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YGV Auction for 3/27

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Guest, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey all,
    We at YGV have put togather a great list of items for your bidding enjoyment for Thursday 3/27 at 7pm Cst. Along with a great list , We have great prizes for you to win plus Lots of fun to be had. There will be gates in Brith and Luna to bring you to the auction house. So come join the fun . Hope to see you all there

    1. Lutes & Harps Pack, (11) Gwenno's Harps, (10) Iolo's Lute . No Min

    2. (13) Effervescence Statues. No Min

    3. Sigil Spellbook. No Min

    4. Tokuno Dye Fire Orange, 46 Uses Left. No Min

    5. (4) Hot Pink Runebooks. No Min

    6. (10) Heritage Tokens. No Min

    7. ML Hair Dye, Neon Lavender. No Min

    8. Advanced Character Token. No Min

    9. Heavy Crossbow, SC, HL 50, -FC, SSI 30, DI 21. No Min

    10. Rubble Brokeing Chair. 2Mil Min

    11. Partially Reconstructed Obsidian Statue & (8) Sections Of Obsidian Statue. No Min

    12. (7) Piece Out Fit From the Library and Blessed Silver Sandals. No Min

    13. One Old School Fox Glove Potted Plant. No Min

    14. One Rare White Parrot And White Parrot Perch . No Min

    15. 60k Of Gold Ingots. No Min

    16. Juggernaut Set. 5mil Min

    17. (6) Remains of Travesty. No Min

    18. (8) Higher End Stealable Items, (2) Lvl 9 Paintings Going Each Way, (2) Lvl 9 Sword
    Displays Going Each Way, (1) Red Sword Display lvl 9, (2) Studded Tunics lvl 7, (1)
    Studded Leggings lvl 5. No Min

    19. (20) Ecru Citrine. No Min

    20. Ethereal Llama . No Min

    21. Dull Copper Kryss, Demon Slayer, HCI 6, DCI 7, DI 35. No Min

    22. (4) Dark Furs. No Min

    23. ML Hair Dye , Black . No Min

    24. Empty Bucket, That You Can Secure . No Min

    25. (4) Bushy Old School Potted Plants. 1.5 Mil Min

    26. (2) Things of Scattered Hay. No Min

    27. DI Ring & Bracelet Set, Ring HCI 11, FC 1, DI 21, Fire 11 , Posion 11. Bracelet EP
    20, FCR 2, DI 22, Posion 12. No Min

    28. 60k Of each Reg. No Min

    29. A Banner Deed, A Flaming Head Deed. No Min

    30. (4) Whispering Roses, Crissy, Kanawaza, Selye Fouriner, Sir De Ker. (4) AoS Roses
    Undyed, AASS, Teriyaki Yoko, SAS, AASS. No Min

    31. The Grim Reaper's Scythe. No Min

    32. Rubble Broken Dresser. No min

    33. (2) Rare Pieces Of Clothing , "Long Pants [Exceptional] [blessed]". "A Fancy Shirt
    [Exceptional]. No Min

    34. Deed To A Guildstone , Guild Name: The Monger Clan [MC]. AoS Cloak Undyed Named
    Blood Monger, Personal Bless Deed For Blood Monger. No Min

    35. (16) 115 Power Scrolls, SS, Lore, Spellweaving, Parry, Ninjitsu, Fencing, Music,
    Vet, Med, Peace, Bushido, Tameing, Anat, Provoc, Disco, Magery. No Min

    36. (6) Spring Deco Items, Blessed Statue, Mongbat Dartboard, Basket Of Herbs, Navigators
    World Map, (2) Dragon Braziers. No Min