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YGV Welcome Back Auction 7/10 Thursday

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Lady Magdalaine, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Hey all ,
    Just to let you know that YGV auction will be haveing its welcome back auction this thursday the 10th at 7pm Cst. There is a great list of items to bid on, great prizes. And a gift for all those that come that night. There will be gates in brit and in luna . So come join the fun with us that night .
    Thank you

    1. (10) Quest Orange Ingots. No Min

    2. (6) First Year Vet Statues, Troll, Orc, Earth Ele, Croc, Dragon, Daemon . No Min

    3. (10) Tokuno Minors. No Min

    4. Ice White Hair Dye , ML Needed. No Min

    5. 60k Of Leather. No Min

    6. Death Robe Dyed AoS Blue At the Asian Event. No Min

    7. Ethereal Horse. No Min

    8. (4) Super Slayers Spellbooks, Ele Slayer, Repond Slayer, Reptile Salyer Eva +10, Med +10
    , Arachnid Slayer Eva +9 . No Min

    9. (6) Turn In Rewards, (2) Yucca Trees, (2) Bambo, (1) Beehive, (1) Nest With Eggs. No Min

    10. Set Of AoS Clothing , Long Skirt( Madonna), Half Apron ( Queen Of Animals), Undyed
    AoS Sandals( Heart Of Covet). No Min

    11. (6) Soulstone Token Fragments. No Min

    12. Double Blessed Black Sandals, Double Blessed Jester Hat. No Min

    13. (3) Scrolls Of Alacrity , (2) Magery , (1) Spirit Speak. No Min

    14. Fire Orange Hat of the Magi, Dyed AoS Orange In Asian Event , 6mil Min

    15. (4) Old School Potted Plants , No Min

    16. The Inquisitor's Resolution. No Min!

    17. Leafblade, HMA 42, HLL 63, HCI 14, DCI 15, FC 1. No Min

    18. Full Set of Darkwood Armor , 3 Pieces Mage Armor . No Min

    19. (10) Whispering Roses, Leo's Miner, Statius, White Momba, Soul Keeper, Wes The Fisher,
    Colt, Jud, Sir Brunswick , Lbane, Asdf. No Min

    20. Ethereal Swamp Draggy. No Min

    21. Tokuno Dye , Invul Blue. 50 Uses Left. No Min

    22. Full Set Of Female Zoo Leather Armor , 10Mil Min

    23. (10) Heritage Tokens. No Min

    24. (9) New Player Quest Items. No Min

    25. (40) Of Each Mining Gem , (40) White Pearls , (40) Brilliant Amber. No Min

    26. Fire Orange Crimson Cincture , Dyed AoS Orange In Asian Event. 18mil Min

    27. (2) Banner Deeds. No Min

    28. Heavy Crossbow, Mage Weapon -21, HF 46, HLA 50 , FC 1, SSI 40 , LR 20. No Min

    29. (4) AoS Sandals, Nummy Cookie, Rusty Needles, Peachy Keen, Deed Dummy Five.
    No Min

    30. Bracelet & Ring Set, Bracelet Anat 8, Focus 13, Fencing 12, Str 4, EP 20. Ring Chiv 4
    Tact 15, Fencing 13, Luck 83, Cold 5. No Min

    31. (8) Diff Colored Lamp Posts. No Min

    32. Advanced Char Token. No Min

    33. Totem Of The Void. No Mn

    34. A Full Set Of Virtue Tiles. No Min

    35. (5) Dark AoS Blue Bolts Of Cloth. No Min

    36. (28) Small Pieces Of Blackrock. No Min

    37. Set Of AoS Clothing , Jester Suit (Beavis), Long Skirt (KillMaster Steve), Sandals(Obvious
    Delusion). No Min
  2. Auction List Posted
    Sorry for the Wait all