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YEARS later, tools and materials---

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Eslake, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Eslake

    Eslake Guest

    When tools were altered to have Uses on them, it was stated that the material used to create them would effect those uses, but wasn't implimented right away.

    After years of waiting, I wonder if anyone even remembers it was ever intended to be done, because a mortar and pestle is limited to 150 uses whether it is made from iron, gold, or valorite.

    The actual quantity of materials used in making tools is so trivial, it is barely worth the effort of having them have Uses at all, but it does make sense that such things would wear out.
    The problem with leaving them all at the (in many cases pathetic) total uses of iron/plain wood is that it really does nothing more than annoy us by having to so often stop what we're doing to make more tools.

    The TH made mention that the higher end resources were intended to be rare, and moreso in additions related to (if not part of) SA. One good way to make us USE more of those higher resources would be to FINALLY finish the implimentation of Use-charged tools so that there were actually a reason to use those higher resources to make them.

    If a GM exceptional Iron shovel is limited to a max of 100 uses, and a GM exceptional Valorite shovel is limited to a max of say.. 1000 uses. I suspect people would quickly start making their shovels out of valorite. ;)

    While I'm on the subject, weren't we supposed to get the ability to use color woods in wood-item tinkering last year? :(