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YMCA Story Night Returns! (Friday 3/6 @7pm PST)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Dor of Sonoma, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. (I cannot seem to get the hang of the danged Calendar up-top, so I am reposting here ;-)

    Hail! Tonight at 7:00pm Pacific Time (9pm Central, 10pm Eastern), your presence is requested on Sonoma/Felucca at the YMCA* for the return of Story Night. The Yew Merry Center for All will be awarding a purse of gold to the player whose story is accorded the popular vote by those in attendance. Especially desired are those veterans with tales to tell from Sosaria of yore - of deeds, deaths and derring-do - anything with which to regale the audience. Your stories are all new to them...you are the legends before their time. Tell 'em like it was!

    Sharpen up those pens (and ears) and come to share a tale of your choosing with us...or simply grab a seat by the fire, toss back an ale or three, and enjoy listening to other's creations. (Songs, poetry and humor are always welcomed, as well)

    So...blow the dust off of those manuscripts, polish em up a bit, and drop by the YMCA for an evening of entertainment, refreshments...and gold!

    *The Yew Merry Center for All is a player-run, blessed, public tower, located directly across the road from the Yew Cemetary, south of Yew, on the Felucca facet of Sonoma.

    REMINDER: The YMCA is a neutral establishment, and all hues are welcomed...red, grey, orange, purple or blue. No aggressive acts towards other patrons are condoned on the premises. A caveat, however: this event takes place in Felucca, so please do not travel with anything that you cannot afford to lose.

    Please be sure to read the rule book locked down on the front steps. Thank you!
  2. Rumil of Lorain

    Rumil of Lorain Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 25, 2005
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    Mind if I stop by for an ale or two
  3. Ahhh, what a sight for sore eyes ye be! *grins*

  4. Black Majick

    Black Majick Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 14, 2004
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    Been a long day and if were not for fact falling asleep would stop by. Hopefully next friday.

    PS. Long work days stink!
  5. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
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    Ahh, wish I coulda made it to the first Story Night in a long time.
    How'd it go?
  6. It was great!

    We had a pretty decent turnout (considering the short notice), and everyone had fun. I'll be posting a recap tomorrow :)

    Oh, and...next week, same time, same bat station :-D
  7. Lord Ron Fellows

    Lord Ron Fellows Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 30, 2004
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    can i be un banned?
  8. Philos

    Philos Guest

  9. Herewith, the promised recap of last Friday night's Storytelling. There were several in attendance, and a few of the braver souls treated us to some compelling tales. Rumil of Lorain began the eve:

    *thumbs through his torn and wine splattered parchments*
    "A Day in the Life"

    The catacomb reeked of decay. Pebbles crunched loudly underfoot in the eerie silence, Torea's armor creaking loudly with each step. Behind her Morgoroth and the others tried to be as quiet as possible. She turned to look. Morgoroth was devoid of expression. "Typical," she thought to herself, "he probably likes it here." Shaking her head, she continued down the hall. A gleaming silver orb she held over her head gave off a warm glow, illuminating the passageway up ahead. At last they came to the final door, the portal to the tomb of the long-dead warlord king. Torea grabbed the massive iron ring and pulled. The door didn't move.

    "Give me a hand!" she told them, surprised by the echo of her voice. Devon promptly offered his aid with an enthusiastic, if somewhat muffled, round of applause. Torea whirled around, and placed her gauntlet-clad fists on her hips. She couldn't help but smile when she saw Devon's wide toothy grin.

    "That's not what I meant and you know it," she chuckled, "Now...," Whatever she may have been about to say was lost, as the grinding of stone on stone echoed through the hall. The massive doors had swung open on their own. Stale air, dust and cobwebs drifted by on unseen currents.

    "It would seem we are expected," Morgoroth murmured flatly as he started toward the door, "a shame to stand up such gracious hosts." Devon watched him for a moment before turning to Torea. "Was he trying to make a joke?" he asked, raking his fingers through his hair. "I think he likes it here!"

    "I was thinking the same thing myself. I suppose we should keep him out of trouble."

    Morgoroth strode through the foyer, and stood in the archway of the grand antechamber. Twelve massive fluted columns stood along the outer edge of the room, each chased with precious metals and rising into the gloom above. Standing sentry between each column were six stone warriors carved of black marble that shimmered with a greasy sheen. Each statue had a single diamond affixed to its head,right between the eyes. Morgoroth rubbed the bone pendant he wore at the hollow of his neck. Each diamond would be enough for a king's ransom.

    Torea and Devon came up alongside Morgoroth, both in awe of the grandeur of the chamber. Morgoroth lifted his arm, and pointed to an adamantine sarcophagus etched with platinum. The bas-relief, of a warrior lying in state, was beset with glittering jewels. Morgoroth walked silently to the sarcophagus, stopped for a moment, before turning around. "If we are looking for the eye of immortality, tell me, why would it be in a tomb?"
    Belinda: *laughs* nice point

    Torea and Devon looked at each other. Torea was about to speak when the room was plunged in darkness. They could see nothing, and then they heard a low chuckle emanate from the inky impenetrable blackness. "The eye of immortality is a fools errand." A voice called to them. A voice that sounded as though from the depths of a well. "I created it from pure fancy to lure the ignorant to my lair. Effective ruses don't you think? I have lured many treasure-seekers to their doom."
    Jocelyn: *gulps*
    Dor: ack!
    Mako: ohoh

    There was a sudden noise. A scream that sounded like shredding parchment, and then they felt an impact nearby. Then silence reigned once more. They heard a soft shuffling, and raspy breath, and they knew that Morgoroth had been the one who had screamed.
    Dor: *edges stool closer to Miri*
    The darkness suddenly seemed to recede, gathering into a shifting pool of shadow in the center of the chamber. Two fiery red points of light appeared as the shadow began to take shape, become vaguely humanoid.
    Dor: *eyes widen*
    Miri: uh oh
    Morgoroth struggled to his feet, his cowl knocked back off his face. Bright crimson blood flowed freely from a broken nose, standing in stark contrast to his pallid face. He wiped the blood off, leaving a vermilion trail across his face and down his cheek.
    Mako: *bites fist*

    Torea drew her blade, and stood protectively in front of Morgoroth and Devon. "Shine, blade of the Paladin's," Torea invoked the name of her profession, and lifted her blade to the heavens. She began to glow with a pulsing white light that crackled with divine power.

    The shade had taken full form by this time. A skeletal figure clad in ancient armor seemingly crafted from the night itself. He held in his hand a dire flail. Each head burning with sinister dark flames. Fierce points of light burned within its empty eye sockets. "Child of the Light, you will be the first to DIE!"
    Jocelyn: *gasps*
    The air seemed to resonate with the power of the final word. Torea's eyes went wide, and she made a stifled noise in the back of her throat. The aura around her winked out of existence, and she slumped to the ground.
    Dor: *clutches her shield reflexively*
    Devon cursed, and drew his bow. In the blink of an eye, he let loose an arrow. It whistled through the air, only to strike an invisible field of force, and burst into flame. The shadow figure chuckled and regarded the flaming arrow that burned as it floated in midair. With a flick of his armored hand, he sent the fire hurtling back at Devon.
    Dor: No!
    The elf was unable to react as the flames struck him in the chest and detonated in a terrible conflagration. Devon screamed, his burning flesh falling in charred hunks onto the dirty tomb floor. When he hit the ground,the screaming stopped. Other than the hiss and pop of Devon's burning corpse, only silence held sway, heavy palpable silence. Morgoroth regarded the undead creature before him. His nose was bleeding freely and unhindered.
    Miri: ewe!
    Dor: *cries*
    Belinda: yucko

    "Now you will join your friends," the shadow figure growled.

    "I think not," Morgoroth whispered, "You see, I have seen death, I will meet him as an old friend." He called to his adversary, his voice devoid of expression. "But I will not meet him this day." Morgoroth held his arms out to his sides, parallel to the ground. A sudden wind gusted through the chamber, Devon's burning corpse casting flickering shadows across Morgoroth's face. His ice blue eyes glimmered, and his hands pulsed with energy. He was bathed in a deep indigo radiance. In a fury of motion, Morgoroth brought his hands together, his fingers curled into claws with the strain of containing the magical energy.
    Miri: Holy light
    He thrust his hand, palm outward, at the dark knight. A ribbon of white-hot electricity, erupted from his palm, and arced through the air. It slammed into the dark knight's invisible barrier, and began to spark, furiously trying to get through the warding. The lightning tried, like a living thing, to breach the magical barrier. The dark knight regarded the lightning from the safety of his magical ward.

    "Your magic is strong, but I have existed for six hundred years." Meanwhile the lightning still crackled beyond, "I fear not the magic of a mortal." But Morgoroth's spell would not be denied. It pierced the anti magic shell, and flowed through the breach in the warding.
    Dor: *cheers*
    Miri: Yay
    Once inside, it ravaged the shadow lord. The barrier was nearly as effective at keeping magic in.
    Jocelyn: *claps and cheers*
    Miri: Woot!
    The lightning continued to rebound within the magical sphere, blistering heat searing the bones of the undead monstrosity. Its armor began to glow with a blue-white heat. Suddenly the barrier shattered. Thousands of ephemeral magical shards flew in all directions, and the lightning dissipated into the air.
    Dor: Huzzah!!
    By this time, Morgoroth had pulled his dagger and held it to his palm. With a swift motion he slit his hand open, letting the blood spill onto the ground. It splashed, striking Torea and Devon. Torea began to stir, a soft groan escaped her lips. Devon's flesh began to mend, and his lungs drew breath.

    The corner of Morgoroth's mouth twisted into a wry grin. "Care to re-evaluate your opinion on the magic of mortals?"
    Rumil of Lorain: the end
    Miri: yay!!
    Dor: *applauds*
    Miri: *claps*
    Miri: *claps*
    Miri: *claps*
    Mako: *wipes sweat from brow*
    Dor: Splendid!
    Miri: great story
    Mako: *claps*
    Mako: Great! I thought they were toast
    Rumil of Lorain: That was the unedited version
    Dor: Thank you, Rumil!
    Mako: Author author!
    Dor: Most excellent
    Miri: Indeed
  10. As well as an additional poem from Rumil, a drinking song from Jocelyn and the ribald tale of a lusty monk from myself, Mako had a story from his past to share:

    Mako: I have a tale. Not so grand, but humorous I believe. Would you like to hear it?
    Miri: aye let's hear it
    Dor: Aye indeed!
    Mako: ok *blushes*
    Dor: *grins*
    Jocelyn: *claps*
    Jocelyn: *listens*
    Mako: Once upon a time,long long ago, a team of friends came to Sosaria from another land. We were twelve strong warriors, for back then reagents were very expensive. We worked hard, and finally could afford a small house in Yew.
    One day we were all inside - 12 large burly men in a 7x7 shack.
    Dor: *grins*
    Miri: ouch *laughs*
    Mako: We had just aquired the gold for a guildstone, if you remember them. We were so proud. So our leader decided to set the stone, but he wanted to test it, so he placed it inside first. It looked grand! We all ooouuu and awwed
    Jocelyn: *grin*
    Mako: but then...
    Mako: we tried to open the door
    Dor: ahhhahahahaha
    Mako: It was blocked! yikes!
    Jocelyn: *laughs*
    Mako: We tried to remove the guild stone, but couldn't find out how. we were TRAPPED!
    Rumil of Lorain: haha ouch that hurts
    Jocelyn: ohhh
    Dor: eeeek!
    Jocelyn: yipes!
    Mako: No mages to gate away. We called for help! Players passed by but couldn't hear our cries. We were panicing, so with our tails between our legs, we summoned a GM.
    Miri: *laughs*
    Dor: Twelve men...that had to start getting...stuffy
    Mako: Yes, and smelly
    Jocelyn: and ....slightly stinky hehe
    Miri: *laughs*
    Mako: with fear :)
    Dor: *wrinkles nose*
    Mako: Alas, the GM arrived, took one look at 12 large men who trapped themselves, and collapsed in laughter.
    Dor: *grins*
    Jocelyn: *laughs*
    Miri: *laughs*
    Dor: I can just see it
    Jocelyn: hehe
    Mako: We were mortified! He finally took mercy on us and removed the stone, but I'm sure at the GM house that nite, they were laughing at us. So that's the tale of the trapped men of Yew.
    Jocelyn: no way!!
    Miri: awww
    Dor: What a great tale, Mako!
    Jocelyn: lol
    Rumil of Lorain: *claps loudly*
    Rumil of Lorain: *claps loudly*
    Rumil of Lorain: *claps loudly*
    Jocelyn: *claps*
    Dor: *claps, grinning*
    Krom Flaa: *claps*
    Mako: thanks :)
    Miri: Did they get the stone back?
    Miri: *claps*
    Mako: aye we did
    Miri: *claps*
    Jocelyn: yes did you get it back?
    Miri: Yay
    Jocelyn: oh good!
    Mako: and we were VERY careful to place it outside
    Miri: Good one Mako
    Dor: Har!
    Mako: ;)
    Miri: *laughs*
  11. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    another tonight is there?