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Ye Sosarian Poste October 10th 2006

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by callum_fitzhugh, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. callum_fitzhugh

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 19, 2006
    Likes Received:
    News from Yew

    The Doubles Tournament held in Yew was won by Captain Bladius Dart, and D'Gar Guard Gotrek. Second place were two strangers called Bill and Bull - though they were found to be using strangely crafted weapons. Once they were taken from them and replaced with ordinary ones, they lost quite quickly. Paladin Pierre from Trinsic did really well, teamed up with a Marksman from the Militia. Had all sorts of people there. Even elves! And some horrid magic users! They were lucky not to be burnt at the stake.

    -comment- News from Yew about rumours of an increase in Orcish activity have been strenuously denied by the citizenry of Yew in recent developments. The smell of roasting flesh has been drifting across the highways from the Orc fort – lets hope it isn’t of the human variety.

    Vesper Viewpoint

    A couple of weeks ago, Vesper agreed a cease-fire with the Loyalists until peace talks had been settled. The terms of peace were simply that Vesper wouldn't take force against the Loyalists, and the Loyalists will leave Vesper alone and stay out of it (pretty reasonable) then two days later, Vesper attacked the Loyalists in Cove, in a battle that had nothing to do with them. And again recently they took to attacking the loyalists in Minoc - showing how unreasonable Vesper are.

    So peace talks are well and truly off.

    -comment- has Twothumb and his strange wife really fallen under the spell of the so-called Hedge Witch of Vesper? Or is the greedy grasping dictator just after more gold mines and more peasants to subjugate?

    BlackRock News and Explorer’s Corner

    Some Scholars of the Duchy of Trinsic have been investigating the links between the Falling Stars, the Rifts and the associated BlackRock. They sought out Lady Cherry of the ShadowCourt and her husband Decardo Imier to aid in their adventure and quest for knowledge.

    Recent rumours connecting the Void Shadow, Saktoth’s Dark Arts and the recent Blackrock rain have yet to be established as fact. I have noticed on my travels that many have been off into the wilds of Tokuno seeking the remains of the washed up treasures. Rumour has it that small fragments of Blackrock can be found over there.

    Let us hope that none are planning on using the Blackrock for their nefarious arts.

    Trinsic Loses a Chancellor

    So whilst a few have been delving into the matter of the Rifts, it seems the Duke of Trinsic’s party have been off on some adventures of their own the folk are saying its something to do with one of their Chancellors. All this reporter knows is some came back a bit burned.

    Brigands on the Increase – Jhelom a Ghost Town – is there a connection?

    It seems that the recently busy Jhelom town has lost many of its fine guardsmen and women and that even the street gangs of that happy place have deserted its shores. Meanwhile rumour has it that old Hammerhead himself – Henry Winter – has been seen lurking and looks like his old band of less-than-merry men are on the prowl. Is there any connection between the return of Henry Winter and the disappearance of Karl Altdorf? Maybe Henry has him kidnapped somewhere and is awaiting payment…

    More Brigand News

    The Might Raul – once the scourge of the highways – has been mentioned amongst the criminal classes of Trinsic and Vesper as “moving back” into his normal routine of mugging, larceny and intimidation. Well maybe someone can hire him to give Henry Winter a good beating.

    New Paws

    Some comings and goings in the area of New Paws would suggest the rise and rise of this small but exclusive community. Rumours of large gold and diamond mines in the area are also denied by local residents.

    Trinsic Rose

    Commander Cal Soulshadow and “consort” Kai were seen together in the Trinsic Rose last night – ballsy Cal and man mountain Kai were spotted with Callum Fitzhugh discussing erotic books. It seems Kai sees a bowl of water as the best thing to make his loins move. [Whatever turns you on I suppose] Cal seems to be recovering well from another wound – her body must look like a patchwork quilt under her sexy armour. Kai meanwhile seems like a blank canvas – or at least seems like a blank to this author.

    Callum was there investigating the “sleeping” Lady VanQa and came up with a few ideas and notions and offered his aid. More news on Sleeping Beauty VanQa as it arrives from Eska Eledie!

    Muldran Skully and Alynora – new love item?

    Has green-haired bachelor Muldran finally fallen in love? Winsome Alynora would make a fine catch for the hapless wizard of Rhovanion but Muldran, all fingers and thumbs at the best of times, would he know where to put himself in sultry temptress Alynora’s arms?


    Sahgorim meet me at eight of the clock tonight Barrier Island Bridge come alone and unarmed. Lalumc.