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WWI Official Contest: Day Two

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Eldorian, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    To enter for today (Saturday August 9, 2008) - you simply have to put in a reply to this thread to have your name put in the hat.

    20 lucky winners will receive one of the WWI cards that were given in the goody bags in Paris. The codes on the card will give you an exclusive in game Tyrael the Archangel pet and the 2nd key is a beta code to get in the WotLK beta (at some point - can't guarantee immediate access).

    Next Friday (the 15th) we'll have a drawing. Each day we'll have a new thread for you to post in and answer and each day will be a new entry (for a total of 7 possible entries).

    Note: Stratics staff members aren't eligible to win but are welcome to respond to the questions and participate in the thread.

    Today's Topic:

    If Azeroth were to hold an Olympic event, what city or area would you choose to be the first to hold the event and why?
  2. Ssonic19

    Ssonic19 Guest

    The Shimmering Flats have lots of empty space that could be used to build the necessary arenas and buildings and stuff. I always liked that area.
  3. faervian

    faervian Guest

    Tanaris. Neutrality, vast space and a great beach for some events. Only bad thing about tanaris is the slight insect problem to the west.
  4. Tarielen

    Tarielen Guest

    Ironforge obviously, they already have a circular track set up for all those races =P plus the high dive into the lava would be awesome.
  5. Majron

    Majron Guest

    I'd have to say the arena in Stranglethorn Valley by Booty bay. Big enough to set up various events and plenty of seating!
  6. Chozei

    Chozei Guest

    Feralas, there's just about everything, tracks, a giant arena, lots of water.
  7. Asciana

    Asciana Guest

    I'd say Desolace. With Olympics usually being so bright and colorful, it only seems right to make Desolace a bit more cheery looking :D
  8. Swang

    Swang Guest

    I like the idea of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj as the location, little to no mob interference and lots of space with podiums and such for the dry events. For water events I say either the coast of the Hinterlands or the southern coast of Azshara.

    Also, since most events now-a-days seem to try and include lower level characters, maybe a teleportation system in the major cities to move people there easily without issues. However, if there is a level limit it's still a good idea for the teleportation since it's a little out of reach of normal traffic.

    I picked contested areas because of neutrality and I wouldn't want to see little low levels getting killed in their own zones on PvP servers.
  9. Burnhamalive

    Burnhamalive Guest

    Silithus- it could use the boost in tourism.
  10. shadowfury

    shadowfury Guest

    I think the best place would be the Nagrand arena. My reason being is that its near the big city of Shattrah, relatively close to some protection if the ogres attack.The arena is big too and to me, it fits perfectly for a Gladiator event if there was to be one. A great way to get fans all excited and ready to cheer on the competitors. Also it wouldnt interfere with wild life if thats something the people of azeroth would care about.
  11. Defeat

    Defeat Guest

    STV, because you could have a race from nessings camp to Booty bay, no one would ever make it wihout being ganked.. also lots of water for swimming comps.
  12. Orisai

    Orisai Guest

    A good place for aquatic disciplines would be Stormwind and Elwynn Forest:

    - Its new Harbor makes the perfect place for Rowing and Sailing.
    - The river that divides the original Elwyinn Forest between the actual and Duskwood for Canoeing and Kayaking.
    - And the falls and rapids above the Human starting area for Slalom kayaking.
  13. At the bottom of any water feature woud be suitable because the opening ceremony at Bejing took my breath away too! Quite simply awesome.
  14. Fojos

    Fojos Guest

    Like someone else said, Feralas.

    Not only because of the reasons he posted, but because I just love how the place looks (yes, shame on me :p).
  15. Kamahri

    Kamahri Guest

    I'd say Stranglethorn, there is an Arena, a lot of lakes and a long way from north to south for running
  16. Dolbane

    Dolbane Guest

    Stormwind of course because its big place and it looks awesome and it would be Cool to keep olympics at there because everyone can come to there even low lvl guys and new guys.
  17. oreobaby

    oreobaby Guest

    If Blizzard held an Olympic event, I think it would be in Stranglethorn Vale at Booty Bay. The zone has lots of space, accessible to lowbies, the place is largely known, by the coast for the swimming events and is home to the goblins which are probably the ones that are gonna host the event.
  18. Dolbane

    Dolbane Guest

    Or Shattarath city would be awesome its quite cool place and it would be nice to keep olympics at there or maybe in big citys like stormwind and like big citys but i still think some neutral town like shattharath would be best because horde can come there too like alliance also so i say shattharath city is best
  19. Orgatyrant

    Orgatyrant Guest

    I would say Darnassus and Teldrassil. Teldrassil itself will be good for the running and athletic events. Down at Rut'theran is brilliant for Ocean events, and then there are the Night Elf druids who would be able to Abolish Poison to prevent drug cheats!
  20. fleurisagod

    fleurisagod Guest

    Shattrath City- It is neutral and large. Not to mention a historically know for being a safe haven.
  21. Laredolare

    Laredolare Guest

    Noes! Olympics should be in Dun'Morogh! Becouse there is huge city and good racing tracks at up of the mountain. And low lvl ppl could come there too becouse its easier to come in own home land than The Horde's starting areas.
    And the gnomes! Ppl must see gnomes they are most strange creature's in world.
  22. Strokarn

    Strokarn Guest

    Tanararis and Gadgetzan

    It's neutral so access for everyone, a nice cage for bloody fist fights and vast areas for various exhausting events. I guess any aquatic activities is out of the question though (except for the small swimming pool inside Zul Farak but I heard it's unsanitary).
  23. Evli

    Evli Guest

    It has some frozen lakes, and nice hills for skiing.
  24. Happu

    Happu Guest

    For neutrual Olympics, Shattrath City would be best.

    Alliance only olympics would be best to be held in Teldrassil since it is prehaps most safe place in all of Azheroth

    Horde only olympics should be held either in Orgrimmar, for it has all that is needed for olympics (even an arena where to battle !), or Thunder Bluff.
    Thunder Bluff is quite large arena but unfortunately it has barely any water there, just small lake ( or pond.. ).
  25. ELdemonio

    ELdemonio Guest

    I would chose Silvermoon City because it has wide paths and it has nice sidewalks for people to cheer while Olympic players are passing and in front of them all an Olympic runner who will start the Olympic games in WoW. So the game may begin, and fights to see which side is stronger.
  26. Kualus

    Kualus Guest

    Moonglade, it needs some more loving :D. Also, a big lake, lots of space to run, no Hostile NPCs (if I recall correctly) and it would be great for fireworks shows and such :D
  27. Phinor

    Phinor Guest

    I prefer winter olympics so I'd have to go with Dun Morogh. Might not be that friendly for the horde but hey, it's the olympics so surely we can bury our hatchets for few days? Let the dwarves organize the olympics - they will surely end up messing most of the stuff and it ends up being just a huge beer fest.
  28. Vesi

    Vesi Guest

    Ogrimmar arena! Nicely built arena that never gets any use.
  29. kmalfaisal

    kmalfaisal Guest

    I would say shattrah, because its neutral and there wont be any ganking, and it sort of looks like a stadium :p
  30. Nyaz

    Nyaz Guest

    People, people! It has to be in Orgrimmar, with the big arena and all. I mean, what other city could possibly survive all the trolls getting hammered and smashing the whole place?

    Of course, if they arranged it at a remote place, such as the Flats or Tanaris (or the arena at STV...), there wouldn't be a whole lot of things to smash.

    Then again, if it was arranged in STV, maybe the pirates could be an issue. Wouldn't want cranky blood elves that whined because someone stole their jewelry in the dark of the night, now would we?
  31. Morxxeal

    Morxxeal Guest

    I'd say Orgrimmar because there are an arena, a lot of people and a river next to the city. Perfect for an Olympic Event.
  32. celer

    celer Guest

    i'd have to say nagrand being an ideal area for the olympic games. It has everything one desires. It has grassy flats for running and cycling. It has mountains for biking climbing etc. It has an arena for them fight sport and wrestling matches.

    It has a water with beach for water sports (might need to drive out some of the elementals first, but with a 100 npc task force, this shouldn't be a problem.

    We can even turn halaa in a neutral zone for the duration of the games. What more can one want ;)
  33. Thorinkiller

    Thorinkiller Guest

    Q: If Azeroth were to hold an Olympic event, what city or area would you choose to be the first to hold the event and why?

    I would choose Shadow Moon Valley since its so evil and spooky :p
  34. Tovenares

    Tovenares Guest

    I would love moonglade too.. its pretty its neutral.. well to tauren en night elves... it looks elvish.. i like the elves very much
  35. Starla_Rae

    Starla_Rae Guest

    I also would have to say Moonglade would be one of the most suitable places to start. Stranglethorn Vale would be my second choice for locations.
  36. Jokes

    Jokes Guest

    My pick would be Ratchet. Neutral territory easily accessible from any continent by ship. Plenty of water for water sports, hills and mountains and even wide open plains, all nearby. Not the prettiest of areas, but very versatile in landscape, and as mentioned, neutral to most :) Also it is not too long a run from a portal to Theramore.


    Another note... since the Olympics is for EVERYONE, why would be bother mentioning places in the Outlands that lower levels cannot get to? Just my 2 cents.
  37. Aspava

    Aspava Guest

    I would choose Silvermoon since it is rich city:)
  38. projames

    projames Guest

    I'd vouch for an on-going gumball rally kind of style, starting in elwyn forest with a sprint to the deeprun tramp, Weightlifting and rat rounding up at the tram stopping points, A mount race to the entrance of ironforge, then a skii-ing event down the side of the mountain leading to kharanos. The winner could then be pronounced at kharanos with an award ceremony, and lots of dwarven beverages.
  39. Yuk70

    Yuk70 Guest

    I would also have to say Stormwind, Because you could have a great ceremony there. I hope I win :danceb:
  40. meros

    meros Guest


    Considering that they Olympics are a tie when countries at least TRY to put aside some of their differences for the duration, I'd have to say that for the first Azeroth Olympics, the best place would be Hyjal: The site of the first battle where the Horde and the Alliance put their differences aside to fight something bigger than either of them.
  41. Yilumi

    Yilumi Guest

    The Barrens! There's already all the drama there. ;) There's a couple pools for swimming and lots of open area for running events.
  42. aliens

    aliens Guest

    High above in Teldrassil. Vast area with lots of event possibilites, and a city close by that can hold the ceremonies :D
  43. Ivelbull

    Ivelbull Guest

    I'd nominate Westfall, because there is a lot of room there and it's close to Stormwind where you could hold ceremonies.
  44. lorecow

    lorecow Guest

    I'd have to go with Eversong Woods. It's a rather pleasent place, if you ignore all the undead. Silvermoon is pretty close by too.
  45. Voi

    Voi Guest

    I'd go with northern Durotar. It's close to Orgrimmar with the arenas for sports such as boxing and there are open plains for running and sea for swimming/sailing etc. The contest should also be hosted in a city, which would be Orgrimmar (the orcs host it)!
  46. Rutix

    Rutix Guest

    I would go with Feralas our server already arranged a server wide event there and its a nice place to do :).
  47. Tuon

    Tuon Guest

    I would like to put in a good word for winterspring as a host for the winter olympics, alot of great mountains for ski/snowboard competitions and aa big frozen lake for hockey.
  48. Hilux

    Hilux Guest

    Winterspring is a nice, neutral place, and because of the hot springs, you can hold both the winter and summer olympics all at once! Getting tourists in to the area can be a bit of a pain, but you can see the event better on TV anyway.
  49. montata

    montata Guest

    What about Hyjal... a nice big tree to put the public high up... and lots of space.
    Regarding winter olympics, we'll need to wait for northrend to be an open country ;D
  50. silentjay

    silentjay Guest

    i would say slivermoon city because of it beautiful landscape... well the good half of slivermoon :p
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