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Would you like to run a vendor at BWT?

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by imported_gwen_alcestis, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Hello everybody!

    Some vendorkeepers left – others needed kicking, the result however stays the same: my shop Blue Wolf Traders , in particular the right building, is getting a bit empty.
    So I thought I’d post a list here with which vendors exactly I’m looking for…

    I’d like to add that I always try to give people who already have a vendor in the right building first refusal on spots clearing in the main building (if of high enough standard).
    There’s only a few rules to follow, you can find them here .
    If you’d like to run a vendor at my place or have any questions, feel free to ICQ me on 38970131/ reply to this post/ PM me.

    For the left building – “Resources & Craftables”

    1. Florist
    I’m looking for someone who could run a few seed & flowervendors.
    I could offer up to 5 or 6 vendors to a really dedicated florist to sell all kinds of coloured & plain plants, seeds etc etc. However, I’d also be willing to rent out a vendor to someone who would focus solely on either plain or rare plants, as those are the most popular ones.

    2. Miner
    This is a hard one… Most people tend to give up on this fast as it just takes too much time to stock! I would expect a miner to stock a. all types of ingots or b. all types of gems.

    3. Lumber
    Same story as with the miner. Would have to stock all types of wood in reasonable quantities.

    4. Tanner
    And again, looking for someone who can provide all types of leather in bulky amounts [​IMG]

    For the right building – Misc

    5. Scribe – Full runebooks
    Would expect at least say 4 to 6 types of books (city tram, city fell, dungeon tram, dungeon fell, ML hunting spots, …)

    6. Scribe – Modded spellbooks
    I don’t know if these are actually that popular, but we never really had them at the shop so I think it’d be worth a try.

    Warning: I am NOT looking for a normal scribe! These 2 vendors would sell either Runebooks or Spellbooks and nothing else. We already have plenty of scribe-related vendors in the Left building.

    7. Runic Crafters
    All runic crafted gear welcome [​IMG] Got 500 armor parts or weaps laying about? I’ll gladly even give ya 5 vendors for that! (Yup I like these hehe)

    8. Hunters
    Powerscrolls, Peerless ingredients & loot, nice shiny jewelry, armor, weapon, Artifacts, 10th anniversary items, Marties, Treasure maps …. All welcome on one condition: make sure you can provide enough of these to fill up a vendor.

    9. Bod-freaks
    Kits, PoF, CBD’s… All good sellers. Can’t have enough vendors stocking them really!

    P.S. I'm also buying STOCK for my vendors. Full pricelist can be found here-o ! Just fill out the form - click proceed, and you'll get my 'offer' right then and there.
  2. The "Scribe - Modded Spellbooks" spot has been taken by Simonovsk/Mr Pink
    Two "Hunters" were added, Garage Inc & Pippo

    Welcome [​IMG]

    This leaves 2 empty spots in the right building and 1 in the left !
  3. simonovsk

    simonovsk Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 1, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Thanks for the vendor, I hope it does well.

    I'll use the oportunity to present the goods and prices I'm offering :

    - 2 modders for 10k each : they've been carefully selected by my assistant to feature only usefull properties and high intensities.

    - a set of one modders with max intensities for 5k each. Only maximum intensities on selected useful mods : +6 int, +6 lmc, +9 sdi, +15 lrc. +16 lrc to come soon !

    - slayer spellbooks : 5k each for regular 1 mod slayers, 10k for those with an extra mod of random intensity.

    - + skills spellbooks for 10k each, these are the +12 ones with no extra mod. 2 modders with 2 skills are available for 20k each, 3 modders with 2 skills are 50k. More to come soon !

    - 3 modders are 50k each, random properties.

    - superslayers and remarkable books also have their container, it's not very full atm (arachnid slayer 400k) but I've been collecting 75k scrolls this week, and gonna warm up the olde bottle of ink this we [​IMG]

    And I see the first customers have found their way to the shop tonight, as a few sales have been made !
    Any consideration regarding the prices and selection of goods is welcome, please send them via pm as to not derail this thread.

    Hope to see you there.