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WWI Official Contest: Day Six

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Eldorian, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    2 More to go!

    We're nearing the end, only a few more to go!

    To enter for today (Tuesday August 12, 2008) - you simply have to put in a reply to this thread to have your name put in the hat.

    20 lucky winners will receive one of the WWI cards that were given in the goody bags in Paris. The codes on the card will give you an exclusive in game Tyrael the Archangel pet and the 2nd key is a beta code to get in the WotLK beta (at some point - can't guarantee immediate access).

    Next Friday (the 15th) we'll have a drawing. Each day we'll have a new thread for you to post in and answer and each day will be a new entry (for a total of 7 possible entries).

    Note: Stratics staff members aren't eligible to win but are welcome to respond to the questions and participate in the thread.

    Today's Topic:

    The Azeroth Olympics are about ready to start and the tickets are about ready to be available! You approach the nearest goblin to purchase said tickets and instead he hands you a small stuffed FAIL Murloc instead and said there's a problem with the system and to try later.

    Do you wait around to purchase the tickets later or try to find another method of getting to the anticipated event? If the latter, what do you plan on doing to get in?
  2. shadowfury

    shadowfury Guest

    I would wait around and try later
  3. Thisel

    Thisel Guest

    Well, since the Olympics are a big thing I would go onto my rogue and stealth in and hope I am not caught. If I cannot stealth in I will pick pocket the tickets off him. And if that doesn't work well I will kick the dude that asks me for my ticket in the knee and then run in.

    EDIT: Ahh shadowfury you got the first post before me I will get that spot tomorrow!
  4. Quetzal

    Quetzal Guest

    I'd bribe the Infinite Dragonflight with unfinished-plot-flavored candies to attack the Azeroth Olympics, then trek over to the Caverns of Time and act surprised when there's a new passageway open and the Bronze Dragonflight is calling for adventurers to help. Putting on my best selfless self-sacrifice face, I'd stoically volunteer my services and walk through the swirly purple portal into the future, where the event is already taking place.

    Not only do I not have to buy tickets, but there's probably a gold reward to be had in there somewhere!
  5. Isaul

    Isaul Guest

    Pretend to be a competitor and act like I belong there.

    Failing that, mind control.
  6. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    Tomorrow I am totally going to update at a random time just to throw you all off, mwahahahahaha! :danceb:

    (ok, probably not)
  7. Asterion

    Asterion Guest

    I'm a priest so id Mind Control any goblins in my way and send them for a run so by the time they got back their post im already inside =D
  8. BloodySiN

    BloodySiN Guest

    Using my epic engineering skills, I will ride my rocket skyhigh and dropdown inside the stadium stealth to the epic box seats and enjoy the games.

    Ahhh the joys of rogue engineering. Alternatively I can sap the guards, blind the ushers and sprint my way through inside.
  9. iw00bruiser

    iw00bruiser Guest

    Wait around.
  10. Kinjiro

    Kinjiro Guest

    I would hijack a zepplin and crash it right into the middle of the stadium making a grand and slightly illegal entrance.
  11. faervian

    faervian Guest

    I do what I usually do in WoW. I look for a climbable place in the surrounding terrain to get inside. If it's not middle of a mountain like place, I can summon my mount, pass the guards with full speed and resurrect inside:)
  12. Eonblade

    Eonblade Guest

    I would have to say that I would AOE fear the goblins and make a mad dash for the entrance!
  13. Shiftey

    Shiftey Guest

    Lol.....i would wait 'til later and spam F5 so i can win and get as many tickets as i can......or i would make some new friends that has an extra one or buy it from a guildie....or if all else fails go in your bed and cry yourself to sleep
  14. Scotholemu

    Scotholemu Guest

    I would just wall jump my way in.
  15. kewlkiller

    kewlkiller Guest

    i would just get on a pally and bubble run to the olympics
  16. aeonfux

    aeonfux Guest

    heres hopeing big money no whamy:bowdown:
  17. teezlol

    teezlol Guest

    Mind control a nearby gnome rogue, pickpocket the tickets with him, then melt his face later when he least suspects it. Sounds like a viable plan.

    Alternatively, use a Gnomish Poultryizer on the goblin clerk and help myself to some tickets. Finally, rocket boots away from the goblin "authorities" which are sure to come after me as soon as they notice the theft.
  18. joz123

    joz123 Guest

    I would sap the goblin, take his tickets then sell them to dumb gnomes for massive profit and sneak in.
  19. Vesi

    Vesi Guest

    I'm a rogue, I'd sap whoever and stealth on in :p
  20. sethamun

    sethamun Guest

    I'd try to get in from the sky with my netherdrake :)
  21. Cais

    Cais Guest

    Find a laundry cart and hide inside. Hey, it always works in the movies!
  22. Ssonic19

    Ssonic19 Guest

    Good lord, you people are insane.

    Anyway, can the guards see through invisibility?
  23. Swang

    Swang Guest

    I'd have to tunnel down from a building next door not to be noticed.. Break into the vault, replace the stuffed FAIL murloc with the REAL murloc that spits tickets, steal the jewels, and some cash. Sneak back out, seal the tunnel and make it look like it never happened and sell the tickets the REAL murloc spits to people with FAIL murlocs..
  24. Hilux

    Hilux Guest

    Easy. Throw on some Rocket Boots and the X-52 Rocket Helmet and fly in during the opening fireworks. Although, I can only hope that they actually use real fireworks and don't just have a gnome make a masterful piece of CGI.
  25. Eh, on any character you can just strip and make a mad dash in... After you die just run back and continue said procedure until you get in. Who knows, you might draw attention to yourself in the meantime for being unclothed. You may even become a sort of sideshow entertainment for the Olympics.
  26. Zawk

    Zawk Guest

    As a hunter, I would find another means of getting in to the stadium. Probably by using the hunter spell - Eagle Eye and watch the games right where the action is held!
  27. Rockafizz

    Rockafizz Guest

    Take the goblin to GS inn on Blackwater raiders server...its practically a strip club...im sure that would change the goblins mind. if not id just use brute force.
  28. Defeat

    Defeat Guest

    Would probably use a mix of my engineering stuff to get past, try stealth past with cloaking device or use my rocket boots + parachute cloak to fly in :D
  29. Bobity66

    Bobity66 Guest

    Being a warrior i would just kill him and loot the tickets off of his mangled body or just fear all the gards and run in.
  30. Im a hunter, so id use eyes of the beast and make my pet run in to distract all of them. Then id sneak in, find a seat and shadowmeld. Actually, i think id just wait around, because shadowmeld would run out if i had to get up for some reason.
  31. Kazuko

    Kazuko Guest

    I would go roll a gnome and then provoke a tauren to punt me over the wall inside.
  32. Vampyl

    Vampyl Guest

    as a lock i would chain fear the guy until he gave me the tickets
  33. Zaiten

    Zaiten Guest

    I would just /who and then spam every warlock inside the arena for a summon. Lol.
  34. Stetzer

    Stetzer Guest

    I would hire Suarfang to cleave a hole in the side of the arena for me.
  35. I'd probably just chill out and wait. Kick it with my guildies.
  36. evilfox

    evilfox Guest

    Considering the epic fail that was Blizzcon ticket purchases, better find the next nearest goblin to beat up and steal some tickets.

    Or do it the Blizzard way and chain sap, permanently disabling anyone from getting tickets meaning a free in! Oh wait, that happened didn't it? -_-
  37. Kassic

    Kassic Guest

    As a warrior, I would totally just MS Kill that goblin and take the tickets he was hording. Oh, and a stuffed FAIL Murloc would be awesome, Id kill the goblin for another one of those too.
  38. Evli

    Evli Guest

    It's simple, kill the goblin. I would let my pet do the dirty work, then loot the tickets off him and hide the body.
  39. Jerevinan

    Jerevinan Guest

    Blind the goblin, Stealth, Sap, Pick Pocket, Profits ^_______^ Gtfo my ticket mr. goblin!
  40. Xarris08

    Xarris08 Guest

    Like said before. I'd probably go in with my Rogue, and sneak in. Or find the nearest high mountain, and rocket boot my way in!
  41. Happu

    Happu Guest

    Well, at first i would wait around but if nothing would happend and the olympics were about to start, i'd blink my way in.

    If that fails i always have my precious roflcopter to use:lick:
  42. Rikrik

    Rikrik Guest

    I'd just wait around so wouldn't get kicked out because of not having a ticket ^^
  43. electricify

    electricify Guest

    I'd wait around to keep my spot in the queue!
  44. markroberts

    markroberts Guest

    I would slap the said vendor with my wad of notes, tell him in no uncertain terms where to put that stuffed murloc and probably come back later looking very sheepish :loser:
  45. VividAriah

    VividAriah Guest

    Fight my way in.
  46. Strokarn

    Strokarn Guest

    I'd seduce him, convincing him it's in his best interest to give me a ticket. After I get my ticket I would switch to my travelform and get as far away from that goblin as possible.
  47. cardinall

    cardinall Guest

    As a warlock, I would leave Lynwen, my succubus, to hold my spot in line, and work on the ticket broker a little (seduce, lash of pain, whatever it takes). Meanwhile, I would go to the Olympics, and scout out the security with my eye of Kilrogg. If I can find a way to sneak in, great, if not, by the time I get back to the goblin, he should be happy to sell me a ticket.
  48. myriadkek

    myriadkek Guest

    I would pay the guards to let me in regardless. Or just break in with bubble!
  49. eisnerguy1

    eisnerguy1 Guest

    I'd either find another way to get in or just chill & wait & see what happens
  50. kuraimisa

    kuraimisa Guest

    I would try to find another way in. I would bribe the goblins with dark iron ale and go in when they are asleep.
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