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YGV Auction List For 4/17

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Guest, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey All ,
    We have A Wounderful List for you to bid on tonight . Some Great Rares, Rewards, Arties. And as alwas Great Prizes for you to win. Auction Starts at 7Pm Cst This Thursday at 4/17. There will be gates in Brit and Luna to bring you to the auction house . If you have any qustions please icq me at 242139394

    1. An Albino Squirrel Imprisoned In A Crystal. No Min

    2. Virtue Pack Armor and Items. No Min

    3. Hunter Green Hair Dye (ML needed). No Min

    4. (4) Soulstone Token Fragments. No Min

    5. Translocation Pack, 1000 Trans Powder, (4) Full Bags Of Sending, (4) Full Pet Balls, (4)
    20 Uses Bracelets Of Binding. No Min

    6. (8) 115 Power Scrolls , Magery, Eval, Med, Resist, Wrestling, Spellweaving, Necro, Spirit
    Speak. (1) 20 Plus stat scroll. No Min

    7. (4) Hard to Get Mini House Deeds, Thatched-Roof Cottage, Marble House With Patio,
    Two-Story Villa, Sandstone House With Patio. No Min

    8. Zoo Statue Of A Changeling. No Min

    9. (2) Sword Displays Artie Lvl 9, One Going Each Way. No Min

    10. (2) Rubble Benches. No Min

    11. (2) Double Blessed Items, Black Sash, A Deer Mask . No Min

    12. Tokuno Dye Invulnerability Blue. 50 Uses . No Min

    13. (4) Sweet Bows. Bow, Demon Slayer, HMA 6, HLL 42, HCI 5, DI 26, Bow Spider Slayer,
    HH 44, HML 30, HLL 28, SSI 35. Composite Bow. Demon Slayer , HL 28, HLL 16, DI 46.
    Yumi , HLL 18, Balanced , HF 40, HPR 2 , Luck 77, DI 35. No Min

    14. "You Were Naughty This Year!" Bag With (2) Coal Ingots, And the Real stuff "Coal" In Ore
    Form. No Min!

    15. Ethereal Ridgeback. No Min

    16. (6) Plain Scrapper's Compendium. No Min

    17. Bloodspawn , Old Necro Reg Rare. No Min

    18. White Seahorse Statue. No Min

    19. Purple Hair Dye (ML Needed). No Min

    20. (4) AoS Sandals Black, So You Can Dye These Any Color. No Min

    21. "A Faction Robe" That Anyone Can Wear, Can Also Be Dyed Any Color. No Min

    22. (8) Whispering Roses, TAKAKI, Igunis, MOJO, Luca, Shimura, Reina, Lagna, ECO-ICE
    No Min

    23. 30k Of Bolts, 30k Of Arrows. No Min

    24. Saddle , Artie lvl 9. No Min

    25. Hooded Shroud Of Shadows. No Min

    26. (10) Powder of Fortifying. No Min

    27. Full Set Of Potted Plants. No Min

    28. "Happy 6th Anniversary!" White Bag, With Everything in it Incoulding White Bell "Byron"
    No Min

    29. Tokuno Dye , Luna White . 50 Uses. No Min

    30. Golden Robe & Golden Cloak . 2ed Year Vet Reward. No Min

    31. Dyrad Green Hair Dye (ML Need). No Min

    32. Smithing Hammer Pack .(2) +30 Ash Hammers (636) (600). (1) Gold Runic Hammer ,
    (1) Bronze Runic Hammer, (1) Copper Hammer. No Min

    33. (5) +20 Stat Scrolls. No Min

    34. Token Pack (6) Heritage Tokens. (1) Shadow Token (1) Crystal Token (1) Personal Att
    No Min

    35. (4) First Year Vet Reward Statues, Troll, Orge, Ettin, Skeleton. No Min

    36. (10) Diff Colored NPC Ingots. No Min

    37. (33) Diff Cursed Arties. 1mil Min