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Yew Times

Discussion in 'UHall' started by YewTimes, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. YewTimes

    YewTimes Visitor

    Aug 15, 2012
    Likes Received:
    Jan was supposed to be our 12th issue but we didn't get much done with anything with it.
    One of the writer's has been sick off and on, another works retail and the holidays had her worn out, and I just havn't been in a writing mood.

    We are still accepting anytime help from anyone who wish's to just have fun with some stories or come up with someideas we all can work with.

    Just like everything we all write, the others go over it and improve on things or try to catch any errors. So if you do send in anything, we will be contacting you back with how much we enjoyed it, or ask if we could change a line or so.

    The idea behind it all, was to add some fiction to the game or try to make sence of somethings that tend to happen in the game and put a reason behind them. Then someone else really had fun and did all the humor stories and spiced up things other's writen also with thier premission.

    Trying hard not put any ooc or mix real life with the land of Britainnia. Did try to do a monthy issue and not make them as long as the nov one was.

    Any negitive points we read from people we do try to adjust and make sure we don't make those mistakes in the future. It is silly how sometimes others will look at things that other's don't normaly see. For the haters, we read that also but we move on.

    For the people that commplimented us, thank you, ur the ones that keep us trying to do a paper. But with all the ultima online players on this game, and this paper is by the community, please contribute if you like.

    As for the ones who read this, I am not a good typer, speller, or even writer so you don't have to be either!

    Send stories or ideas to

    [email protected]
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