.

    You may also need to have something like this at the end of your shortcut.

    "C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims Online\TSOClient\TSOClient.exe" -w -r1024x768 "-CSCity:EA Land"

  13. aldldl

    aldldl Guest

    For someone who can't remember - you sure got it right quick :p and welcome back guys.
  14. Qute Pi

    Qute Pi Guest

    Hi everyone :D
  15. Katheryne

    Katheryne Guest

    Yep, you got it right! [​IMG]
  16. Mavric

    Mavric Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    *waves howdy to everyone*
  17. Mocntrymn

    Mocntrymn Guest

    Thanks Polly...Thats exactly what I was looking for :)
  18. Betty

    Betty Guest

    I've been soooo lonely. Glad to see everyone. Finally, a reason to sit at my desk! Great to be back, temporarily even.
  19. 'Sami Sim

    'Sami Sim Guest

    hello everyone im here toooo
  20. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    Hi everyone! :D

  21. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Guest

    Hi everyone, woo this place has quick reply!
  22. raevyn_baby

    raevyn_baby Guest

    Waves to Niki, and everyone else..:)
  23. Polly

    Polly Guest

    Welcome back you guys :)

  24. nellie233

    nellie233 Guest

    Oh I am soooo happy was begining to think EA crashed stratics because of our major out cries
  25. boggslane

    boggslane Guest

    So, what a coinceedink that Stratics crashed and burned, eh?

    I log in to TSO, look at the (lack of) red dots, look at my dark bookmarks, and then Quit.
  26. Hi Everyone!!!!!!!
  27. How do you get an avatar?
  28. Katheryne

    Katheryne Guest

    Click "User CP", up near the top of the screen. Then click on "Edit Avatar". Then click "Use custom avatar", and either upload one from your computer, or provide the link to one you already have online (your Photobucket, etc.).
  29. Spacey

    Spacey Guest

    Howdy guys/gals! Sure has been weird without stratics. Good to see you guys. :p
  30. Raisin

    Raisin Guest

    Hi all.

    The hardest part has been losing the forums really, it's great that they are back in some form.
  31. haha you cant get away that easy:)
  32. Aster

    Aster Guest

    It was really bad timing for two unrelated but both extremely unfortunate events. The world has a funny sense of humor sometimes.

    Oddly enough, I miss the sigs and avs forum the most!
    Should we bring it back?
  33. Katheryne

    Katheryne Guest

    I vote "yes".
  34. debslee

    debslee Guest

    Me too!