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would you suggest to play uo again?

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Cal_Mythic

    Cal_Mythic Guest

    Thanks Kallie!

    Yeah, I'd say come back too ... :) And I agree on the money thing, is it worth the cost of a movie and 1/2 a coke to have some solid fun? ... For me it's about the play experience. Yes I do play my own game, and no I can't find the same experience anywhere else ...

    Also, I'm really looking forward to how you guys respond to the new story arc ... so "Fresh Eyes" are welcome.

    Thanks for taking a look,

    - C
  3. Cal_Mythic

    Cal_Mythic Guest

    And the odds of it being something more than 10,000 + hp monsters that dish out 1000 hp of damage per second are how low? :gee:

    Hey .. UOin ain't easy ... :)