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[Selling] WTS many billions in items on Oce for gold.

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by tuuvaak, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. tuuvaak

    tuuvaak Guest

    Hello friends!

    I am parting out three accounts for Gold that I have acquired in trade. There is well over 2 billion in items on the accounts, the following is just a taste. As a former large rares trader (I was very active pre AoS), i understand the value of EM items remaining on their home server. I'd like to keep them here for your communities collectors. If i linked everything, this post would result in a very tiny scrollbar. I am a rares trader on Atlantic, and want GOLD for these items, not trades. again, i have TONS more than just these births and em items - the EM items are originals and not replicas of any kind. I am looking to simply set up vendors at the Malas houses (three houses all side by side, all in 1 mountain cove, also for sale together or separate!) and sell YOU items directly via vendor at ~%60 or less of their luna price. I ping bad on Oce, and cannot possibly transfer them all without my poor fingers being destroyed.

    For you new traders, I have close to half a million stones in items not listed - many are new to SA, and many sell well in luna. This is an opportunity for you to buy them at wholesale prices to sell where you see fit! When i was very active (now im unfortunately a WoWer for the most part :< ), i made many billions shopping at out of the way vendors and reselling in luna and at other active tradeposts, or even transferring the merchandise to servers with higher per-item gold values. The EM Items and Server Births will be easy to part off, its the other items like arti 11s, token rewards, rare house deco, vet rewards, new SA deco etc. that i'd like to bulk sell without having to transfer it all from the O.

    Please reply here with your preferred method of contact, or simply PM me, and I will meet you for a gate. I am on east coast time =( so we will have to figure out times best for both of us. Thanks for your interest!

    Server Births
    Mandrake root
    Ceramic mug
    Candle of love (!!)
    Dirty pot
    Dirty frypan
    many more...

    EM Items
    I participated in the PVP tourney on Cceania 11/02/04 Gloves
    Champion hatchet thrower axe - Unique
    shattered crytals wisp ***ments
    tattered ancient mummy wrapping
    blood stained tunic
    crude orchish axe
    hatchet thrower finalist axe
    a tattered mercaerin cloak
    cloak of minax
    i ran the hythloth gauntlet and died (shoes)
    a low quality finigans hat
    shirt "we created the food"
    a tattered dress of fine linen
    disciple of ralvinian robe
    spiders silk woven shirt
    corporal of the royal britanian guard sash
    cloak of silence (no curse)
    cloak of corruption (no curse)
    minion of marcel robe
    servant of tal kesh robe
    oceania orientering challenge robes oct 2004 ALL TEAMS 12 FULL SET
    crude corroded manicles x 2
    mesanna's cream pie
    rare animals volume 1 - book EM item
    orcish engineer tool kit
    the serpent codex EM event book

    Novo bleue x 2
    Etoile bleue x 2 (2/2 Luck Jewelry Set)
    Sorcerers suit 6 piece female
    Spiderweb deed
    Potted tree x5 Various styles
    Flower pot x 5
    Golden chess board
    A Guild deed
    2 Gold mark scrolls
    2 Scrolls (Decorative scrolls with colored ties named "Scroll")
    A deed for a vender named Reece/Gordon/Bennett (3 Total)
    2 reverse bandages

    midnight bracers
    staff of the magi
    hat of the magi
    kassa of the raj-in
    soul seeker
    spirit of the totem
    armor of fortune
    arcane shield
    pendant of the magi
    dryad bow
    violet courage x 2
    Aegis x 2
    devine countanace
    the dragon slayer x 2
    shield of invulnerability
    luna lance
    gloves of the pugilist
    fey leggings
    axe of the heavens
    gaunlets of nobility
    captain quacklebush's cutlass
    ornate crown of the harrower
    breath of the dead
    holy knights breastplate
    leggings of stability
    obsidian blade
    bloodwood spirit
    gloves of the sun
    dragons end
    voice of the fallen king
    serpents fang
    zironic claw
    legacy of the dread lord
    conjourers trinket
    the task master
    staff of power x 2
    dread pirate hat (old type)
    dread pirate hat (new type)
    the beserkers maul
    titans hammer
    bracelet of health
    ring of the vile x 2
    ancient samuri helm
    arcane shield
    mystic guard x 3
    light in the void x 3
    stff of resonance x 3
    valkyrie's glave x3
    titans hammer
    blade of the righteous
    mempo of fortune
    armor of fortune
    swords of prosperity
    spirit of the totem
    totem of the void
    shadow dancer leggings
    talisman of the fey
    ancient samurai helm
    jackals collar
    cloak of death
    soul seeker
    ring of the elements

    ancient hammer +60 (346)
    ancient hammer 10 full x 2
    powder of fort x 43
    Heritage Tokens x 13

    saddle (doom lvl 9)
    leather tunic (doom lvl 9) x 2
    Fish Sculpture x 4 (Tonuko lvl 8)
    sword display (Tonuko lvl 8)
    stolen bottles of liquor (SA lvl 7)
    gargish bentas vase (SA lvl 7) x 2
    pricelsss treasure (SA lvl 8) x 2
    fake copper ingots (SA lvl 7)
    Sculpture (Tonuko lvl 9)
    gargish memorial statue (SA lvl 7)
    gargish knowledge totem (SA lvl 7)
    Painting (Tonuko Lvl 8 x4 Lvl 9 x 1)
    Sword Display (Tonuko lvl 9)
    Bamboo Stool (Doom New Lvl 6)
    There are also 100's of level 1-6 Items from all steables areas.

    quiver of infinity x 3
    hearth of the home fire
    festive cactus
    decorative topiary
    snowy tree
    albino squiral in crystal
    rose of trinsic
    Shamanos best crossbow
    suit of gold armour x 2
    Royal leggings of ember
    the holy sword x 2
    lucky necklace
    holiday gift ticket 2002
    prize ticket 2003 x 4
    fountain of life
    arcanist statue
    warrior statue
    holiday time piece
    Birthday bells x 8
    holiday muffins x 5
    old holiday bells x 99 includes 3 white
    holiday snow globe sets
    whispering roses x 7
    AOS launch roses x 25
    SA launch statue set 5/5
    AOS launch clothing x 25 various
    hooden shroud of shadows x 2
    hooded robe of umbra x 2

    Vet Rewards
    etheral swamp dragon
    gazer statuette
    etheral beetle
    dragon statuette x 2
    demon statuette
    decorative shield deed x 2
    hanging skele deed
    flaming head deed
    slime statuette
    demon statuette
    valorite cloak
    golden robe
    valorite rob
    dragon statuette
    stone anke deed
    hanging skele deed
    banner deed
    statue/leather/furniture/runebook/special - Dye Tubs
    Black Dye Tub x 2
    bronze robe x 2
    bronze cloak x 2
    ice green cloak and robe
    ice white robe
    copper robe and cloak
    fire robe
    golden robe
    fire cloak
    cow statuette
    flamming head deed x 2
    ethereal ki/rin
    etheral horse
    dark grey cloak
    golden cloak
    valorite robe x 2
    ethereal ridge-back
    ethereal ostard
    etheal horse x 3
    Valorite Cloak x 2

    magical residue x 3299
    enchanted essence x 886
    relec fragment x 27
    boards x 55000+
    iron ingots x 10000+
    various SA imbuing craftables x 500
    crafting gems x 10,000
    leather x 8035
    spine leather x6130
    verite ingots x1000
    bronze ingots x2000
    copper ingots x2100
    spined leather x3500
    barbed leather x3500
    various mage regs x250K

    [not listed - 1196+ additional items across 3 18x18s]
  2. Prime.

    Prime. Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 23, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Hello! I am an inspired new rares collector :p. There's a few item's i'd be interested in, however, would like to see what else you have as well, and also wondering where your vendor houses will be.
  3. i am interested in these.. i ran the hythloth gauntlet and died (shoes)
    what is the current offer
  4. SupSoc

    SupSoc Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 24, 2008
    Likes Received:

    If you are in need of a broker, I am willing to assist you. ICQ is in sig. Hope to hear from you soon!

  5. Nastia Cross

    Nastia Cross Guest

    Wow, what a collection! How much are you looking to receive for the Champion Hatchet Thrower Axe?
  6. tuuvaak

    tuuvaak Guest


    shattered crytals wisp ***ments
    a tattered dress of fine linen
    disciple of ralvinian robe
    spiders silk woven shirt
    corporal of the royal britanian guard sash
    mesanna's cream pie
    rare animals volume 1 - book EM item
    the serpent codex EM event book
  7. tuuvaak

    tuuvaak Guest

    ** I AM STILL LOOKING* for a bulk buyer / reseller for all of the non-EM/True rare items!

    high bids on some EM items:
    12 robe unique oceania teams set is at 1.2 billion gold.
    hatchet set (finalist/champ) is at 600 million

    many other items have no bids yet!! leave your ICQ if you'd like me to contact you directly please.