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Wow talk about changes

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Belshazzar, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Belshazzar

    Belshazzar Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 5, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I will say after finally getting two of three accounts up and running, I will say wow bunch of changes. Spent a lot of time getting dirt naps, having some really nice players help res me and find my body.. Learned a giant turkey well is a giant butt kicking turkey.. all i saw was oo0oooo.... Greater Dragons yeah um ooo00ooo .... I will say me and the misses placed two 18s together in a nice mining area, did some fishing and was happy with that. Now need to get out and actually do some leather gathering and wood chopping for items. I miss that.

    Now with that being said, has the solen hive quest still active and done the same old way?
    Where on earth are tmaps to be purchased or am i just going to have to go hunting for hours for the monsters to drop them?
    Blood Elemental in shame - yeah not the same old spawn spot that is for sure, met some nice vortexes.. they also produced many ooooo0000oo....
    BODs - looking for handouts on those. i dont care what they are.
    New plants? someone care to elaborate on those?
    New vet rewards some are neat sounding and cool, are there any vendors selling any?
    I found a awesome player shop called Krabshack. Well stocked and had a lot of neat things, i will def need to find out where in the world a lot of those things come from.
    What is the new crafter template cause i see imbuing is a new crafting.. guess bels is going to have to give up magery for it :)
    Fishing - so fishing power scrolls? need sa and high seas expansion for those right?

    Any other advice or help learning would be appreciated. I work next two days but off saturday for some fun all day and night!!!

  2. Talishara

    Talishara Guest

    Well hey there Bel!

    Yup Solon Hive quest is still going. I visit it often for bags of sending, or powder. I have quite a few tmaps if you'd like some. I have every level of them, so just let me know how many you would like to do. If you'd like I'll even join for a few level 7's I have. Those are a good time, especially if a frost dragons pops out lol. New plants are nifty. You can take hedges and trim them into llama's or goblins. You can also plant seeds in New Magincia and it will time stamp them with your name. There is also a raised garden which will take care of your plants automatically for you.. I love that! I also have a ton of BODS you're more than welcome to. I have quite a few books that are just sitting there begging for someone to do something to them. Imbueing.. I have a legendary imbuer. They are very nice to have, but you have to put in alot of work to get the imbueing ingrediants, however the reward for your hard work is worth it. You can get most of the ingrediants from the Abyss. The mini spawns are alot of fun, and they will also give artifacts if you're lucky :)

    It's always fun to leave and come back to UO. It's like playing a new game. I also like the fact that alot of original LA players are coming back. I can still remember the good ol' days of all of us hanging out acting all silly.

    Hope that helps!

    Talishara (E|M)
    ICQ: 617969512
  3. Delbrie

    Delbrie Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Glad to see you have decided to come back!. I have a ton of seeds if you need any in addition to level 6 maps. If you need help getting maps let me know and I will go with you. Fishing power scrolls requires the use of high seas. I have open vendor spots in luna that are free if you want to set up vendors. MHC alliance members can help you get set up with items or resources (Just ask for sampso, DarK angel or Basara). Hope to see you in game.
  4. I can get you a fishing scroll....Just look me up in the game...
    Hope you get HS and SA....I love going to the abyss, always alot to do there....
    See ya in the game and if you need anything give me a yell
  5. TheVampster

    TheVampster Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 20, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Hey Bels and LA. Haven't been on lately. Been busy with other stuff. I apologize for my shop not being stocked up like I planned. Partly due to my computer turning into a paperweight for the time being until I get a new processor chip or new computer. I have to fight for time on my GF's puter between her playing Wow and the kid playing multiple games like Roblox , Wow and G-Mod we all have to take turns. With X-mas around the corner and working store hours, also doesn't leave me much time to play all the games I want to play.

    I admit I've been playing the 'one' game again even though it's not on my account. I'm still playing COD and other games on the Xbox when it's not 'my turn'. And unfortunately getting some new ones for X-mas to waste time on... lol. I was actually getting ready to log onto UO for a minute or two to check on vendors and whatnot. I still have plans for UO and don't want to give up on it quite yet. I will get back to it eventually. But meanwhile, enjoy an ale or two at The Krabshack. I did try to make it a bar setting downstairs, turned out good I think. I still have a few deco plans in mind that I haven't put into effect yet... like finishing my runebook library for one.

    Not sure what neat things you are talking about Bels. Maybe the distillery or the new training dummy? Or the chest of sending that I have outside? Or the planter garden on the roof? Those came from some booster packs that just came out not too long ago (or whatever you call them). Well the distillery and training dummies you have to build, but the other ones came with the packs along with a few other goodies, probably still available in the store.

    Don't have any input on the High Seas expansion yet. As far as plants go, there are some new varieties that are mostly deco, but you can also harvest new things from them, like cocoa from the cocoa tree for cooking, etc. Also can make dyes from plants. It's a crazy process that I'm not even gonna try to explain.

    If you remember, I used to run the player shop Mosiah's Madness back in the day. My pally was Nagash and my crafter was Anvil if you remember, if not that's ok. Mosiah was my mage/crafter. I don't own that acct anymore so I had to start over. So been training up crafting skills and everything else plus trying to sell stuff on vendors. I have a few in Luna that could use stocked. I'm sure Delbrie and a few others wondered where I've been.

    It's still funny that you thought it was well stocked. Maybe it is compared to other non-Luna vendors. But it can a lot more stocked up, that's for sure. Like ingots and such.

    And btw, welcome back.