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YGV Auction Reopen List 3/26

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Lady Magdalaine, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Hello All,
    YGV is reopening this thursday at 7pm Cst (3/26) . We have Welcome back gift bags for all that come . Plus a Great list of items for you to bid on . And as alwas lots of prizes to be won. So come join the fun with us this thursday and help welcome back YGV's Auction
    Thank you

    1. (10) Holiday Bells & (2) Whispering Roses ( Hades, Fire). No Min

    2. Set Of Old Clothing All "A .................... Of Exceptional Quality" Fancy Dress, Floppy Hat,
    Thigh Boots. No Min

    3. Pendant Of The Magi Recipe, 4 Eyes Of The Travesty, 40 White Pearls. No Min

    4. (6) Soulstone Fragment Tokens. No Min

    5. Deco Pack, Tap OF Sosaria, Map Of The Known World, 10th Anny Sculpture, Blessed
    Statue (Cat), Potted Tree, Daemon Statue, Obsidian Statue, Rose Of Trin, Navigator's World
    Map . No Min

    6. Crown Of Tal'Keesh (Replica) . Just Like Hat Of The Magi . No Min

    7. (4) Clothing Bless Deeds. No Min

    8. Bucket Of Water , Nice Rare To Have . No Min

    9. Chaos Shield , Vesper Replica . No Min

    10. Champ Spawn Drop Web. No Min

    11. Wood Pack , 60k Of Yew Wood, 60k Of Bloodwood. No Min

    12. Full Set Of Old School Potted Plants. No Min

    13. Fancy Rubble Table One Piece With Purple Runner On It. No Min

    14. Hooded Robe Of Umbra. No Min

    15. Magery Pack , (2) Magery Alacrity Scrolls, (2) Eval Int Alacrity Scrolls , (2) Eval Int
    Transcendence Scrolls .9 each, 115 Magery PS , 20+ Stat Scroll. No Min

    16. (4) Shadow Dancer Black Lamp Posts. No Min

    17. Full Set Of Tokuno Minor Flutes Of Renewal. No Min

    18. (2) Tokuno Dyes , Dyrad Green (44 Uses Left) , Violet Courage Purple (47 Uses Left) . No Min

    19. (5) First Year Vet Statues, Lich, Skeleton , Daemon, Dragon , Ratman . No Min

    20. AoS Clothing Set, Robe, Cloak, Sandals ( Devil , Czar, Dopey). No Min

    21. (5) Tokuno Dyed Anvils , White , RumRed, Nox Green , Violet Purple, Black. No Min

    22. (4) Heritage Tokens , (1) 8 Anny Token, (1) 7th Anny Token, (1) Evil Furny Token , No Min

    23. T-Hunter Pack, (2) Cartography Alacrity Scrolls, (2) Lockpicking Alacrity Scrolls, (3) Scrolls
    Of Transcendence .3 , .8 , .4 , 5k Iron Ingots . No Min

    24. Full Set Of Virtue Tile Deeds. From Spring Cleaning . No Min

    25. (9) Burnt Rubble Plants . No Min

    26. (4) ML Hair Dyes , Yellow, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Purple. No Min

    27. (30) Bolts Of Dark Blue AoS , (30) Bolts Of Lighter Blue AoS. No Min
  2. Lady Tia

    Lady Tia Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Welcome Back!
    Missed ya!
  3. Daga Taga

    Daga Taga Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 8, 2008
    Likes Received:
    So will this Auction start when Shards go back up?
  4. Well since the shard just came down (was saposed to come down befor this i beleive) I am not sure it will come back up at the time they stated . Couse right now 1hour and 15mins away alot of ppl will have found other things to do with the short time they have befor bed or just gone to bed .So i think the best bet is to try again next week and pray EA likes me more next week
    So we will run the same list next week and i still have goodie bags to hand out next week. Hope to see you all there
    Thank you
  5. well the shard is up now only 30mins after auction was to start so we will hang for 10mins and see how many ppl show up so if you want to have a auction tonight get goodie backs come join us at YGV
    Mags :love: