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Wrestling or parry or both for pvp and template idea

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Serkon555, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Serkon555

    Serkon555 Guest

    i want to turn my nxo mage into a pvp template, shoudl i have wrestling,parry or both ,and i was also thinking of getting necro,SS and resist spells in this mix ,is there anyway to do this?
  2. Would you mind posting your current template?

    Magic Resist is a must have in most cases on a mage. Generaly in any mage template you cover the 4 basics. Magery, med,resist and eval. Then select 2 more skills, but with a little whitteling you can have 7 skills.

    Thought I would post this template. It's something I been wanting to try, but makes a perfect example.

    120 weapon skill (the need to hit)
    100 Med (int med bonus, and mr item bonus)
    120 resist (self explanitory)
    120 Eval (spell damage)
    110 Magery (good enough for FS's)
    90 poisoning (dp in nox and leathal with infectious strike)
    60 Necro (corspe skin for extra fire and poison damage) Evil Omen + para, pain spike for disrupts.

    I run my wrestle scribe the same way. With 60 in necro currently. Alternatively you can swap out the necro for chiv if you run into a lot of full blown necro mages. Of course my templates are not main stream. I like to experiment.
  3. lefty,

    an interesting template. how would you break down your stats on that? you would need to take dex higher but at the expense of what?
  4. Just run normal mage stats. Swing speed isn't primary. A cleaver, Kryss, skinning knife are pretty quick as is. You will only be able to do only infectious strike since it lacks tactics. The thing is with this it gives you the ability to quickly go from defensive to offensive. Everyone counts on disrupting spells be it mages or dexers.
  5. i run a similar template but with no weap. and inscribe and ss instead.

    120 magery
    115 resist
    115 eval
    100 scribe
    70 med
    80 poisoning
    65 necro (+5 tali)
    70 ss (+10 tali)

    I can cast LP using omen. and the added scribe is nice. i also get in decent the hits with my 100%fire staff and corpse.