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Yew Times December 2013

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Lamorak, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Lamorak

    Lamorak Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 8, 2010
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    Investigators are distressed over the latest development where Elinore Green, a star witness in an organized crimes trial was found dead, apparently having electrocuted herself by using a lightning wand while bathing in her new clawfoot bathtub. A spokesman for the Investigations department was dismayed at the obvious senselessness of the incident in light of the dire need to find credible witnesses to indict key criminal organizers in the case. The spokesman stated that this has been the worst setback in the investigation since the previous key witness accidentally shot himself twice in the back of the head with a crossbow.


    An unfriendly gathering of locals surrounded Empathy Abbey hurling slurs against the monks over their failure to maintain an old holiday tradition. Citizens had petitioned that the monks display the Candle of Love at the abbey as they had done in the past during the holiday season. So far there has been no positive response from the brothers of the Abbey. One citizen spoke on the matter saying, "We all have fond memories of the tradition. Every year my pa would bring me to the abbey and the candle would be lit, and there would be a large crowd gathered. Then the head abbot would come out and give an unforgettable speech on the principle of love that would bring a tear to your eyes. He would say something or another about love, or being kind kind to others or something. Sometimes, some drunken wise guy would show up and try to talk over the padre, and they'd later find that someone tuned that guy up with a tree branch or something, and left him lying out in the snow outside." Another local offered, "Yeah, it's a shame that they don't have anyone in charge like Father Whatshisface from years ago. This place is obviously now run by a bunch of morons with no respect for traditional values or people in general. Why is it so much trouble to put the stupid candle out so people could enjoy it?"


    This holiday season, even those on the naughty list received something in their stockings. An ettin with contented expressions on its faces was seen sporting an extra long scarf wrapped about its necks. Not even the forgotten servants in the abyss were forgotten this year, and were last seen enjoying a 15' party sub. Paroxymous couldn't wait to try his new Shake-a-Weight; having put on a few pounds over the holiday season. The Slasher of Veils was slashing open the wrapping paper of a wrapped hot chocolate sampler. Even the blind gazer selling pencils at the honesty moongate received a gift to lift his spirits; warm woolen mittens.


    Join the Jelly of the month club now and receive a special 50 gp discount. This month's flavor: pinecone

    Wendy Wonderland and the Sosarian Bell ringers will regale elderly residents of the Britain Assisted Living facility with a wintry extravaganza of merriment. The ringers will provide 2 hours of everyone's Christmas favorites while Wendy rhythmically shakes her snow globes. The festivities will end with a raffle. A Lucky winner will be awarded a decorative yule log, and attendees will receive a complimentary fruit cup and a moistened towelette.



    Twas late in December
    When the snow on the ground
    Lay clean and unbroken
    And deep as you're round.

    The folks in the village
    Were a snuggled abed
    Still drunk from last night
    With a pain in the head.

    When from down the lane
    Came a jingle of tack
    Twas a great hairy beast
    With a man on its back.

    But this was no man
    For he raged as he came
    Like one who is mad
    Completely insane.

    He lashed at his beast
    As he cackled with glee
    He circled the square
    Dragging a tree.

    The tree did protest
    But he silenced its rout
    With a swing from a club
    Pon its head did he clout.

    He centered the tree
    On the hill in the square
    So it could be seen
    From most anywhere.

    Then he leaped to his beast
    As it bellowed and started
    Hiked up his leg
    And trumpet-like farted.

    "From now on mortals
    I do decree
    Go forth on this day
    And kill you a tree!"

    Then he lashed at his beast
    And threw gifts on the ground
    Belching and farting
    On his way out of town

    The townsfolk stood shocked
    Quite unsure who to thank
    When he shouted back,
    "Merry Christmas to all from Grizlor the Rank!"
  2. MirandaLace

    MirandaLace Visitor

    Oct 27, 2013
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    Excellent thank you for the effort!
  3. Lamorak

    Lamorak Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 8, 2010
    Likes Received:
    You are most welcome. On behalf of the writers and staff of the Yew Times, we wish to extend to the UO community, a Happy New Year. We hope that we provided some amusement to our readers over the years. As for the sub-par material that we have submitted in the past; even if they trucked in cartloads full of gold for what we do for free, it is highly unlikely that the quality would improve in the slightest; not in a million years. So please, save all those carts of gold you were thinking of contributing, and go buy yourselves something pretty instead. Ok, one cart is fine; but only if you insist. My editor will probably need it just to pay off his gambling debts, before they send someone around to break his kneecaps. So, lots of love and a prosperous New Years to all.


    Corinthian (Yew Times columnist)
  4. Sinful Obsession

    Sinful Obsession Lady Holiday DeLight

    Aug 15, 2013
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    I always enjoy reading The Yew Times. Keep up the awsome work!
  5. Struck

    Struck Visitor

    Jan 4, 2014
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    Anyone have Wendys number?