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Working my fingsers to the bone, Bones for sale

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by RathofLS, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. RathofLS

    RathofLS Guest

    They sell so good I spent another lunar cycle to gather a fresh batch...

    10,000 or rather 10k of Brand New, not those old reused bones that fall apart on armor right in the middle of a fight for your life situation. If you find nothing worse than an old stale soft bone's, that dont stand up in the heat...of battle come see me for my Fresh shiney solid hard bones....

    These bone were picked from mature and rippened sahdow wisp. I slaughter no wisp before its time. Quality products you can count on!! Niot those shaved down ody parts with meat still sticking to them.

    It has been said that taylor gains are better when using my bones. (this can not be verified due to limited testing)
    So if your looking for some Grade "A" Bone, get it from me. (UOFDA approved)

    My bones tend to be snatched up fast and repeast bussiness for me is slow, because my bones last a long time, and really stand up to a beating. So act quickly and be satified right away with my bones.
    Just PM me here I check it daily...