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YGV Auction List 4/2 Thursday

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Lady Magdalaine, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Hello all,
    It is that time again for YGV Thursday Auction (4/2 at 7pm Cst) . We have alot of great items for you this week . and alot of prizes to be won . So come and join the fun at YGV . There will be gates in luna to bring you to the auction house
    Thank you

    1. (15) Pieces Of Broken Rubble Wall Pieces . No Min

    2. (4) Hard To Get Mini House Deeds , Sandstone House With Patio, Thatched-Roof Cottage,
    Two-Story Villa, Marble House With Patio. No Min

    3. Tall Pink Tombstone Of The Damned , 1 Tall Gray Tombstone Of The Damned. No Min

    4. (8) Heritage Tokens . No Min

    5. Translocation Pack , 1k Of Translocation Powder, 2k Of Zoogi Fungus, 4 Bags Of Sending.
    2 Bracelets Of Binding , 1 Pet Ball. No Min

    6. (3) Blackthorn's Krysss (Repond , Arachnid, Elemental), 1 Dread's Revenge, 1 Vorpal
    Blade . No Min

    7. Paroxusmus' Swamp Dragon . No Min

    8. Clainin's Spellbook Vesper Museum Replica . No Min

    9. (2) Vesper Statues (Meer Eternal , Meer Captain ). No Min

    10. Tailors Pack, 20k Of Cloth , 10k Of Leather , 10k Of Spined , 10k Of Horned, 10k
    Of Barbed . No Min

    11. Skull Helm Of The Grizzled . No Min

    12. Library Talisman For Tamer . No Min

    13. 120 Archery PS . No Min

    14. (6) AoS Roses,( Bob Troll, Morbius Searider, Dolcinea, Tenzo, Eddy Fingurs, Dark Skiez)
    No Min

    15. (4) Soulstone Fragment Tokens. No Min

    16. 120k Of Boards. No Min

    17. Enbroidered Oak Leaf Cloak [Replica]. No Min

    18. Dawn's Music Box (40) Common Tracks, (8) Uncommon Tracks, (1) Rare Track. No Min

    19. (2) Tokuno Majors , Swords Of Prosperity , Stormgrips. No Min

    20. (2) Very Old Rare Runebooks , "Runebook Made By Ious [Exceptional]" & "Runebook Made
    By Semplice [Exceptional]" . No Min

    21. (2) Standing Sword Display lvl 8 Arties, (1) Sword Display lvl 8 Artie . No Min

    22. (4) Partly Used Tokuno Dyes, Berserker Red (17 Uses Left), Nox Green (21 Uses Left),
    Invulnerability Blue (30 Uses Left) , Paragon Gold (23 Uses Left) . No Min

    23. (50) Of Each Mining Gem , (50) Brilliant Amber, (50) White Pearls . No Min