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YGV Auction List for 6/12

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Lady Magdalaine, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Hey all,
    I just got a done writeing up a great auction list for tonight. Along with haveing alot of great prizes to give away. The auction starts at 7pm Cst time this thursday 6/12. There will be gates in Brit and Luna to bring you to the auction house. I hope to see you all there !

    1. Very Old "Runebook [Exceptional] . No Min

    2. Turn In Items (2) Vanq Weapons, (3) Power Weapons. No Min

    3. Sticher's Mittens. No Min

    4. (100) Blaze Ingots. No Min

    5. (6) Whispering Roses, Demeter, Muse, Silverman, Mr Man, Mondaine, Pandora Peaks. No Min

    6. (4) Sigil Spellbooks. No Min

    7. Rare White Muffin . No Min

    8. " A Body Sash Of Exceptional Quality (blessed) " No Min

    9. Double Slayer Juka bow , Water/ Earth Slayer. No Min

    10. (4) Soulstone Fragment Tokens. No Min

    11. 20k Of Bolts, 20k Of Arrows. No Min

    12. Elven Comp Longbow. HF 42, HML 30, SSI 30, DI 43 . No Min

    13. Moveable Ballot Box. No Min

    14. Personal Bless Deed For Tinkerbell. No Min

    15. Ring And Bracelet From Turn Ins, Nove Bleue, Etoile Bleue. No Min

    16. Set of AoS Clothing , Plain Dress ( TheAncientForge) , Matching Sandals, (Tahoe). No Min

    17. Ethereal Unicorn. No Min

    18. Valorite Runic Hammer . 15mil Min

    19. (10) Heritage Tokens. No Min

    20. High End Scrappers, +12 Magery , 15 LRC. No Min

    21. Full Set of Virtue Armor. 1Mil Min

    22. 60k Of Leather , 60k Of Barbed Leather. No Min

    23. Full Set of Virtue Tiles , From Turn Ins. No Min

    24. Smith's Hammer . Made from Oak . Odd item. No Min

    25. (4) Clothing Bless Deeds. No Min

    26. Sweet Ring and Bracelet Set, Bracelet DCI 12, FCR 2, FC 1, LRC 5, Poison 4, Ring
    HCI 12, DCI 10, FCR 2, FC 1, Physical 5. No Min

    25. Charger Of The Fallen . No Min

    26. Personal Bless Deed For UnderWorld Boss. No Min

    27. (6) First Year Vet Reward Statues, Lizzy , Crocodile, Troll, Ogre, Ratman, Earth Ele
    No Min

    28. Resilient Bracer, Essence Of Battle Ring. No Min

    29. AoS Set Of Clothing , Kilt (Diamond Blade) , Body Sash ( Tetracycline) , Boots ( Blessed
    Lord) . No Min

    30. Green Neon Runebook. No Min

    31. Blaze Fishing Net. No Min

    32. (4) Lamp Posts Tokuno Dyed Dull Rose. No Min

    33. (10) Tokuno Minors. No Min

    34. Deco Pack, (2) Old School Furs, (1) Old School Potted Plant, (2) World Wall Maps,
    (1) Dawn's Music Box, (1) Throw Pillow. No Min
  2. Dark Druid

    Dark Druid Guest

    Not much for AoS clothing this time. :sad2: Oh Well i will still be there with a full coin purse. See ya tonight.