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YGV Auction List For Thursday 3/13

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Guest, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hail All,
    We have a wonderful list for you this comeing Thursday 3/13 at 7pm Cst.
    As well as lots of Great Prizes to be won . So come Join the fun this Thursday
    at YGV Auction House . There will be gates at Brit Bank and Luna Bank to bring you to the auction house. Hope to see you all there [​IMG]

    1. (2) Form Changeing Tallys. Cu Sidhe , Reptalon . No Min

    2. (3) Old Pieces Of Jewlery (1) 666 Diamond Gold Necklaces (1) 666 Diamond Silver Necklace ,
    (1) 666 Rubies Gold Necklace. No Min

    3. Ethereal Horse . No Min

    4. 120k Of Iron Ingots. No Min

    5. (5) Pieces Of Barbed Armor, Barbed Leather Tunic MR 1, LRC 13, 8/6/8/13/24. Barbed
    Leather Leggings MR 1, 13/5/14/17/16. Barbed Leather Sleeves LMC 3, 5/15/17/23/16. Barbed
    Leather Gorget MI 6 , LMC 8 , LRC 13, 6/20/16/8/11. Barbed Leather Gloves SR 4, LMC 6,
    4/6/22/7/20. Barbed Leather Cap MI 6, HPR 2, MR 1, 5/5/7/15/21. No Min

    6. (4) Soulstone Fragment Tokens. No Min

    7. Mage Ring /Bracelet Set . Ring Eval 6, Magery 10, Int 8, LMC 5, LRC 19. Bracelet
    Magery 8, SDI 12, FC 1, LRC 10, Energy 12. No Min

    8. (6) Neon Runebooks, (4) Hot Pink Runebooks with Monsters 1 to 4. (2) Neon Green
    Runebooks Roofs 1 to 2. No Min

    9. (2) Tokuno Dyes Berserker Red 27 Uses, Violet Courage Purple 31 Uses. No Min

    10. (4) First Year Vet Reward Statues, Lich, Troll, Gorilla, Dragon. No Min

    11. Bucket Of Water. This is a Nice Rare Small Bucket Full of Water That can be
    Locked Down . No Min

    12. "Chainmail Leggings Made By Lancelot [Exceptional]" Old Armor Looks Like Aga
    No Min

    13. Advanced Character Token. No Min

    14. (5) Pieces Of New Player Quest Armor, Tunic Of Guarding, Bulwark Leggings, Arms Of
    Armstrong, Gloves Of Safeguarding, Escutcheon De Ariadne. No Min

    15. The Inquisitor's Resolution. 15Mil Min

    16. Double Slayer Bow, Orc/ Demon Slayer. Very Nice Bow. No Min

    17. Deed To A Guildstone, Guild Name: SLUMS [None]. No Min

    18. Necro Doublet Crafted By Lady Joylah . No Min

    19. Hooded Shroud Of Shadows. No Min

    20. (10) Runebooks Of Tram Rooftops Just about Every Roof Top In Tram , Fun To Have
    No Min

    21. Rare Colored Green Bird And White Stand With It. No Min

    22. (3) 120 PS , Music, Provo , Discord. No Min

    23. (2) Old School Potted Plants , Yellow Little Flower. No Min

    24. (2) High End Stealables . Sculpture Man With Mace In Hand , Sword Display with Red
    Swords. No Min

    25. (10) Heritage Tokens. No Min

    26. Very Old Runebook, "Runebook Made By Sylina [Exceptional]. No Min

    27. Charger Of The Fallen . No Min

    28. (4) Old Furs, (2) Dark (2) Light . No Min

    29. (11) Whispering Roses, Xenobia, Satis, TeKnEeX, Cole Silver, Mondevu'De Monte, Elee,
    Elee, Tarnis, Merlin, Kiya, Feyd Rautha. No Min

    30. (8) Pieces Of ML Armor, Deaths Essence Tunic, Assassin Armor Tunic, Greymist Armor
    Gloves, Assassin Armor Sleeves, Greymist Armor Sleeves, Plate Of Honor Gloves, Hunters
    Garb Gloves, Hunters Garb Leggings. No Min

    31. (2) Nice Fencing Weapons, Kryss HSL 24, HH 22, HLA 18, SSI 20 , DI 10. Wark Fork
    SC HL 42, HLL 32, DI 18. Plus A Valorite Order Shield, SC, RPD 10, HCI 12, 5/3/3/3. No
    - FC . No Min
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Poke!! It is me!