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YGV Auction List for 3/20

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Guest, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello all ,
    Here is the auction list for tomorrow 3/20 at 7pm Cst . As alwas we have great items , great prizes . So come join the fun. There will be gates in Brit and Luna for you to use . [​IMG]

    1. (12) Crystal Deco Deeds. No Min

    2. (16) Diff Snowy Scene Globes. No Min

    3. 120k Iron Ingots. No Min

    4. Odd Shaped Rubble Rock. No Min

    5. (6) Plain Scrappers. No Min

    6. "An Interior House Door Key" , This is a very Old Key. No Min

    7. Tokuno Dye Violet Courage Purple, 50 uses. No Min

    8. (10) Powder Of Fortifying. No Min

    9. Mage Luck Set, Bracelet Magery 6, Luck 100, EP 15, LRC 12, Fire 9. Ring Magery 4, Luck
    100, SDI 8, DI 9 , Posion 6. No Min

    10. (50) Fire Orange Ingots. No Min

    11. Token Pack, (6) Heritage Tokens, (2) 8th Age , (2) Spring Deco, (2) Evil Furny, (2) Shadow
    Items, (2) Crystal Items, (2) Personal Attendants. No Min

    12. Set Of Dye Tubs, Furny, Special , Black, Leather & One Bottle Of Bleach. No Min

    13. Dawn's Music Box , (28) Common Tracks, (3) Uncommon Tracks, (1) Rare Track. No Min

    14. (5) Pieces Of Old NPC armor , No Color Tag. No Min

    15. Ethereal Ridgeback . No Min

    16. "Crystal Ball" This is a Very old Item , And not one that can talk. No Min

    17. (6) Tokuno Majors, Rune Beetle Carapace, Kasa Of The Raj-in, Stormgrip, Tome Of Lost
    Knowledge, Sword Of The Stampede, The Horselord.

    18. (4) Soulstone Fragment Tokens. No Min

    19. An Imprisoned Dog, ML Needed . No Min

    20. "A Golden Robe" . This is a Very Old Vet Reward, The New Ones Say " Golden Robe".
    500k Min

    21. Lot Of Old Items, "Of Exceptional Quality" Scissors, "A Scissors Of Exceptional Quality" This
    Has Uses 180 of them very rare item. 114 Diamond Bracelet. No Min

    22. (6) Orange Twilight Lantern. No Min

    23. (20) Ecru Citrine. No Min

    24. (8) Colored Fishing Nets. No Min

    25. "Green Plain Dress" . No Min

    26. (13) Diff Colord Skulls. No Min

    27. "A Katana Of Exceptional Quality" , Both Tram and Fel Moonstones. No Min

    28. (6) Whispering Roses, Star, Soul Strider, Joibert De Tew, Alex WinkleMan, BEVO, BLeys.
    No Min

    29. Magical Shortbow, HL 46, HLD 44, SSI 10, DI 42. No Min

    30. Translocation Kit, (6) Full Bags Of Sending, (4) Bracelets Of Binding , (2) Pet Balls,
    (1000) Trans Powder, (1000) Zoogi Fungus. No Min

    31. Runebook Dye Tub. No Min

    32. Swords Of Prosperitys . No Min