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YGV Auction Thursday 5/29

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Lady Magdalaine, May 29, 2008.

  1. Hey all,
    Here is the auction list for Thursday 5/29 (7pm Cst) . We have A great list for you as well as great prizes to win . There will be gates in brit as well as luna to make it easy for you to go back and forth . So come join the fun with us tonight . Hope to see you all there
    Lady Magdalaine

    1. (3) Pieces Of Vesper Replica Clothing. No Min

    2. (7) AoS Roses, Snow Man, Marchiv, Dfgsd, Sir Reco, Sir Plumble, Pimpadelic, Mystic. No Min

    3. Tokuno Dye , Rum Red 49 Uses Left. No Min

    4. Twinkling Scimitar , Recipe Scroll. No Min

    5.(2) Pieces Of AoS Clothing , Surecoat (Archie), Sandals (A Player Hater). No Min

    6. (4) Soulstone Fragment Tokens. No Min

    7. Spellweaveing Spellbook Full . No Min

    8. (4) Alacrity Scrolls, Test Idea , Item Idea, Fencing, Forensic Eval. No Min

    9. Charger Of The Fallen. No Min

    10. Swords of Pros, Lucky Necklace. No Min

    11. Wolf Statue 5th year vet Reward. No Min

    12. (10) Tokuno Minors , No Min

    13. Full Set Of Darkwood Armor. No Min

    14. (6) Different Vesper Statues. No Min

    15. Scrappers Compendium , MI 6, MR 1. No Min

    16. Full Set Of Potted Plants. No Min

    17. Mark Of Travesty. Music/Prov. No Min

    18. (10) Powder Of Fortifying. No Min

    19. (100) Fire Orange Ingots. No Min

    20. (6) Heritage Tokens. No Min

    21. Ethereal Horse. No Min

    22. Tunic Sewn By Armand Hammer Double Blessed. No Min

    23. Saddle , Doom Steable lvl 9 Artie. No Min

    24. "Runebook Made By April Ironarm [Exceptional]" No Min

    25. Blaze Hair Dye , ML Needed. No Min

    26. (15) Small Pieces Of Blackrock. No Min

    27. (2) Purple Lamp Posts , (1) Purple Candelabra Of Souls. No Min

    28. Tokuno Dye , Invul Blue 39 Uses. No Min

    29. (3) Pieces Of AoS Clothing , Skirt (Kitty) , Full Apron ( Little John), Sandals (Baron Samedi)
    No Min

    30. Armor Suit, A Chainmail tunic Made By Brian Fulblade [Exceptional]" All by the same
    Smith . No Min

    31. "A Welcome" Book . No Min

    32. "Glass Dagger" . No Min

    33. Sword Display , Steable lvl 8 . No Min

    34. Tokuno Dyed Boards , 7 Diff Colors. No Min

    35. (18) Old School Charge Items. No Min