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Yet another Saltpeter thread.

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Urk of LS, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Urk of LS

    Urk of LS Guest

    Ok Dev's I have a question fer yas. Did anyone think thru the idea of mining saltpeter and the removal of the dockside alchemists?

    With the dockside alchemists in place and the salt peter on them in the ammounts needed to respawn like scrolls, bottles, and potions do. UO has one awesome Goldsink for those who do not want to spend 4 days mining (in dungeons) and NOT uncover any Nitrate.

    If lack of ability to get Saltpeter keeps up In the long run its going to hurt, i personally know of several people who returned to UO for the sole purpose of being able to blast their friends ships in a multi gun broadside, without the Saltpeter however it won't be long before once again they depart UO for games unknown.

    Just something to think about.
  2. I agree the Saltpeter needs to be more accessible. I've yet to find a single load with my miner thus far.

    But even the limitation can make some intriguing impacts on the world. Now people will be much more selective in their ship battles when every charge is a precious resource. And of course going to war and marauding for the enemy ship's black powder stores in Fel could be interesting.*

    * - Provided you actually run into anyone in Fel...
  3. Sasha75

    Sasha75 Guest

    I agree with the crazy saltpeter. I am a returning vet 1999 player. I bought 3 months gametime and high seas expansion.

    Actually I am playing in europe.
    Trammel docks, saltpeter is 64 gp each. I think: i take my miner, I goto mine it and sell it to the alchemist(48 gp each).

    100 mining, 814 luck (not more, because I read on stratics that luck is messed up if too high?!?)

    1 hour 20 mins mining in covetous trammel, the ore is still all on the floor (go and take a look). I got 1 nitro deposit and I carved 55 saltpeter.

    55*48= 2500 gp.

    Better go back farming renowned wyvern... I get 250k every hour and maybe arties....
  4. cdavbar

    cdavbar Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 11, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Found the issue, you want to look for NITER not NITRATE.
  5. Wow good thing I stashed 36k worth of the stuff.
  6. T-Hunt

    T-Hunt Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 15, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I stashed 30K and freind did the same..
    Told him to get ready for another stupid move from EA...
    Good thing he listened..

    Up the drop on nitrate from minning guys..

    1200 luck 2 hours minning GM and zip in dungeons..

    Att his moment salt is selling for 157 gold each at seaport alchy..on GL
  7. Babble

    Babble Guest

    Uhm, I stashed 40k for a friend as I don't even have High Seas.
    I have not told him yet though as he said salpeter will not be a problem.

    Will be interesting if he thinks the same in 2-3 weeks.