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WWI Official Contest: Day Four

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Eldorian, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    To enter for today (Monday August 11, 2008) - you simply have to put in a reply to this thread to have your name put in the hat.

    20 lucky winners will receive one of the WWI cards that were given in the goody bags in Paris. The codes on the card will give you an exclusive in game Tyrael the Archangel pet and the 2nd key is a beta code to get in the WotLK beta (at some point - can't guarantee immediate access).

    Next Friday (the 15th) we'll have a drawing. Each day we'll have a new thread for you to post in and answer and each day will be a new entry (for a total of 7 possible entries).

    Note: Stratics staff members aren't eligible to win but are welcome to respond to the questions and participate in the thread.

    Today's Topic:

    You're in charge of putting together a bobsled team to represent Booty Bay - who are the 4 team members you select from that area to give you the best chance at qualifying and become the first Booty Bay Bobsled Team?
  2. Tarielen

    Tarielen Guest

    1: The Zandalar Troll Ambassador, cause you have to have a Jamaican Bobsledder.
    2: The Engineer Trainer, cause he knows the mathematics needed to create/drive the perfect bobsled.
    3: The Mayor Goblin, cause he has great team leadership skills.
    4: The Goblin laying down in the hut, cause the poor guy needs to get some fun in his life and get up and about.

    Sorry I don't know they're exact names but I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about. ^_^
  3. Scotholemu

    Scotholemu Guest

    Kresky, my favourite auctioneer who was from Org!
    Mazk Snipeshot, the engineer!
    Narkk, Pirate Supplier.
    And can't forget, Captain Heckleberry Smotts
    (or Baron Revilgaz if I was to make it all goblins) :p
  4. "Sea Wolf" MacKinley
    Captain Hecklebury Smotts
    Dizzy One-Eye
    Innkeeper Skindle <-- secret weapon
  5. shadowfury

    shadowfury Guest

    engineer trainer
    captain hecklebury smoots
    baron revilgaz
    sea wolf mackinley
  6. faervian

    faervian Guest

    Baron Revilgaz
    Captain Hecklebury Smotts
    Dizzy One-Eye
    "Sea Wolf" Mackinley
  7. Thisel

    Thisel Guest

    "Sea Wolf" Mackinley
    Mazk Snipeshot
    Captain Heckleberry Smotts
    Baron Revilgaz
  8. chauronity

    chauronity Guest

    Mazk Snipeshot
    Baron Revilgaz
    "Sea Wolf" Mackinley
  9. Asterion

    Asterion Guest

    Baron Revilgaz
    Captain Hecklebury Smotts
    Dizzy One-Eye
  10. Bobity66

    Bobity66 Guest

    I would chose
    Mazk Snipshot
    Inkeeper Skindle
    Baron Revilgaz
    and Captain Heckleberry Smotts
  11. Kinjiro

    Kinjiro Guest

    "Sea Wolf" Mackinley
    Captain Smotts
    Dizzy One-Eye
    "Shaky" Phillipe

    Should be amusing to see Mackinley and Phillipe in the same bobsled.
  12. Kazuko

    Kazuko Guest

    Fishbot 5000!
    Fleet Master Seahorn
    Baron Revilgaz
    Captain Smotts
  13. Zaiten

    Zaiten Guest

    Gyll <Gryphon Master>
    Ian Strom <Rogue Trainer>
    Jaxin Chong <Alchemy Trainer>
    McGavan <The Mithril Order>
  14. Stetzer

    Stetzer Guest

    Myizz Luckycatch
    Oglethorpe Obnoticus
    Sly Garrett
  15. joz123

    joz123 Guest

    "Shaky" Phillipe
    Catelyn the Blade
  16. Whiskey Slim (Team drunk)
    Ziggle Sparks (Team pyromaniac)
    Zandalarian Emissary (Team Jamaican)
    Viznik Goldgrubber (He wants the gold bad)
  17. VividAriah

    VividAriah Guest

    Engineer Torquespindle
    Dizzy One-Eye
  18. Cais

    Cais Guest

    Ogglethorpe Obnoticus: Gnome engineer trainer. Self Explanatory.
    Zandalarian Emissary: Cuz you know dem people they can't believe, Booty Bay they got a bobsled team...
    "Sea Wolf" Mackinley: Just because I can.
    Fleet Master Seahorn: Big strong Tauren to take up any slack.

    With luck we'll finish the race!
  19. cardinall

    cardinall Guest

    Captain Hecklebury Smotts (Every team needs a captain)
    Ian Strom (He knows Sprint!)
    Crazk Sparks (He's gotta have some fireworks that'll give a speed boost)
    Auctioneer O'reely (ya reely)
  20. electricify

    electricify Guest

    Captain Hecklebury Smotts: To steer.
    Fleet Master Seahorn: for weight and momentum.
    Zandalarian Emissary: for good luck
    Rocket Chicken: As an underhanded speed enhancement tactic.
  21. Definitely a team of undead... Light weight and sturdy!
  22. lilitha

    lilitha Guest

    I'd go for...
    Dizzy One-Eye
    Auctioneer O'Reely
    Sly Garrett
    Myizz Luckycatch (he looks like he can swim well ;) )
  23. Kassic

    Kassic Guest

    Baron Revilgaz
    Captain Hecklebury Smotts
    Dizzy One-Eye
    And of course, the booty bay Flight Master. Call in the birds if something goes wrong!
  24. Happu

    Happu Guest

    Dizzy One-Eye - He has a magical eye!
    Oglethorpe Obnoticus - To build the ride
    "Sea Wolf" MacKinley - to do the random stuff
    Fleet Master Seahorn - For leadership
  25. jmvossen

    jmvossen Guest

    If by area u mean STV then it would be: "Pretty Boy" Duncan, Hemet Nesingwary Jr., Princess Poobah, and as captain of the team....Captain Hecklebury Smotts

    But if u mean just people from inside the town of BB, then: Dizzy One-Eye, "Shaky" Phillipe, "Sea Wolf" MacKinley, Baron Revilgaz
  26. Rikrik

    Rikrik Guest

    "Sea Wolf" Mackinley
    Captain Smotts
    Oglethorpe Obnoticus
    "Shaky" Phillipe
  27. sethamun

    sethamun Guest

    Fleet Master Seahorn
    "Sea Wolf" MacKinley
    Auctioneer O'reely
  28. devonpsg

    devonpsg Guest

    "Sea Wolf" Mackinley
    Captain Smotts
    Dizzy One-Eye
    Engineering trainer
  29. khz88

    khz88 Guest

    Captain Hecklebury Smotts: To steer.
    Fleet Master Seahorn: for weight and momentum.
    Zandalarian Emissary: for good luck
    Rocket Chicken: As an underhanded speed enhancement tactic.
  30. HBKDemo

    HBKDemo Guest

    "Sea Wolf" Mackinley
    Captain Hecklebury Smotts
    Baron Revilgaz
    Dizzy One-Eye
  31. Tuon

    Tuon Guest

    "Sea Wolf" Mackinley
    Captain Smotts
    Auctioneer O'Reely
    "Shaky" Phillipe
  32. Evli

    Evli Guest

    1. Auctioneer O'Reely
    2. "Sea Wolf" Mackinley
    3. Captain Smotts
    4. Engineer Trainer
  33. Fojos

    Fojos Guest

    1: Narkk.
    2: Zarena Cromwind.
    3: Landro Longshot.
    4: Captain Hecklebury Smotts.

    2 goblins 2 humans. :p
  34. Ghormrand

    Ghormrand Guest

    "Sea Wolf" Mackinley
    Captain Smotts
    Dizzy One-Eye
    Captain Hecklebury Smotts
  35. projames

    projames Guest

    ERrrr, i would choose:-
    1. The booty bay flightmaster because he looks the part in his slick aerodynamic suit.
    2. That robot that you turn your special fish into for twink rewards because he can use his strong robo-arms to push the sled off at the start for a big speed boost.
    3. One of the booty bay bruisers so that he can sabotage the other conestant's sled for an unfair advantage.
    4. The inkeeper so that when this truely awesome team wins, he can supply free drinks all round.
  36. Kamahri

    Kamahri Guest

    Dizzy One-Eye
    "Pretty" Boy Duncan
    Hemet Nesingwary Jr.
    Baron Revilgaz
  37. Morxxeal

    Morxxeal Guest

    -Baron Revilgaz
    -"Sea Wolf" MacKinley
    -Engineer Trainer
    -Landro Longshot
  38. Kemani

    Kemani Guest

    1. Captain Hecklebury Smotts.
    2. Baron Revilgaz.
    3. Auctioneer O'Reely.
    4. Mok'rash (the sea giant - to boost the speed in the start by pushing).
  39. Rutix

    Rutix Guest

    engineer trainer
    "Sea Wolf" MacKinley
    Dizzy One-Eye
  40. Landro Longshot
    Zandalarian Emissary
    Oglethorpe Ognoticus
  41. Maghica

    Maghica Guest

    Gluggle--->I am Murloc, I am King of the seas
    "PrettyBoy" Duncan-->gonna need him for the PR pics
    Far Seer Mok'thardin-->he'll be like a mini-map
    Captain Krick Wrenchnozzle--> to lead them onto paths unknown
  42. Thrann

    Thrann Guest

    "Sea-Wolf" MacKinley
    Dizzy One-Eye
    Captain Hecklebury Smotts

    The bobsled team will be unstoppable. :p
  43. celer

    celer Guest

    Fleet Master Seahorn for the kickstart only a tauren can give (plus added weight for faster decent)
    Brikk Keencraft: need someone to maintain the sled, who better as the blacksmith
    "Sea Wolf" MacKinley cause he's got the gold
    Fin Fizracket: cause his name sounds fast
  44. markroberts

    markroberts Guest

    Gringer, scooty, Krazek and Kebok.

    Very light crew :lick: so should be fast and Scooty's engineering skills will give them an advantage.
  45. ELdemonio

    ELdemonio Guest

    "Sea-Wolf" Mackinley
    Booty Bay Bruiser
    Booty Bay Bruiser
    Booty Bay Bruiser
  46. Lasthope11

    Lasthope11 Guest

    . Captain Heckleberry Smotts
    . Engineer Trainer
    . Zandalarian Emissary
    . Viznik Goldgrubber
  47. Miha

    Miha Guest

    Captain Keelhaul
    Gnaz Blunderflame
    "Sea Wolf" MacKinley
    Dizzy One-Eye
  48. lolshiv

    lolshiv Guest

    I would take a team of gnomes, so we can go fast and stylish
  49. myriadkek

    myriadkek Guest

    2.Auctioneer O'reely
    3.Crazk Sparks
    4.Ian Strom
  50. allyslayers

    allyslayers Guest

    1. Ziggel sparks (he will have the fireworks that we will need to win)

    2. Narkk ( he will have pirate supplies)

    3. Chief engineer ( he will build the perfect bobsled)

    4. Dizzy One-Eye ( he strong so he will give us a boost)

    this is my winning bobsled team:danceb:
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