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Ye Sosarian Poste [Sept 11th 2006] Found on an Old Computer

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by callum_fitzhugh, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. callum_fitzhugh

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 19, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Frontline Report
    The latest battle for Minoc ended in a seeming stalemate, with losses mounting on both sides. Your darling reporter witnessed several clashes. and spoke to those who were injured, and those who were healing.

    At the healing camp, Tabbitha of the Knights Hospitaller stated that there had been less casualities on both sides this week, and thanked the Duchy for sending healers to assist during the difficult periods.

    Your caring reporter spoke to two loyalist soldiers, Karl and Reed. Both had been injured in the battles, and cursed the Rebels only asset - their numbers. Reed seemed unhappy with the support the crown was sending, and felt that the King's Commander could do more for them, by sending more troops against the Rebels.

    From there, your intrepid reporter travelled to Yew, and spoke to several of the people there. A Captain Blad Dart remarked on the refugee crisis; so far over seven hundred people had sought shelter in Yew - and he asked the question that if the Rebels are claiming that the Minocians are crying out for help to liberate the town... why are all the refugees heading to Yew instead of Vesper?

    The Captian also criticised the assistance - or lack of it - from Trinsic, citing several examples of wounded soldiers suffering from infections after being treated by supposedly neutral healers. He also called for Trinsic to take a stand as Loyalists, and stop sitting on the fence. He lamented that the 'Supposed loyalists aided the enemies of the crown', and pointed out that should Trinsic be the next target for the Vesperian aggression that they would enjoy the same level of support that Yew felt they had received.

    This is Lola Rennt, from the frontline...

    Jern Fretting has sent his wife and two children to a secret hideout as a result of the anonymous threat left outside his house some days ago, as reported in the 5th September edition of Ye Morning Poste.

    The best kept secret of the year must go to Agnes Fretting who had several weeks ago left a letter for the Borough of Yew Franklin, Chaismene Volte, in which she tendered her resignation from her post as Librarian to the Borough of Yew, effective from the end of this year. It is understood she was dissatisfied with the division of responsibilities over the investigations surrounding the Castle ghost that came to a head with the way the Lady Tabbitha went over her head to the Franklin. Agnes and Chaismene have since met and resolved their differences. Agnes Fretting has withdrawn her resignation and will be resuming her responsibilities with a second visit to Naoloth Library, long planned and at last to be taken up.

    Smaed Fretting, scout of Silverleaf, has returned from a long and exhaustively detailed scouting expedition to the northern island of Malas, where he is reported to have uncovered some interesting facts, that he is being very cagey about.

    Since Smaed's return to Silverleaf from Malas he has been seen together with Silverleaf's detective, Aelwynn Oaktree, measuring plots of vacant land around the village. It seems that his cousin Jern may be considering moving there, but in view of Jern's great affection for VanQa and his concern to be close to give assistance in her time of crisis with the drow Iglata, we doubt the veracity of any rumour about a move to the far north. Moll Sinders is also known to be unhappy about moving so far from her mother. Time will tell.

    Dear Morning Poste,

    Normally I laugh about anything that your writers write about me and toss the paper in the trash barrel or maybe even use it to add some fire in my oven, but since i'm currently under protection and staying in a place where i have little else to do i thought to write you an explanation.

    When your writer saw me and Pierre, he or she saw only part of what was going on. Mylord Pierre was sad and I was merely trying to comfort him. Do you humans never hug a friend when he is feeling blue?

    And yes, i have been spending many nights at the Command of the Royal Marskmen, but since i am being stalked by a drow whom's sole purpose is to end my life i do not believe it is improper to seek a place where i can rest in relative safety.

    Yet if it is improper to hug a friend and to stay with capable people that may be able to prevent my death, do write to me what i should be doing instead.

    Yours truly,

    VanQa Hueninn

    Dear VanQa - the Hooded Claw will protect you - the price might be high but then again you get what you pay for.

    Dear Miss Rent

    I felt compelled to inform you of the going-ons in Yew only moments after you left. I'm sure, being the able reporter that you are, you would have noticed the man who ran screaming into the keep as you departed, though I was slightly shocked that you walked past and out of the keep, so thought I'd send word of what had happened.

    The gentleman, a retired Militia soldier; Rory, was up at the Mill in Yew fetching some bread with his daughter Paula when he was approached by three Covians. Upon his refusal to return to Cove with them and help aid the rebellion they took his daughter and left him with the message ''Let this be a warning to yer mate, if we order something we want it done. If we can't 'ave you we'll take 'er and raise 'er against the King!".

    We scouted through Yew in hope to find her, but were unsuccessful. We are currently in the process of trying to track down her location and are scouting other leading places for clues.

    If you happened upon any information or saw a group of Covians leaving Yew, or more importantly a small child with brown hair, aged about nine years please get in contact, her father is extremely worried for her safety.

    I can only hope that the rebels are brought to justice for such a horrific crime, and that the child is found safely.

    Yours in faith,
    Floria Tenne