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Yet another price check

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by The Ox, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. The Ox

    The Ox Guest

    First I have to say I am new to the pricing thing hopefully after a few of these I will start to understand better. and second thank you in advance for the information.

    #1 composite Bow
    hit dispel 38%
    HLA 46%
    SSI 35%
    Lower Req 20%

    #2 crossbow
    HSL 40%
    Spider Slayer
    SSI 10%
    DI 45%
    Lower Req 20%

    #3 crossbow
    Blood Elemental Slayer
    HLD 46%
    SSI 10%
    lower req 20%

    #4 Elven Comp LongBow
    HLL 40%
    FC 1
    SSI 10%
    DI 40%
    Lower Req 20%

    once again thank you!
  2. I wouldn't put any of those bows on a vendor other than the 1st one, and only because of the SSI/Dispel combo (Say 100k for that one). It would make a decent bow to dispel revenants, but that's about it. None of the other ones have the right mods or mod combos to be able to sell them.
  3. The Ox

    The Ox Guest

    Thanks for the info still trying to get a idea on what to be looking for in weapons and armor. one of these days I might figure it out just in time for them to change it again.

    Thanks again
  4. imported_GFY

    imported_GFY Guest

    For weapons some of the mods to look for are:

    Slayers- people use less powerful slayer bows well... because there slayers! [​IMG]

    SSI- players want to swing as fast as possible.

    Leaches- players like to recover their life, stam, mana when their fighting and leaches make this much easier. A weapon with all 3 will be worth a lot.

    Players like certan weapons for their special moves. A weapon with the popular special of the moment will be worth a lot

    As far as armor is concerned:

    The first thing to look for is resists. A piece should have about 60+ in total resist to be desirable.

    Next is specials. A piece with very good specials can sometimes be worth more to a player that is looking for those particular resists. Most players are constantly looking for one more piece of armor that can make their template just a bit stronger.

    Third armor is much more subjective then weapons. As I mentioned a piece with just the right specials could be very valuable to one person but worthless to the next.

    Lastly check some of the vendors around Luna to get an Idea of what to charge. Understand that Luna prices are usually the top end of the market and if you put in the time to look around you can usually find a piece just like the one in Luna for a lot less.
  5. eolsunder1

    eolsunder1 Guest

    Don't worry you'll catch on.

    Ok as for weapons.

    Bows are very slow compared to melee weapons. 4-5 seconds for most of them make SSI(swing speed increase) the most important property on any bow. It is the difference between shooting a regular speed bow, and shooting 2x as fast. Even a bow with major properties isn't really looked at unless it has SSI.

    Slayer bows of course are great for monster hunters, but you want entirely different properties on PVP bows. (cept undead slayer I guess, which might boost pvp damage vs necros in wraith/vamp form).

    Since they nerfed leeches on bows to 1/2 strength, having those on bows aren't quite as important as they are on melee weapons. Mana leech is the one most want. Other properties.

    PVP.. Hit lower defense. Very nice. Balanced, great for potion drinking. Velocity. Hit properties like fireball/lighting very good.

    So, lets take a bow you make.

    35 hit mana
    35 hit stamina
    35 hit life
    40 hit fireball
    40 di

    A bunch of good properties, but with no ssi, you aren't going to be doing much with it except sitting there taking damage waiting to shoot again. I wouldn't use it since there are plenty of equal level bows out there with SSI

    Now, you have

    Dragon slayer
    30 ssi
    1 fast cast
    20 di

    This bow will be used by dragon hunters, because its fast, and does nice damage to dragons. Even though it does't have many properties, it still will be very useful against even ancient wyrms/shadow dragons. This actually is the bow I have. (until i find a better one)

    Now I have a nice heavy Xbow with

    30 ssi
    40 di
    23 hci
    39 hit mana leech

    This has properties that anyone can use, be it pvp or monster. You can use potions while using the bow, it is fast, great hit chance increase, and the mana leech isn't bad either. The only thing that would make this bow awesome would be to replace the mana leech with hit lighing/fireball, or maybe hit lower defense.