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~WRR's "Deal or No Deal UO Style"~ comes to Pacific Sat. April 5th.....

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by imported_Crystal Rose, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Saturday April 5, 2008 - 3pm PST, 6pm EST
    Anyone from any shard is welcome!

    The 10mil was not won last week so guess what....This week there will be 2 (two) books with 10mil placed somewhere in the "mystery" boxes. A few weeks ago 5 books had been added before the 10mil was finally won (on Europa). A book being added each week until the 10mil was won.

    Yes Pacific...it's your turn to have this amazeing game played on your shard. It's been awhile now (takes awhile to rotate through the shards) but we are finally back. We have put together a wonderful new studio for you right in Luna (first house East of the Luna moongate). The same building as the Pacific Auction House .

    This is a "cross shard" event...meaning anyone from any shard can enter to be the main contestant (with 4 semi-contestants winning 10% of what the main contestant wins). And of course, all gold won is awarded on the shard of choice by WRR so no transfer tokens are needed.

    We want to thank Diane for this great review of last Saturday's game played on Origin: click here .

    Oh..I almost forgot the 5 - 250k door prize checks that will be handed out during the game.

    Howie SandManDel broadcasts the game in its entirety on Whispering Rose Radio as it is played.

    Here is a link with more information.

    Hope to see you all there!!

    *wink* Vana Mana Rose

    FYI...the following Saturday (April 12th) we will be on Sonoma!