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WoW Stratics Temporary Forums are Now Live

Discussion in 'WoW Stratics Announcements' started by Eldorian, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    WoW Stratics now has it's temporary forums up and running as we're still working on the data recovery. You can visit the new forums by clicking the forum link on the right or visit them by clicking here.
    What's the deal with these forums?
    These are temporary forums that we've put up so that communities across
    Stratics can continue without impediment while we work towards recovering
    the old forums. Again: if all goes well, these forums will be brought down
    in approximately five to seven days.
    Why are these forums different?
    We decided a while ago that VBulletin offered most of the features we
    custom built in to UBB out of the box - that would make it much easier for
    us to do things like forum upgrades, etc. We've been doing small alpha tests
    of VBB over the past month or so. In terms of this downtime specifically,
    VBB let us get these temporary forums set up and configured far faster than
    doing the same with UBB. Moreover, this will be a great opportunity for users
    to give us feedback on VBB and suggest features/customizations (keep in mind
    there are *many* "rough edges" here - our goal was to get these boards up
    What happened to the forums?
    It's important to note that we take lots of precautions to prevent the
    loss of data. Stratics is hosted on five production servers. The forums
    sit on a brand new machine with eight SAS drives operating in a RAID configuration.
    In the unlikely event that machine loses enough drives for there to be data
    loss, we contract for both local daily backups as well as local backups to
    remote datacenters in New York and the mid-west. That's an eight drive RAID
    configuration with brand new SAS drives and three daily backups. In this
    case, our primary data center accidentally wiped the data off the forums
    server while trying to install a new operating system on a similar looking
    machine. At the same time, we discovered that the system administration firm
    we contracted with at the time had not performed any recent backups in spite
    of correspondence with us to the contrary.
    Thus we were forced to send the machine out for data recovery by a leading
    firm. Unfortunately, the process is very slow. Thus these temporary forums.
    Why are some forums missing?
    Some forums were omitted for the sake of expediency in getting temporary
    boards up. No worries though - those forums that are missing will return.
    I have a suggestions/comment/complaint - who can I contact?
    Please feel free to contact [email protected]. Some one will reply within a few hours.