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  1. Gracie Nito

    Gracie Nito Guest

    Today I recieved an email from EA inviting me to take a survery regarding a recent issue that I submitted through their online tech support services.

    I'm happy to report that not only did I include my own experiences with their stupid system but my answers to the survey were influenced by all you beautiful people here that have shared your experiences with me!

    If you requested assistance for help through EAs online customer service make sure to watch your email for a survey. You can't imagine how good it feels to click that little button that says "strongly disagree".
  2. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Guest

    I recieved one of them!

    In additional comments I left them a nice little message :p
  3. boggslane

    boggslane Guest

    Me too! I left them a fine little steaming heap!
  4. Dali Dalinza

    Dali Dalinza Guest

    I received one the other day, but I admit I did not answer it yet. If I do take the time to answer, I want my answers to be useful. At the present, I am not clear minded enough to provide feedback that doesn't include the instructions on where they can insert my survey. :p

    Of course, one does wonder how much attention is paid to feedback. This is the same company that claims to have knowledge that their The Sims customer base does not enjoy playing online/together. rolleyes:
  5. Mavric

    Mavric Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Yepper EA sent me one too; sounds like we answered the questions about the same way, lots and lots of "strongly disagree".
    :beer::shots::lol: (I miss [pint] so much:()

  6. SimTripps

    SimTripps Guest

    Hmmm... Interesting that they're sending people a survey now... I wonder what EA is up to? The whole purpose of a survey is to collect user opinions and views - normally done when a company is in need of, or planning on major, changes or restructuring, and uses the survey results as a guide for catering to popular opinion in the hopes of an improved business strategy... rolleyes:
  7. EA will never change. As long as people are silly enough to throw $70 at them for another recycled 'crap in a box' sports game, they need not be concerned as to what their customers really want.

    They don't like people like us, who actually care, just people that spend the money and play something for a few weeks before getting bored.
  8. Will Wrong

    Will Wrong Guest

    lol crap in the box. But it's authentic crap from the EA restroom, formerly the property of certain members of the Dev team after they went out for tequilla 'n' burritos to celebrate that they don't gotta deal with the tSO community anymore. :shots: So with a certificate of authenticity to prove it's from the Dev team, fer sure folks here can fight over it gimmie gimmie gimmie kiss kiss kiss :wall: