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Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Pinky Pepperpow, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. OK, so I picked a task by mistake. I almost deleted my McWolf after one week and not even a dent. And I play a lot and have friends that help.

    I had the 150 skelecogs in COIN MINT ONLY task. This may sound like it's not that challenging, but let me point out that 80% of the time you will only see 1-3 skels in a coin mint. The max is 9 but it's 50/50 that it happens. In many runs there was only 1 skel at the end battle. (and have to go through the diamond room to make it even more like bamboo shoots under the fingernails).

    This took me well over 80 runs to complete. Keep in mind that the coin mints are usually runs with smaller toons so they take even longer because they might not have sound or maxed gags (usually don't). They are kids or noobies that don't know to pick the same cog so a bigger toon is spending most of the run tuning up the others and can't get a good play in.

    To make this task worse, I had to finish it before I could get a new task (new task is working law suit). This happened when I only had 7 of 150 skels.

    Many of my friends helped...shout out to Susan, Marge, Terri, Kathy, Fangs, Lisa, Rosie (especially late at night with me Rosie). I met a new friend Bonnie-Belle (Darlene) who helped a lot and then even joined Stratics and is now coming to our battles. (Usually on her uber Funnytoon). I think that was about 3 weeks ago just to let you know how long I've been working this stupid task.

    I ran into a toon in TTC who ended up being a member here. That was Green Tea aka Ali. HUGE KUDO'S TO ALI!

    Another bummer about this task is that it was just to become a small toon.

    If I had turned that in and got small for 2 hours I would of commited hari kari!!!!

  2. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    I can think of worse.. How about 400 buildings (all 2+ story) or, much much worse, 150 mint supervisors in the dollar mint? Guaranteed 150 DOLLAR mint runs. Even the Coin is better than the dollar as far as having people to go with.

    I didn't actually help. I was going to go on a coin run with you I believe, but then Susan came on and since she needed bucks, she went in my place. But glad you finally got rid of that one.
  3. OK guess I should of said one of the aboslute worst and most definitely the worst I've ever picked in history.

    Note: removes Fangs from my TY list...LOL! :lick:
  4. ROSIE T

    ROSIE T Guest

    Glad to be of help, any time, just give me a shout!
  5. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    That was some task! I remember thinking that most times I only got one skel in a coin. My worse task was 35 bullion supervisors for a bigger bag of gags. That felt like a lifetime. Next time Judy shop a little better. :D
  6. ooo and i thought 120 minglers where bad!

    Congrats for finshing :)
  7. Sarcatstic

    Sarcatstic Guest

    Now that your done I'll tell you how we have helped do that task.

    When going with friends we shop coin mints until we find the one with the most skelecogs. It is faster to do that than you think.

    Floor 1 has 8
    Floor 3 has 8
    Floor 9 has 8
    Floor 12 has 8

    and so on. these numbers are just for the sets of 11s not counting cogs at the end. Lets see 80 coins times 9 skelecogs? You tell them Fangs you know how i am with math.(just 17 coins with friends would have finished that task...LOL)

    mint maps are on ttc under cash hq.

    If you have trouble jumping the turning gears in "the big gear room" there is also coin, dollar, and bullion mints that start with that room. Just shop (go in and see floor and if not the right number tp back to cash hq)and practice all you want?

  8. i should of posted before i finished the stupid task. although im not really catching on to the theory here. how do i know ahead of time if the mint is going to have 8 skel on the third floor without going to the third floor. I'm a little brain dead right now so I'm probably over analyzing this and doing a bad job of it too. LOL
  9. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    There are 20 floors per each mint, each floor has a fixed structure and will be the same each run, with the exception of the hallways connecting the different rooms.

    Look at the mint maps, count the groups of 11's (those are skelecogs). Also the rooms that have 2 skelecogs + 2 level 10 cogs. Like that one room where there are 4 sets. First is all 10's, second and third is (2 skele's + 2 level 10's) and forth is all skelecogs. That room alone has 8 skelecogs.
  10. Then how is it that I get into a coin mint and there is only 1 skel at that last battle. I'm sorry I'm being so daft here Fangs, but I don't get how I will know this until I get to the end.

    Are you saying this map will tell me what the 'whole' mint will look like from the first minute I get into the mint?

    Not that I need it any more LOL

    Oh yeah and as a McWolfie family member you'll be happy to know Raven is working on her v2 BB suit now. ROCK n ROLL!
  11. Hey Pink, when you first enter the mint it will tell you the mint number you are in. You can then look at the chart and see how many skeles will be in there. If there arent a lot, you can bail if you are with friends (not cool if you are with randoms lol). It only flashes for a very short time and you dont even see it if you arent paying attention.

    (I'm a bad friend!! All the mints we did for this stupid task, I never thought about doing this!! I knew about it though!! Oh well, when I said we should cfo in between the mints we got a good boost on our suit levels though!! Think positive dear!!)rolleyes:
  12. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    Ok so after maxing one toon in cash, have another that is a RB, and two that are money bags, and now my cash uber, who is a tightwad today!, I must confess................ I just noticed those damn numbers when you entered the mint! I knew about the mint maps but I never noticed it said a floor when you first got in. LOL! It wasn't til Fangs talked about the floor numbers did I even bother to look! I hate to say thank you Fangs after you always threaten to have me for lunch but Thank you!:bowdown:
  13. Sarcatstic

    Sarcatstic Guest

    There is a diff reason to use mint maps and I do this when doing bullions.

    If there is gag up barrels, you can glance at the map and see if its a place that you can wait and run back. As for the maps i use the ones that are just two pages of lists. The maps that show floor details takes too long for me to glance at and get the same info.(f2 will show floor number also at anytime but you have to add one, so if it says 12 its 13. Same as in a boss course)

    Here is a sample of the type i use:

    Bullion Floor 5
    Lobby Vault (3 sets); Stomp+crate; 11 11 11 11; 10 10 11 11; Lava; Goonies; Paint/Ink; Mint-Pipe (4 sets); Big Stomper*; Supervisor
    40 cogs-677 bucks

    *As you can see the best chance for getting gags is at the end of this floor but if doing it with three toons you could skip a set in the pipe room and see what the gags were in Big Stomper and come back?

    I drove kathy crazy doing mints and being the floor guide :lick:

    P.S. Fangs ive not tryed it yet but a toon said there is a way to do the supervisor very fast in a dollar. He said its so fast its like you were flying. (this one i think ill try today if i get a chance)
  14. Loopy Moe 27

    Loopy Moe 27 Guest

    Not much experience with this kind of thing since i am not maxed yet but that sounds like it really sucks and would be hard. Congrats on completing it though.
  15. Squeaker

    Squeaker Guest

    Drove me crazy in the bullion? Okay, that's ONE place!... When I was close to maxing the kitten, Bob finally let me in on a bit of his Cash wisdom and my hubby made me an awesome guide. I shared it with him and Wolfie and have a printout of it. Unfortunately, I had a rather nasty hard drive crash. My files have been recovered but he is still identifying them. Tens of thousands of unnamed files... :(

    I have quite a few guides that Ken had made for me and meant to share them with everyone. They are really helpful. I'll get with the boys and see what I have or wait for my copies to be found...

    Congrats on the task anyway!
    See ya getting the boss suits! I need options? lol
  16. Fangs McWolf

    Fangs McWolf Guest

    For anyone wondering, the reason for this is rather simple. The number 0 is the first number and the number 1 is the second number, etc. However, how often do you hear someone say that they are on the zeroth floor (or floor zero)? Since the F2 is, I believe, for more diagnostic purposes than our own use, they don't correct it there. The computer shows it in its true value instead of our perceived value.

    Just thought I'd toss that in for anyone that was curious. :)
  17. I always knew about the F2 bubble but never really paid much attention since it's mainly a logistic for programming. Now I can see a lot more value in it.

    You guys are a wealth of information.

    Kathy, those files would be very kewl to see.

    Now I just want to go into a mint so I can see the mint number, which honestly is something I never notices.

    OK, so what's a shortcut for me to get all these v2's that I need? (I know I know it's all elbow grease! Grr!) The solace in doing so many cog golf runs is that i'm helping my friends get their options at the same time. Not like anyone that needed bucks wanted to do their runs in the bloody coin mint eh?

    Kathy etal....I'll be your constant option companion for the next few days.