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YGV Auction List For 12/4

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Lady Magdalaine, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Hello all,
    I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving . As I know i did . So now it is time to have auctions again And i just got done putting a great list together for this Thursday (12/4 at 7pm CST) . There will be gates in Luna to bring everyone to the auction house . So come Join us this thursday bid on the great items and try to win the great prizes (lots of prizes).Oh Also this thursday the YGV Halloween Auction House comes up for auction with all items in it! If you have any questions please icq me at 242139394.

    1. (4) First Year Vet Statues, Gargoyle , Lizard, Skeleton, Orc. No Min

    2. (3) Fountain Of Life Deeds , No Min

    3. (3) ML Hair Dyes, Navy Blue, Dark Purple, Blood Red. No Min

    4. (2) Flaming Head Deeds, (1) Runebook Dye Tub. No Min

    5. Darkwood Suit , Done In Frost 70/60/70/70/75 . No Min

    6. (3) 120 PS Chiv, Focus, Mace. No Min

    7. Staff Of The Magi (Insurable). No Min

    8. Token Pack, (4) Heritage Tokens, (2) Spring Deco Tokens, (1) 8th Anny, (1) Personal Attendant
    Token, (1) Crystal Token. No Min

    9. AoS Outfit, Jester Suit & Sandals ( Forge , Roxxy) . No Min

    10. New 11th Anny Item Token , For Armor Engraving Tool, (No Age Limit On Useing This). No Min!

    11. Deco Pack, Tapestry Of Sosaria, Map Of The Known World, Cat Blessed Statue, Mongbat
    Dartboard, Dragon Brazier, 10th Anny Sculpture, Dawn's Music Box, Dark Fur. No Min

    12. (6) Whispering Roses, (SPAZZ, Cyrus, Duskwind, Hemlock, Smitty, Queek) . No Min

    13. Tall Gray Rubble Palm Tree. No Min!

    14. (4) Tokuno Dyes Used, Nox Green (21 Uses), Dryad Green (16 Uses), Invulnerability Blue
    (10 Uses) , Berserker Red (9 Uses). No Min

    15. Tailoring Pack , (6) Spind Kits, (3) Horned Kits, (2) Powder Of Fortifying , 10k Of Spinded
    Leather, 10k Of Horned Leather. No Min

    16. Full Set Of Old School Potted Plants. No Min

    17. Blade Of The Righteous, Stealable Artie lvl 10. No Min

    18. YGV Halloween Auction House With All Items In It. No Min!

    19. (2) Pieces Of "Green Clothing" . No Min

    20. Ethereal Beetle . No Min

    21. (27) ML Marties . No Min

    22. AoS Clothing Set , Doublet , Skirt, Sandals, (Hawkins, Ownage Inc. , Grims) . No Min

    23. (3) ML Hair Dyes , Teal , White , Light Green . No Min

    24. Berserker's Scythe. No Min

    25. Spring Cleaning Luck Set . No Min

    26. Blaze Parrot with Blaze Parrot Perch , And Blaze Sandals (Beauty) . No Min

    27. (6) Soulstone Fragment Tokens. No Min

    28. (4) Nox Green Lamp Posts. No Min

    29. Smithing Pack, Blacksmith Alacrity Scroll, Mining Alacrity Scroll, 120 Blacksmithing Scroll,
    (2) Powder Of Fortifying , 60k Of Iron Ingots, Blacksmithing Tally Smithing Exc 24, Smithing
    Bonus 25. No Min

    30. (2) Nice Bows , Elven Composite Longbow, Undead Slayer , FC 1, SSI 20 , DI 29, LR 20,
    Composite Bow, HML 30, HCI 13, SSI 25, DI 40. No Min

    31. (4) Piece Of Wooden Wall Rubble. No Min

    32. Deed To A Guildstone , Guild Name : Elsa's Avengers [E^A] . No Min

    33. (10) Tokuno Minors, No MIn

    34. Holy Knight's Breastplate (Insureable) . No Min

    35. (2) Practice Bows. No Min

    36. Shadow Items Token . No Min