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Yet another uber question

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Little Sadie, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    I am making this cash uber and was thrilled to get all the way to the Brrgh without catching a single fish. I got lucky and got my tasks caught without catching a fish. So I get to the Brrg and LOM and he wants those fuzzy dice. No problem right? I fish and fish and finally get the dice after catching 6 species! Ugh! I then have to fish again for something else and catch 2 more species. I'm up to 8 species now. I emptied my bucket just in case.

    My question is how many more fishing tasks are there before getting my cash suit? I remember having to get a rubber ducky but are there any more fishing tasks to do before that? I know to empty my bucket after I catch the 9th new species but I'm hoping there isn't a lot more left so as not to get that laff point. Anyone remember?
  2. I Thought it was just that fish left - for LOM - That was it - i may be wrong - idk
  3. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    I finally found some info on TTC. There is another task where you have a choice of fishing for knitting needles or something else. Then you have to get a rubber duck. LOM wants something to at the end too. In DDL I think there is yet another fishing task. I don't know how I am going to be able to get away with not getting laff even after emptying the bucket on the 9th fish. I'm already up to 8 species from one lousy task for ink. Unless I get lucky with not catching any new species. I wonder if I have a better chance of fishing in in TTC where I have already fished at so new species won't be so abundant.
  4. SSniffleslam

    SSniffleslam Guest

    I would go with fishing in TTC. There are two choices for "carry 50 gags" - one's visit Johnny Cashmere (knitting needles) or the other one, where you have to fish for ice cubes...gotta fish either way...Then there's your rubber ducky...For LOM, you have to fish twice, once to get a talking toad, and then to get the toad a girlfriend...The task in DDL you have to fish for is to get a cash suit part and you have to fish for slimy kelp and coral (so you have to fish twice).
  5. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Yeah, I would think that if you fished in TTC you would have less chance of getting something new.
  6. ATIV7220

    ATIV7220 Guest

    I've only got one toon high enough to have gone through it, but I did the LOM (Blizzard Wizard, right?) fishing right around the corner on the same street and got both the frog and the girlfriend without catching any fish.
  7. SSniffleslam

    SSniffleslam Guest

    Yes, I have done it that way too (more times than I can count because I keep deleting/creating toons) and sometimes I catch the frog on the first try, sometimes I catch it later. I once didn't get it until the second bucket!! So it just depends...I hate that it's all random sometimes!
  8. Hey,

    I wrote an article a while back on uber toons when I was making my cash uber.

    Here is what I said about cash ubers:

    The Cashbot Uber: Just like the Sellbot Uber, the Cashbot Uber has a low amount of laff and can only carry 70 gags by the time they get their Cashbot suit from the tasks in Donald's Dreamland. Before a toon enters Donald's Dreamland, they must complete The Brrgh, which means that they will carry all six gag tracks, unlike most Sellbot Ubers. This means a toon has important decisions to make in regards to what gag tracks they choose. I decided to take an even harder course than most toons and chose to have a toon-upless toon, so I could have stronger gags to help my team with during the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) battle. My toon needed a good doodle, since he does not have toon-up gags.

    Also, even with the new laws instituted by ToonTown, the mints are still accessible to all toons, uber or not. The addition of needing particular laff levels to enter the Dollar and Bullion mints made it easier for toons that need bucks to get into the mints. Any toon can still enter the Coin Mint, but in order to enter the Dollar Mint, a toon must have 66 laff and in order to enter a Bullion Mint a toon must have 71 laff. With this in mind, there are also a couple types of Cash Ubers that can exist in ToonTown.

    The first type is a person that used to be a Sellbot Uber and has maxed that office, so they decide to take their toon to the next headquarters to fight. When this toon arrives into Donald's Dreamland, they already have the additional laff points from Sellbot Headquarts, so they enter their first CFO battle with 76 laff. By the time this type of uber maxes their Cashbot suit, they will end with 81 laff points.

    The second type of Cashbot Uber is one that does not do any VP battles. The lowest laff level that can get a Cashbot suit is 71 laff points. In order to complete this, you have to go through the following process in Donald's Dreamland, the mandatory tasks of:

    1. Susan Siesta's defeat 8 4+ story cog buildings in DDL
    2. Power Urge's defeat 70 cogs in DDL
    3. The Countess's defeat 25 Number Crunchers in DDL
    4. Drowsy Dave's 2 5+ story Cashbot Buildings
    5. Zari's running delivery tasks
    6. Lawful Linda's Cashbots.

    To see all the tasks you have to do while in Donald's Dreamland, go here.

    After completing the tasks in the order listed on the webpage, receiving 8 Cashbot suit pieces and doing some tasks that did not involve shopkeepers (the last of those being the 70 gag bag task, in order to make an uber). Once all those tasks were done, I had to take a +1 laff task, which cannot be turned in if you want to remain at 71 laff, in order to be offered two more tasks for suit pieces. When you complete one of those two tasks, you will be offered one more for a total of 10 suit pieces. You will not be offered anymore suit tasks until you finish these two tasks and then take a +2 laff task. This task can not be turned in either, unless you want to go above 71 laff. My recommendation, choose something that would be hard to complete. The two tasks my monkey currently hold is 50 Backstabbers for +1 laff and 30 Corporate Raiders for +2 laff.

    Once you are holding these three laff points, you will be offered the last suit piece. The hardest part about completing this type of uber is all the running you have to do. In order to find most of the suit piece tasks, you have to run to the various shopkeepers in DDL to find the different tasks because most will not be offered at the Toon Headquarters.

    To read the full article, go to the following link: