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YGV Christmas Auction List on LS. 12/13/07

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Flanuva101, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Flanuva101

    Flanuva101 Guest

    Here it is guys and gals, the complete item list for YGV's upcoming Christmas Auction on 12/13/07 on LS.. I know some of you came for last year's blowout Christmas Auction so you are more than welcome to come out and join the fun this year.

    1. (9) Spring Deco Items, Plus (2) Spring Deco Tokens. No Min

    2. (2) Sets Of Vet Reward Robes & Cloaks, Bronze, Gold. No Min

    3. (3) Diff Tombstones Of The Damned, Tall Pink One, Tall Gray One, Broken Gray One No Min

    4. Full Set Of Dye Tubs, Reward Statue Tub, Runebook Tub, Furny , Black , Leather, Special, Plus One Non Vet Reward Black Tub, & A Bottle Of Bleach. No Min

    5. Old Necro Reg, Wyrms Heart. A True Rare. No Min

    6. (4) Piece Of Old Leather All with "A ................. Sewn By Yenom" , Have Tunic, Sleeves, Gloves, Leggings. No Min

    7. Spirit Of The Totem, Blessed . No Min

    8. (12) Whispering Roses, FrOsT BiTe, ODiN Of Valhalla, Cartographer, Paul Bunyun, RubyDragonTamer, Dig Dug, Indiana Jones, Lil Turkey, Jack Frost, Chesapeake Five, DELETE IN A WEEK, Viper. No Min

    9. "1999" Christmas bag, "Happy Holidays, With One Green and One Pink/Red
    "A Champagne Glass" Bottle Of Eggnog, Fruit Cake, Spam , Seasons Greating Card. No Min

    10. Mis-Named Gazer Statue , It is Titled Ophidian Statue. No Min

    11. Full Set Of Token Dyes, All With 50 Uses Left. No Min

    12. (16) Diff Sigil Weapons, Great For Any Collector. No Min
    13. Happy 6th Anniversary UO! , Crook, Blessed. No Min

    14. Full Set Of Old School Potted Plants, No Min

    15. Old School Double Slayer Juka Bow, Deamon /Ele Slayer. One of the best to have. No Min

    16. 60k Of Barbed Leather , 60k Of Leather. No Min

    17. Very Old, Very Rare, Bloody Bandage. No Min

    18. (3) Sets Of AoS Clothing, Total of 11 Pieces. No Min

    19. Full Set Of Tree Ornament Jewelry. This Is a Very Old Item & Hard To Find. No Min

    20. Magical Shortbow, Ash, MW -24, HSL 34, HMA 40, SSI 25, DI 42, LR 20. No Min

    21. Tokuno Minor & Major Set, Full Set of Flutes Of Renewal, Tome Of Enlightenment, Gloves Of The Sun, Rune Beetle Carapace, Stormgrip, Kasa Of The Raj-in, Swords Of Pros. , Sword Of The Stampede, Tome Of Lost Knowledge, The Horselord, Darkened Sky, Wind's Edge. No Min

    22. Marble Character Statue Maker, Statue Of Elvira Wolfbane, This Came from Elviras Castle. This is the Real Statue Of Elvira. No Min

    23. 120 PS Magery. No Min

    24. "A Deed For A Potted Plant." . This is a Old Item & Where Potted Plants Came from. No Min

    25. Full Set Of Vesper Statues. No Min

    26. Full Soulstone Token. No Min

    27. 70 BoDs For Powder , Most are Shadow, So it also comes with 60k Of Shadow ingots. No Min

    28. The Inquisitor's Resolution , Doom Artie 10. No Min

    29. 4th year Vet Reward , Deed For A Hanging Skeleton. No Min

    30. Charger Of The Fallen. No Min

    31. (4) Green Glasses. No Min

    32. Mystery Chest, Worth 15mil +. No Min

    There you have it. Hope to see everyone there. Auction will start at 7pm cst on Thursday, December 13th on LS. Gates will be available at Brit, Luna and the YGV Auction House in Tram for the YGV Christmas Auction location.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If anyone wants to save on transfer fees, I do offer gold swaps on select shards for LS, and if I have a transfer planned in the near future to your shard, I'll transport the item for you, generally for a very very modest fee, sometimes for free.

    I also sell gold in quantities in excess of 10m @ 1.5/mil.
  3. simonovsk

    simonovsk Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 1, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Where does advertising start, and information ends?

    Memo for the devs : start selling ad space on the wbb walls. For rl cash [​IMG]
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest


    well gold swaps are free! and most of the time since i transfer reguarly ild hook people up, so any gold sales would undoubtedly be for a large sum. But hey just trying to be helpful!