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Xfer mailbox

Discussion in 'Ask The Devs' started by Lucky Luke, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Guardian's Of Valor

    May 2, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Some friends and me were discussing how awesome the shard shields are and how exclusive its functionality is to a specific number of people. By all means, their 14y old status has definitely earned them this nice feature but we would love the idea of all players having access to this functionality, at least to a slight degree.

    Therefore, we had the following item in mind, that could be added ingame as a veteran reward, event item, quest, gift, ... possibilities are endless.

    A container where you can place items in and xfer (mail) them over to another shard.
    Most important characteristiques:
    • Maximum 25 items
    • Limited to one usage per account per month.
    • It will restrict you to 25 items per month per account, even if you have 10 of these containers!!! You must choose wisely where you wish to xfer items to.
    Possible additional features:
    • Chargeable. Must be charged with some item. This item could be obtained via a quest perhaps and could serve to invigorate certain "unloved" areas of UO (some skill that isnt used much or ...). Feel free to share your ideas.
      • Maybe the value of a charge should net to a couple of millions worth or act as another goldsink for UO (e.g. quest that requires a partial gold fee). Or maybe you would need to provide both the charges and pay UO a gold fee to use the box e.g. 1-2 million transferring cost.
      • Maybe this could act as another way to put gold into the cities treasuries.
    • Maybe you need 2 containers before you can use this. One on the sending shard and one on the receiving shard.


    • 25 items once a month makes the idea plausible to be accepted by everyone. It's a reasonable number.
    • Share one of the greatest ingame functionalities to a larger playerbase, but restricting it so the veterans still feel like they have been rewarded for their anciennity.
    • This would mainly help regular players to transfer over some armor or jewel pieces, a nice decorative item they have been looking for, ...
    • It would help out people living on low populated shards.
    • Promotes having multiple accounts (more funds for UO)
    • ... feel free to add your thoughts
    Why not?

    • 14y+ old players have paid their subscription for at least 14 years and that's not something to sneeze at.
    • ... feel free to add your thoughts

    This idea has been tossed around for several months within our guild and friends. Everyone thus far seemed to approve of the idea. It has some great potential to improve player's gameplay, close the gap between shards somewhat, act as a goldsink, ...