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Worst MMO of All Time

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Lairkingo, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Lairkingo

    Lairkingo Guest

    What is the worst MMO of all time? Games that are fully released already online please.

    I'd like to put forward Second Life. Despite all the buzz, it's actually an utterly meaningless "game".
  2. Definitely UO. It had graphics that were two years out dated the moment it was released in 1997.
  3. Gallahan

    Gallahan Guest

    UO was actually pretty revolutionary in its time :p
  4. ZorZorZor

    ZorZorZor Guest

    I think EQ was not only the worst game ever but the worst thing to happen to gaming ever. It became successful and from that point in time the MMO genre died. No MMO since then has been different at all... just EQ clones with different race/class combos.
  5. Sawo

    Sawo Visitor

    Apr 24, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Pirates of the Burning Sea was totally waste of moola.
  6. al-Maroc

    al-Maroc Guest

    Lineage, Matrix Online, Sims Online
  7. Tagrun

    Tagrun Guest

    To this. I say.

    You are wrong. EQ was the high light of a lot of Veteran MMOers. Only a few remember the North Freeport days pre-Bazaar of selling Bag-O-Stuff. This game was the first game to bring together a community in-side and outside the game. I do believe that this game could not be re-launched and be successful, because it is not what we are looking for as gamers. SOE had this game as their highlight but soon after they began their expansions=more guaranteed money and from there EQ failed.

    And to you ^.

    Why do you think this?

    PS. Anarchy Online, or EvE.
  8. Skycapp

    Skycapp Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    For sheer bad business practices: Horizons

    For just general fail: Shadowbane
  9. Moki Town

    It never let me get hit by a car!!!
  10. Redxpanda

    Redxpanda Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 6, 2007
    Likes Received:
    City of Heroes.

    It was amazing how they took something that people loved so much and made them hate it.
  11. I'm going to second EQ.
  12. Mister McFeely

    Mister McFeely WoW Noob!
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    SWG in its second form after the "Combat Upgrade"

    I totally loved it at first and would probably still be playing it today if they had not ruined it.
  13. Saris

    Saris Guest

    yep I hated final fantasy online, for its forced goup crap, and horizens for not delivering what they hyped, it could have been amazing.

    SWG for making every one a jedi

    you cant add UO to this list its the oldest MMO out and still running, its even in the friggin gueniss book of records and umm stuff.

    im gonna get flamed for this one but the number one big stinker....WOW for its amazing lack of freedom and crappy soul bound items that take merchant rp right out the game and forcing you to do the same raid over and over with a bunch of ppl just to get the same crap everyone else alrady uses. Some taking over 4 hours of your life.
  14. Tyr

    Tyr Guest

    1) Lineage
    2) UO :twak:
    3) SWG
    4) Shadows Bane
    5) Any Thing the Hand of EA has touched or bought!!!!:bdh:
  15. Saris

    Saris Guest

    so is there any mmo you like? dont even say WOW its not even a real game its a theme park with long long boring rides.
  16. Kayhynn

    Kayhynn Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    May 12, 2002
    Likes Received:
    I can list a game that is in the top 10 for worst MMOs, if not THE WORST.

    Dark and Light.

    Their track record is horrid. The game was supposed to be the game to beat all games. Then their billing fiascos....

    Two years ago they gave everyone 3 months free. At the end of that month your accounts were going to go inactive if you didnt say you wanted to continue playing. Instead of the free time ending and access denied, they started billing accounts, even for those that never logged in
  17. Tyr

    Tyr Guest

    Replying to me or someone else?

    There are Plenty of MMO`s out there that I like, & dislike. Even though I put UO as 2 on my list. It use to be one of my favorites. At one time they were all my favorite, except for Lineage.

    Right now I like CoV, & PoTCO been fun for a kinda single minded game. & despite what anyone else might think of CoH/CoV atm they have the most active development team I have seen. Adding Content, & Bug fixes on a constant.
  18. al-Maroc

    al-Maroc Guest

    yeah, that's one of the things i hated about FFXI, that and how a mob would follow you all across the map, which made lower-level traveling pretty much obsolete.

    it's an accomplishment that i leveled to 22 without ever grouping, but by 22 i simply had to quit because it was such a long, horrid road.
  19. Kunou

    Kunou Guest

    I'd have to go with Dark and Light as well.
  20. Is D&L still around?
  21. Kayhynn

    Kayhynn Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    May 12, 2002
    Likes Received:
  22. Gadgetboy

    Gadgetboy Guest

    what makes dark and light so bad it looks kinda good
  23. Lairkingo

    Lairkingo Guest

    1) fake developer
    2) awful bugs/lag/etc.
  24. Bardie

    Bardie Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    May 20, 2008
    Likes Received:
    WoW or any MMO that has safe zones...bunch of candy a$$e$
  25. Saris

    Saris Guest

    LOL why does everyone want an MMO to be a frag fest.

    would you umm mass murder in RL, I support full do anything anywhere PVP only if all chars die once then get deleted.
  26. Teribithia00

    Teribithia00 Guest

    That's silly... in real life people *can* kill other people... but the other people can get together and hurt murderers. This sort of social check is what works pretty damn well in the real world and there's no reason it can't work in MMOs.

    Imposing a magic forcefield that prevents violence is only a way to destroy the "real world"ness of games. Players should have to organize town guards, etc. if they want to be safe. This makes society and socialization and organization real and meaningful!
  27. jhorry

    jhorry Guest

    But, unless the game has a mechanic to harshly, severly punish people who kill others in areas that the game's societies have deemed unacceptable, then it pails in comparision to a real world scenario.

    I agree with your sentiment though, if a game is meant to focus on the realism aspect, they would need to abandon the false "safe havens" and have some serious ramifications in place for people who murder (gank) lower level players anywhere and any players in civilized areas.

    How is a game to do this? I have no idea.

    The real deal is that in real life, if you die, its game over, and unless a game has perma death (a mechanic I do not support unless there is a serious need for it), then killing someone in town really wont cause a huge set back for most players, unless they lose some serious income in the process.

    So, murder in the real world is punishable by much harsher means than murder in an online world where a character can respawn, so after a few offenses, a on-line murderer would probably become ostricized from the civil places in the game by very powerful guards that are neigh impossible to bypass.

    That makes the cities a litteral safe haven, as guards will kick any city-ganker to the curb after a few offenses. If you make this a permanent KOS with that city, and have guards strategically stationed so that most areas of the city will certainly be safe.

    And for fun, you could always have the slummy areas less guarded, with sewer entrances for the crimial type pvp'ers, and players would just be told straight out "enter at your own risk" essentially.

    I think something like this would be cruicial, especially if you want a realatively safe area for people to have access to crafting and diplomacy, should the game have such mechanics.

    I also believe in the player community's ability to self-regulate itself, and if game mechanics can support this, all the better. One idea I've heard is to have a "social monitor" type aspect to the game, and I think EVE uses something almost exactly like this, where people can report specific people as enemies, what they did, give a description, and basically hold people accountable.

    If, for example, a players can rate other players on a scale of some sort, or simply as favorable or unfavorable, then if the player who did the rating is in good standing in a particular town, then the rated player might lose favor with the town. If enough players who are loyal to the town/city deem a player unfavorable, then they might become KOS, unable to enter the town.

    I'm sure the system would need a crap-load more checks and balances, so that a whole guild doesnt simply decide to hate on the competition to keep them out of a city. But, I think it would be a fun social experiment!
  28. jhorry

    jhorry Guest

    As for the worst MMO?

    Well, WOW for what it has done to the industry. In my opinion, WOW's real fault is not that it made MMO's generic, but that it has focused more on what was wrong with EQ, with out keeping what was right. It focuses, like soooo many MMO's today, on requiring huge time investments to both progress and become "successful."

    EQ for starting off the industry with the distructive precident that "time = difficulty/reward," especially with the AA system added in.

    One thing EQ did very, very well was giving the players a challenging game, I think most people will agree that eq got the challenge pretty good in most areas, especially since it was the first of its kind.

    Shadowbane, because while it has some REALLY interesting ideas, it just was very.... bland? I know its not a very good description, it just feels like they could have done a lot more with it, considering it had some cool things going for it: Player driven world, player conquests, guild politics systems, resource control with the mines, and rather (too) customizable class system, though I also understand people who also like the 100% skill-based progression rather than classes/levels. I personally feel that SB's class system was a little too convoluted, and from what i remember, you could "screw up" bad if you didnt have a plan for what your character would "be" well before you started leveling. Also, the idea of "buff bot" characters on separate accounts was just a bad player-driven standard derived from a bad mechanic, at least to me it was.

    An idea I've been playing with lately, which I'm going to make another post on later when I have more time, but basically I wonder if it would be well received if a game was really, really hard, but the leveling pace was fast, as long as you didn't die constantly.

    I think that would be closer with what the original eq's concept was, difficult fights, faster leveling, rather than relatively easy fights in which you have to fight a lot to progress.

    My idea of a "fun" dungeon would not be filled to the brim with trash mobs, but rather strategically placed mob encounters that were difficult to beat, meaning progression through the area would be almost just as slow, or slower, than the contemporary "wade through and decimate" approach.

    Would be nice if the game actually assume that players would not always come out of the combat alive. If a game was designed with really difficult encounters, I would hope it would have a system in which no player receives experience loss until the entire group dies. I personally am a huge fan of the "everyone giving it their all" and striving to get through the fight at all costs, even including self-sacrifice and such.

    So, I would have harsh death penalties if no one is able to revive the player with in 10 minutes after they die, no experience loss if revived by someone who was in your group during the time you died, and only 25% of the normal experience loss if someone outside of your group revives you after a fight, and 50% of the lost experience returned if you can recover your corpse with in 30 minutes.

    That would hopefully accomplish a few things:

    1.) Make it so players with high risk (lightly armored healers/casters), or players who are expected to "take one for the team," such as tanks, are not advancing slower and disproportionately to players who are relatively safer and less likely to die during combat, because all players would not lose any life so long as at least one group member is alive and all foes are dead. (healers would pass out revive stones, healers would have a no-cost group-wide revive spell, both usable out of combat only)

    Since exp loss would be huge, if a tank is more likely to have multiple deaths per night vs say a rogue, then that tank is disadvantaged. But, provided the whole group does not die and the tank can get a ress with in 10 minutes after dieing, then no harm no foul, no experience lost.

    2.) It would make self-sacrifice a strategy in some cases, as classes like Berserkers or Mages could deal significant damage at the cost of their life. When you take experience loss out of the equation, provided the group ends up surviving that is. This makes the decision to use the "potentially fatal" abilities a choice between "should I go all out and risk dieing, so that we could win" or "should I keep fighting like normal, so I dont die early, and not contribute as much as I could have?"

    I think that would be fun, especially for people who love the glass-cannon nukers, they could go all out, pull hate, and die, but as long as the group lives, the only thing they lose is their potential to have dealt more total damage by staying alive, which would be a decision for the player to make, or say a paladin who self-sacrifices to completely heal the group instantly or something of the sort.

    3.) It provides harsh punishment, but with methods of recovering, such as getting help from others, or at worst, returning to where you died to cut off half of the penalty. I think thats something I missed from EQ, harsh penalties but able to recover from them if you knew the right people. I think the only flaw was that it was predominantly in the domain of one class, the cleric, and later the paladin, and the real 96% ress was limited to clerics with their epic, which made it even more difficult.

    I think a system like I described, with the player receiving 75% of their experience back if ressed by a player not participating in the encounter, or 100% returned if ressed by a player within the encounter, I think that would bring back a lot of the intent with EQ's original system. Add in the 50% experience returned if you simply manage to get back to your corpse before the 30 minute timer is up, then you have a good system for rewarding players for not giving up.

    Also, I feel that leaving equipment on the corpse is a bad idea. Non-essential items from your inventory, sure, money, sure, but the equipment necessary to fight BACK to the corpse? Nope, so the concept of the soul-bound equipment and key items is, in my opinion, very much required.

    Plenty of things I love from past games, I just wish some old rich dude with a lot of money would just fund some MMO project that would take the best parts of other games and make a kick ass game, a real successer to what EQ originally started as :)
  29. Devilengine

    Devilengine Guest

    Totally agree with this. The second incarnation was beyond horrible.
  30. Sawo

    Sawo Visitor

    Apr 24, 2001
    Likes Received:
    SWG was abso-fantastic till CU
  31. Devilengine

    Devilengine Guest

    The CU kneecapped it while the NGE blew its head off.
  32. Lairkingo

    Lairkingo Guest

    SWG was always worthless.
  33. Devilengine

    Devilengine Guest

    You wouldn't say that if you played it straight out of beta. It was a fantastic game, dare I say the best since UO, especially if you consider game mechanics.

    Then the dev's gutted it like a trout.
  34. Mister McFeely

    Mister McFeely WoW Noob!
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 16, 2003
    Likes Received:

    I actually blame a lot of the playerbase on the downfall of SWG, not just the Devs. New players coming in would whine about the game being too complicated, and not understanding it, but if you took the time it was an easy game to master.
  35. CBrewton5

    CBrewton5 Guest

    No experience with Lineage or Matrix Online, but I can't say I disagree with your last assessment, as much as it pains me to say it as a 5 year die-hard addict stopped cold turkey when the 90 day boom was given. The reason for that though can be summed up in 2 letters......E......A. Had they not had dollar signs for eyeballs and realized that you have to invest money to make it, it could have been SO much different, especially when TSO was reborn into EA-Land. The cheezy name alone though lets you know how eager they were to 'strut their stuff' and show off *their* creation......pfffft. Now knowing EA's penchant for this kind of crap is the sole reason I *might* by the last EP of TS2 just to round out my collection there, but I will NOT be having anything to do with TS3, nor getting back into Ultima Online, simply because it has EA's mark on it and I don't want to give them any sort of monthly income from my pocket. "ship it and forget it" seems to be their niche, so that's where any dollars I spend with them will go. :sad4:

    In response to the OP, I'd have to say the only MMO I've ever played that didn't catch my attention at all was Second Life. I'm goal oriented, and that is just not a goal oriented game. Heck, I can even get into Toontown on a limited basis, but just never have because it seems to be one that is very limiting with the free account, which is all I am prepared to commit to right now. I think I'm still stinging from TSO's close down, and I don't want to invest time and energy in anything else when somebody else has the power to say that I can't play anymore......at least with offline games I can start and stop to play whenever I feel like it as long as I have the disks. It does get lonesome though, but there's always YIM while you play those.
  36. Rooster^^

    Rooster^^ Guest

    well SWG was pretty lame, but then I only played it for a few days and got NO interaction from anyone...

    UO id have to say has my vote for all time best MMORPG-

    In its day it was alot of fun and it attracted the type of people that I want to interact with in a game..

    few reasons:

    2D is a HUGE plus to me, im not interested in mamby pamby graphics

    Housing system

    Tram & Fel

    No real PvP restrictions... atleast no restrictions when in Fel

  37. muldran

    muldran Guest

    Matrix Online should be excellent; it has the best and strongest ongoing storyline of any MMO out there.

    However, it plays like a concrete cow, and is really difficult to get into. Now it's three years on, I don't think anyone could start it.

    I've tried getting into it every year so far, and give up within the first month each time ;(
  38. Gunn4r

    Gunn4r Guest

    why has no one mentioned 'Hello Kitty Island Adventure'?

    bahahahaha ;)
  39. Toony

    Toony Guest

    EVE Online, POTCO, WoW
  40. Priam_Sonoma

    Priam_Sonoma Guest

    For my money, there is one game that is head a shoulders above them all as far as the worst MMO.

    Tabula Rasa.

    How do you design a game to level to 50 in mere weeks, and have no foresight to design an endgame? There is NO ENDGAME. Give me one other MMO that has been released that has done this.

    Epic failure.
  41. Toony

    Toony Guest

    City of Heroes? It's end game was to roll a new character or grab badges. I still found it very fun.
  42. Salty Pete

    Salty Pete Guest

  43. Astronomy

    Astronomy Guest

    Worst of MMO of All Time has to be the current offering of Ultima Online mainly due to the out-of-control cheating.

    Cheating has destroyed this game plan and simple.

    EA says they "care" about cheating, they even went so far to make a post about them "cracking down on cheaters and bugs" back in Feb; three weeks later the dev team introduced another game destroying dupe into the game - that still currently works as I understand!

    Adventuring for items is pointless, thanks to the fact that Val Hammers are currently being duped hundreds at a time (val hammers make the best items in the game, and are suppose to be super rare.)

    An example of how out of control duping is on the normal servers; I found two boxes at the luna smith loaded with val runic armor and weapons that someone dropped because they thought it was "junk". The items were crafted with val hammers, so these items had five to six mods on them with all the mods being close to max! I've been a highend pvmer for years (YEARS) as I hunted the top level monsters for Super highend items, but all of the items I've found over the years pvming dont even compared to the "leetness" of these items that I picked up off the ground. Basically the production servers in UO are Test Centers thanks to this dupe.

    This dupe was the final straw for me, as I deleted my house and all my chars to provent me from ever coming back to that incredible waste of time known as UO.
  44. CherryBomb

    CherryBomb Guest

    Roma Victor gets my vote, although "Hello Kitty Island Aventure" sounds pretty terrifying. Astronomy is right about EA: they are not good at MMOGS in general, and they are completely clueless about cheating. At one point in Sims Online, 90% of ALL the money being produced in-game was being made with an exploit, and they did nothing about it for 8 months!
  45. OleEjnar

    OleEjnar Guest

    I was very hooked on EQ until I got to around level 30 something and still wore that apprentice robe, didnt have alot of cash and I dont remeber there was a map when I played it. I played it for 4 weeks I think and Grouped all the time, was just not possible to kill anything solo without ending up getting killed 50% of the time.

    Me and a friend played Daoc for some time he was a Hero and one day I logged in and ran to him and saw he was getting beaten by a blue con siog. I remember always having grey con gear on, sometimes a green con yay!

    Oh then came WoW then everyone made their game easier to survive in. EQ with their crescent reach and Daoc with their dobbel regen.

    Of course I played wow and as far as I remember in the beginning it took longer when you grouped with a friend than solo but atleast no one was begging for powerlevels.

    So having grown up with EQ and Daoc I have to say I can only love or hate WoW at times.

    I dont know if its the worst but I didn´t like Lotro . Didn´t feel like lord of the rings at all.
  46. Surindur

    Surindur Guest

    1st place: D&D Online.

    No low-end roleplay what so ever. The same quests over and over no matter what class you have. Certain required quests to progress past level barriers. Most quests can't reasonably be done solo. Every group inevitably led by someone that has already done this one 75 times and wants to see how fast they can run through it with 100% kill/loot count. Paid for 6 months up front, played for less than 1. Canceled my account, deleted it off the computer, and frisbee'd the CD for distance.

    Runner-up: WoW.

    Most boring game ever. Level-grind hell. Best thing about WoW was that if I ever had trouble sleeping I could always crank up WoW and doze right off. The only cool thing in WoW was Badlands chat.
  47. morPR

    morPR PRmeister
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    The problem with UO isn't the graphics. It's EA's imbecilic decision to cancel TWO sequels to the game for fear that they'd be "competing with ourselves."

    Ultima Online Two was a project to use 3D graphics and they were working with Todd McFarlane to design it. Unfortunately much of his art had to be salvaged in "Lord Blackthorne's Revenge."

    LBR was an awesome upgrade. The previous upgrade introduced a new pseudo 3D client called Third Dawn with a new landmass to explore named "Illshennar." LBR let players with the 2D client into Illsh. And more importantly it actually had events and an ongoing storyline. The upgrade that followed LBR was "Age of Shadows" and true to its name many of the game mechanics were severely nerfed.

    Nowadays EA has acquired Mythic Entertainment. Only now it seems that Mythic running their own projects (Dark Age of Camelot & the upcoming Warhammer Online) is okay as far as competition with UO is concerned. Mythic was signed on to build a newer pseudo 3D client that I feel in many ways is inferior to Third Dawn; this one being "Kingdom Reborn."
  48. Nok

    Nok Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hi NoobSaiBot,

    Actually Kingdom Reborn as a project was started long before EA's acquisition of Mythic. KR's development stalled on announcement of the acquisition, stalled again on the moving of UO from EARS to ME, and ME is training additional staff for UO now.

    Anything beyond that, would be speculation on my part. Hope that helps.
  49. freelee

    freelee Guest

    So i played many games, but i dont know which one is the worst ^^