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Y wing help

Discussion in 'SWG General Discussion' started by rush2547, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. rush2547

    rush2547 Guest

    I just got the certification to become a y wing pilot and am curious as to how to obtain a y wing. Im sick of my z95 and would like an upgrade. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. ADulo

    ADulo Guest

    You will need to buy a deed/chasis blueprints from a Shipwright. To find their vendors, access a bazaar and then select "Vendor Locations". Then you will have to select either "Planet" or "Entire Galaxy" search, which is on the left side of the bazaar screen. Then, make sure you click on "All" under the items tab, then enter the text "Y-wing" in proper spot and hit enter. You should then get a few if not tons of choices of Y-wings, pick the location you prefer and select "Create Waypoint"...just make sure you select the right Y-wing, there is also a Y-wing Longprobe and I don't remember which one you get license for first, just make sure...

    Sorry that was so wordy :p feel free to ask for any clarification...and if you are on Starsider, feel free to look up my shipwright.
  3. rush2547

    rush2547 Guest

    Thanks alot for your help