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Worst VP Trip Ever

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by JUMBLY, Aug 29, 2008.


    JUMBLY Guest

    So here i was doing a trip to the VP. I had died from my computer dieng. (Darn laptop). Once i had gotten back to health i had gone out to retry at the VP after the terrible accident. It just so happens that i forgot to refill my gags!!! I had eventually gotten onto the elevator all pumped to defeat the VP. That's When i realized I had forgotten my gags. But thats not even the worst of it. The worst part was who i was recovering!!!! Can you guess who it was? It was FLIPPY!!!!!!!!! I was so sad. Thankfully I mad it to having to kill the VP with pies. But i had died then when he was jumping. I kept jumping at all of the wrong moments.

    But after that I have learned my lesson! ALWAYS FILL UP YOUR GAGS BECAUSE FLIPPY MIGHT BE IN NEED OF HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Flippy was the guy who i had my goal set on getting. Please tell me what you think of this situation and has this ever happened to you?

  2. ZippyW

    ZippyW Guest

    Yep, I've done it too... I KNOW in the CFO, but I wouldn't be surprised if I had done it in the VP too. Fortunately, I know in the CFO, I was able to do the tooning and luring, plus use the few throw/squirts I had, so I don't think anyone was aware. VP would be harder because chances are, if you are going with randoms, that you are going to have a few toons who don't have the bigger gags like the fog, you are probably going to have an interesting battle! Now, the FIRST thing I do after a battle is go get gags, because the laff points are looking at you so you don't forget!

    I do have a pet peeve with toons who show up with low laffs and expect to be tooned in the first round. Is it really THAT hard to go get their laffs first?
  3. I have done this but only in a building when I first started. Now I have a habit of refilling my gags immediately. I also refil my gags before I log out so that I know when I get back on I am 100% ready for whatever may happen.

    And the best habit I have is first thing every morning I spend the first 10 minutes gardening. I don't initiate conversations or anything until my garden is completed. I used to forget to garden on a regular basis. Now I never forget.:scholar:

    JUMBLY Guest

    Thank you. I can be a little forgetful:coco: after battleing the cogs. I am just so eager to get back in there and get those cards. Darn Flippy.

  5. ATIV7220

    ATIV7220 Guest

    I've done it on a Factory run, but not on any Bossbot runs. I hope I don't...