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WTB: SW spell scrolls and some non-cursed artis

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Kiwillian, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Kiwillian

    Kiwillian Guest

    Hi! :)

    I'm looking for the following SW spell scrolls:

    Thunderstorm (probably sucks, but hey)
    Nature's Fury
    Gift of Life

    Also looking for the following non-cursed items. Hopefully they don't cost too much, I'm a poor newbie :(

    Shadow Dancer Leggings
    Burglars Bandana

    There is at least one other person in NEW looking for the leggings and possibly others too, so if you have a stockpile now is the time to unload them :)

    Off to bed for me now however. Hopefully someone has some of these though. Let me know!

  2. Kat

    Kat Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I probably have some, if not all of those spell scrolls, but can't get on to look atm. Drop me an ICQ this evening! 220-571-153
  3. Kiwillian

    Kiwillian Guest

    Bit late with this, but thank you Kat for helping me out with the scrolls. And who says TnT doesn't help NEWbies :p hehehe

    Still after those other bits though if anyone has them :)
  4. Nickster

    Nickster Guest

    I know Big - D's vendor had Cursed shadow dancers on in a bag with about 10 pairs and another 15 - 20 arties for about 500k at the price could use as throw aways :)
  5. Kiwillian

    Kiwillian Guest

    yeah I saw those a day or so ago, not too keen on cursed ones :( I am poor :( :(
  6. Nickster

    Nickster Guest

    know what you mean, you could have sold the other stuff and turned a proffit though. not sure if they are there now, if you are up for it we can see if we can get a few folk together and do a doom run or 2, know its hit and miss but might be worth a pop?
  7. Kiwillian

    Kiwillian Guest

    Oh, if wants to split that bag up I may be more keen, I have no use for most of what's in there. Maybe it sold already though, I can't even remember where it was lol (Yew I think).
  8. Nickster

    Nickster Guest

    yes its Yew gate, I believe Turtle is on the boards now so if you post he may have some kicking about, i know that its a pain to replace cursed gear but its better than nothing... are you wanting them just for the Stealing / stealth bonus? are you running as a ninja also?
  9. Kiwillian

    Kiwillian Guest

    Something like that :eyes:

    e: I already posted about it. (hint: it's this thread! :) )
  10. Nickster

    Nickster Guest

    sorry man, didn't see anything about temp :) i was asking as when i played a thief i found an item dependant template to be a pain in the t1ts :) burg bandana is great as it can have a CBD bless it but unless you can bless the SDL's with your siege bless then your temp goes to poop every time you die (i believe this was the point of this thread hehe) i found having a good stockpile of jewels and the animal forms were the best bet, but you play however dude, just out of interest you want me to start keeping stealing/stealth jewels? you can have em for froo, i hunt decent mobs for gains so i will start collecting for you if it helps. also if you are struggling for cash i can help out a little, i remember you saying you were not one for handouts though but i will pay well for runic armour with mana increase / mana regain if you come across any, resists not a must though,