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yearly awards

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Banner, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Banner

    Banner Guest

    I just found out how to retain one of my old UO accounts. Unfortunately It was the lesser of the two. But anyway I was wondering if the account says thats its 52 months old will i get all the rewards for the time? I was off the accounts for about 4yrs. I just reinstated it. Just wondering?
  2. Lady Arwen

    Lady Arwen Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 7, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Nope I dont think so, your account doesnt age if its not active. :(
  3. drinkbeerallday

    drinkbeerallday Visitor

    Jun 4, 2008
    Likes Received:
    The sad part is people that have been playing UO for 11 years are offered no 11 year rewards. They have to settle with 10 year rewards offered a year late.

    And now the few 11 year vets left are forced to deal with extreme lag.

    EA's treatment of customers who have been with them 11 years is a total disgrace.

    Being polite: it is inexcusable.

    You don't want me to be impolite about it.

    I'm confused as to how this company is even in business.

    Oh.. right.. Madden.
  4. Sunrise

    Sunrise Guest

    hey glad to see people coming back!!!!

    As how things are looking now..Maybe time for a break..shrugs..

    give it time..it will get better..thats for sure.

    Welcome back to this buggy, but very highly addicting game :D

    11 years and still no bored..

    Pissed off at times....

    but still no bored :D
  5. Sunrise

    Sunrise Guest

    LoL..my friend..and are you not still paying to play? If you have canceled your accounts..then why are you still posting? :p

    na..I voted for Foamy the Squirrel :D

    I remember this game back in the day..where everyone wants this game to go back to..well guess what. This lag is the first step...LoL.

    Seriously..I hate this lag. hate it as much as the next person. Im starting to believe also that the devs don't know what the heck is going on either. I believer they are working there butts off to get it fixed..I also believe that there local pet store closed and they need to find a new store to buy some mice to run the servers..hence the lag...

    Im having issues..Not to bad as in the past but still issues none the less. Mostly I been trying out different servers and different chars I have not played in a long time.. Just got to ride it out...

    I will agree with you on this tho...How EA games does business is beyond me.....I wish I knew..for I would follow in there steps...**** off your customers..but keep them coming back...amazing...
  6. Banner

    Banner Guest

    Thanks all for the responds. Yes i"ve been back for about 9 months now on the new acct. and i just found out how to regain one of my old accts. and about the vet rewards o'l well ill just take what i have off the old acct and give it to the new players... I did'nt work on the only acct that i could recover very long. but i do have some stuff left in the bank.. Thx all..